With the launch of new mattress company SleepyCat, India has its first official bed-in-a-box brand.

Founded by Kabir Siddiq late last year, SleepyCat was created to take some of the stress out of mattress shopping. Siddiq recognized that the whole process of traveling from store to store, deciphering payment plans, figuring out how to get your bed up the stairs, and all that mattress jazz was just too much work and not nearly enough fun. So, inspired by other bed-in-a-box companies in the West, Saddiq saw a chance for change.

“The mattress market in India is estimated at north of 12 to 15,000 crores,” he explained to India Times. “The online market is growing rapidly, but still only has around 5-7% of the entire industry. With the growing demand for better quality products and people shopping online, there is a massive opportunity for us.”

Once the company got up and running, it was off to the races. Its mattresses started selling right away with help from Amazon Launchpad (a program designed to help startups just like SleepyCat). Within the first week, SleepyCat sold 30 mattresses. Since then, it has grown significantly and is now one of the top selling products in this category under the Amazon Launch program.

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“We found the concept of SleepyCat very interesting,” said Aman Deep Lohan, head of India’s Amazon Launchpad. “It offers an innovative solution for the present day shopper looking for a perfect mattress. Traditionally, shopping for a mattress has been a cumbersome process, but SleepyCat had the perfect mattress for our customers delivered in a convenient box, at a very competitive price.”

According to the minds at SleepyCat, the growing demographic of young folks in cities like Mumbai and Bengalore will be especially hot markets for India’s introduction to bed-in-a-box technology. They believe that people who choose to educate themselves about the importance of quality sleep products will be the target audience as they are generally less willing to settle for bad sleep.

As far as the mattress itself is concerned, the brand’s flagship model features a 6″ two-layer design of contouring gel memory foam and supportive high-density poly foam. The bed retails for around Rs. 16,900 with free shipping to sleepers all across India.

Featured image provided courtesy of SleepyCat’s Instagram. 


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