Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Giveaway – 25 Days of Giving

For Day 21 of the 25 Days of Giving we have the Botanical Bliss from Plushbeds!

This all-natural latex mattress is very comfortable, and has some great bounce to it. And did we mention it’s one of the truly organic mattresses on the market? Winner chooses the size and firmness, so scroll down and enter!

Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Giveaway

Plushbeds offers a number of mattresses in its line, but one of my favorites is definitely the 9″ Botanical Bliss. It’s all natural, very comfortable, and very supportive. It definitely has earned a spot on my best latex mattress page. Now go enter some more 25 Days of Giving contests!

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Logan Block

Logan is the content director of Sleepopolis, which means he not only reviews new mattresses every week, but also curates all the comparisons, best of pages, and video guides on the site. He takes a straightforward, honest approach to his reviews and endeavors to give viewers an objective look at each new product he tries out. Logan has perfected his method by personally testing over 200 different mattresses, so he’s not only able to discern the overall vibe of a specific bed, but to contextualize its feel within the bed-in-a-box market as a whole.

78 thoughts on “Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Giveaway – 25 Days of Giving”

  1. I find not only the use of organic materials but, the win-win of having coils completely surrounded by various types of foam unique and I like it!

  2. Plush Beds has always looked incredibly luxurious. I’ve been dying to try a latex mattress so I can feel the difference between it and one with memory foam. I know you sleep more on top ood the mattress than in it, and I’ve heard mattresses that use latex tend to be a bit firmer. However, I’ve heard they sleep tremendously cool. I would the opportunity to try it. Curious how the 9″ differs from the 12″. The ILD of the foams seem the same, so they produce the same feel. Is the thicker option for aesthetics or to be able to hold more weight? There’s a huge price jump, so I was just wondering.

  3. I love the knitted cover and the fact that its made of 100% latex! Love that this mattress has bounce, something you don’t get a lot of in memory foam mattresses!

  4. I have dreamed of having a latex mattress since my first back surgery, unfortunately being on a fixed income, it is only a dream. I loved the review of this and i just really reinforced my wish for a twin latex mattress. If I can every save up enough money, I am going to jump on this one. Finger crossed on this giveaway, heck at this point I would take a returned one but that just doesn’t ever happen. I am sure nobody would return this one. Thanks for the great review and a big way to go to Plushbeds. Awesome.

  5. I would love such a plush bed! This mattress looks like one of the best I’ve come across in a while. Your list keeps getting better and better! I worry about break down because I’m 215lbs and stay in bed a lot because I’m paralyzed. Staying in one spot on a mattress is so bad for it! I try to move around as much as I can and flip it now and then. These mattresses sound like they would have such a longer life than the coil beds I’ve been using. Plus they won’t have coils popping out and poking me in the eye! haha

  6. Very interesting information on the Plushbed! PlushBeds offers a soft, medium firm, and hard firmness level, creating options for every kind of sleeper. with a rounded contour and strong push back, this mattress gives great support for your body.

  7. This is a nice giveaway! An organic latex mattress is the BEST mattress you can sleep on! Very comfortable & healthy to sleep on too – no chemicals! Thank you.

  8. I am an eco-conscious shopper so thew fact that this mattress is one of the “truly organic mattresses” on the market I am sold!

    • entered as Betty Hammersley (bodyjean) after viewing all the pages, I would even more to win this amazing mattress.

  9. This bed has the whole package from the soft cotton top to the latex being nice and thick and the attention to pressure point relief. I love it!!

  10. Probably the most unique feature about the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss cover is the fact that it’s knitted, not woven. It’s one of the truly organic mattresses on the market. PlushBeds mattress is a 100% latex mattress from top to bottom offered in heights ranging from 9″- 13″. PlushBeds used a 100% Joma wool underneath their cover to assist with temperature regulation and breathability. The wool is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and dust mite resistant. This layer of wool also serves as the fire retardant. PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattress is available in 4 different firmness levels. Additionally, the latex does an excellent job of eliminating any pressure points your body will try to create. Cooling was another impressive attribute of the PlushBed.
    PlushBed looks like it would be a luxury bed giving you a luvury sleep.

  11. I like the combination of latex, wool and organic cotton. Sure helps cleanup the bedroom environment without the nasty chemicals of some other mattresses. Thanks!

  12. These mattresses look amazing! I’ve been into the natural and organic industry for a long time now and an organic mattress probably one of the only items in my house I have yet to swap out!

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