4Sleep Mattress Unboxing

The 4Sleep mattress is the newest contender to the ever growing family of online mattress companies. 4Sleep was started by a husband and wife team. They have been creating sleep products for 5 years and decided to bring their sleep expertise to the online mattress marketplace with their newly designed mattress. Like most online mattress companies, 4Sleep is aiming to create a great product at a compelling price point by eliminating middle men and other traditional retail overhead.

But enough about the basics, let’s take a look at the 4Sleep mattress. Watch the 4Sleep mattress come to life with our unboxing video below:

Uhoh, video is down! New Unboxing video coming soon, stay tuned!

What is the 4Sleep mattress made from?

To start off, it’s an all foam mattress. It’s built from 4 layers of foam.

  • Top layer – this gel infused memory foam layer is designed to maintain ideal sleeping temperature. It’s not too cold, but not too hot. The mattress sleeps in the 87-90 degree temperature range. As with all memory foam products, it also contours to your body, minimizing pressure points.
  • 2nd layer – this foam is designed to adjust quickly to your movements. As you move about during night this foam will change its shape to ensure you’re supported no matter what position you’re in.
  • 3rd layer – this foam helps to absorb movement to minimize motion transfer so you’ll never disturb your partner.
  • Bottom layer – this is a high-density support foam layer. It provides a strong foundational base for the mattress.
  • Side layer – this is an extra layer that reinforces the sides of the mattress. The goal is improved edge support ideal for both sleeping and sitting (something fairly rare in terms of foam mattresses).

My thoughts after my first night on the 4Sleep Mattress

It’s only been one night on the 4Sleep, but here are my initial thoughts:

  • Good edge support for sleeping – the edge support system is interesting. In a normal lying down position the edges along the sides do a good job of maintaining their shape, so you don’t feel like you’re going to be ejected from the bed (as you can with some foam mattresses).
  • Average edge support for sitting – when sitting on the mattress the edges don’t hold up as well as I would have thought they would have. They have sinkage levels that are on par with most other foam mattresses.
  • Good overall feel, but firm – it’s always hard to tell exactly how firm a mattress in a box is going to be. Generally the first night is a bit firmer because it can sometimes take the mattress a few days to fully decompress. After night #1 I can say it’s about a 7-7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. For my back and body, this is a bit firmer than I personally like it. However, there are plenty out there who find this firmness level to be ideal.
  • Traditional memory foam hug / contour – it reacts similarly to other more traditional memory foam mattresses I have slept on. When you first lie down it’s quite firm, but begins to adjust to your shape and contour to your body within a few seconds. There’s a fairly significant hug and average responsiveness.

As with all Sleepopolis mattress reviews I always make a point to sleep several nights on any mattress before passing my final verdict. This makes sure that my body can fully adjust to the foam, it’s 100% decompressed, and I experience the mattress in multiple sleeping positions.

Make sure to check back next week for my full review on the 4Sleep mattress. And of course, if you have any questions you’d like to make sure I address in that review drop me a comment down below.

Visit 4Sleep.com for more information.


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