Brentwood Sierra Mattress Unboxing

In the market for a new foam mattress, but don’t want to break the bank? It’s time to meet the brand new Brentwood Home Sierra mattress. Brentwood Home has recently released a new line of mattress, of which the Sierra falls under. Designed with an all foam construction, the Sierra mattress sits at 8″ in total height.

Watch my full unboxing of the Brentwood Home Sierra mattress below!

My Initial Thoughts

After my first night on the Sierra mattress, here are my initial thoughts:

  • Medium firm feel – the Sierra mattress lands between a 6-6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale (10 being the most firm). There is a slight amount of sinkage followed by a strong level of push back.
  • Good support – during my first night’s sleep on the Sierra I felt very supported in every sleeping position. Primarily a stomach sleeper, I was a big fan of the support my lower back received. For side and back sleepers it has a mostly balanced feel and can be a good option, provided you’re not looking for a high degree of sinkage and hug.
  • Better than average edge support – as an all foam mattress, the Sierra ranks higher than a majority of foam mattresses I have tested to date with regards to the edge support. Due to the thin build of this mattress, I was surprised to see the edges maintain their composure as well as they did.
  • Quick response time – although this mattress is constructed with all foam, the response time is quite impressive. After placing a good amount of pressure in one spot on the mattress, it was able to pop right back into shape. Now, I would not compare the response time to that of latex or innerspring, but as memory foam mattresses go it was quite quick.

Be sure to check back in about a week for my full review of the Sierra mattress.

For more on Brentwood Home’s new Sierra mattress visit

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4 thoughts on “Brentwood Sierra Mattress Unboxing”

  1. Says here to check back in a week for a FULL review. That was in May of 2016. I do not see the 2nd part of the review. Could you tell me where to find it please?

    Also, I am seriously considering the Brentwood –Bamboo Gel 13 or 11 mattress. Have you reviewed any of those by any chance?

    Lastly, I am hypersensitive to odors, I understand that Latex mattresses and Organic Cotton / Wool covers emit a strong scent. In your research, has this been the case ?

    • **Correction, I am considering the Bamboo Gel 10 , NOT the 11.
      Just saw you YouTube video regarding the Bamboo 13. Very nice. Thank you.

      One last questions, which type of mattress to you find to be LESS harmful to both the environment and one’s overall health? A Natural Latex or Gel/Memory Foam Mattress ?

      Quite frankly, there is sooooooo much information out there, that I can’t decide what type of mattress I need.

      I am a side sleeper experiencing extreme lower back pain, knee pain, and occasionally shoulder / neck pain.

      Thank you !

    • I haven’t done very much research into the eco-friendly factors of mattresses, so that’s tough to say. Probably natural latex though, given it’s produced from tree sap, whereas any type of memory foam or poly foam is going to be created from petroleum based raw material.

      The health factor is a totally separate question from eco-friendly. A mattress can be healthy, but not as eco-friendly, and vice versa (though I think in general more eco-friendly mattresses are going to be healthier). See here for more –

    • My full review of the Brentwood Home Sierra mattress can be found here:

      That said, Brentwood has made some changes to this mattress and I will be updating the post as soon as I have tested their newly renovated Sierra.

      I have reviewed the Brentwood 13″, but not the 11″ (however the 11″ is very similar to the 13″, just thinner and slightly firmer). You can find that review here –

      Take a look at this page – – to see mattresses I’ve tested with very little odor.

      Latex, both synthetic and natural, definitely has a smell. It’s a sort of rubbery type of an odor. Wool covers too, are going to have a wool smell. Organic cotton I’ve not experienced strong smells with, that said, I’ve only tested a handful of mattresses that utilize organic cotton within their cover. So I am not confident to say that zero organic cotton covers are going to smell.

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