Voila Mattress Unboxing

Interested in purchasing a new mattress? Great! Help us give a big, warm welcome to the brand new Voila mattress! Voila is a brand new company looking to compete against the hybrid mattresses currently on the market. This mattress is offered in 3 different firmness levels and ranges from 10-12″ in height.

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Initial Thoughts

After my first few nights on the Voila medium mattress, here are my initial thoughts:

  • Medium feel – the Voila medium mattress comes in at a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the most firm. Additionally, they offer a soft and firm version of their mattress if you prefer a very soft of firm mattress.
  • Pocketed coil & foam construction – the Voila mattress is similar in construction and feel to the Tempurpedic Flex Supreme. There are layers of memory foam, latex foam, and pocketed coils. While this mattress has specifications comparable to the Flex Supreme, it is sold at a much lower price. Overall, the feel is quite enjoyable.
  • Good cooling – the cooling of this mattress is impressive. The pocketed coils do a great job of improving breathability for the above foam layers. In addition, the cover of the Voila mattress is thin and has aerated side panels. This combination comes together for a cool sleeping surface.
  • Great bounce – the pocketed coils and Talalay latex combination of this mattress make for a nice amount of bounce. Amorous activity on this mattress is much more enjoyable, due to the added amount of bounce provided. With that said, the motion transfer is still minimal. Voila does a great job of absorbing your energy and displacing it through the layers below.
  • Great response – the response of the Voila mattress is almost instantaneous. The hybrid design bounces right back into its original shape after pressure is applied. This feature helps to avoid the “stuck” feeling that a lot of traditional memory foam mattresses tend to have.

As always, if you have any questions or comments about the Voila mattress feel free to drop me a note down below. I am happy to help in any way I can!

If you decide to give the Voila a try be sure to grab our promo code. Use code SLEEPOPOLIS10 to save 10% off any Voila mattress. Don’t forget to check back in about a week or so for my full contextual review of the Voila mattress.

Happy sleeping!

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20 thoughts on “Voila Mattress Unboxing”

    • Unfortunately, I have not tested the Avocado mattress yet. Therefore, I cannot offer much of an opinion or a comparison at this time. That said, I will take a look at the Avocado and consider adding it to my review queue.

  1. Narrowed down king replacement mattress for traditional innerspring pillow top. After in store testing we liked the feel of the Tempur Flex Supreme. After research on Sleepopolis, Voila medium seems to approximate that feel. Also I am at a tossup with Leesa. Are these going to have similar feel? Concerned over lack of reviews and long term performance of Voila. Can you provide insight on the feel and long term performance of these two options or another alternative that may have been overlooked. Thanks

    • The Voila is a fine mattress, but I’m not sure that I would say it’s a better performer than the Leesa. That said, they do provide two fairly different feels.

      The Leesa utilizes a combination of Avena foam (latex alternative) and memory foam while the Voila combines multiple foam layers and a coil base. Regarding the feel differences, the Leesa is going to offer quicker response times and more of a generalized contour around your body, whereas the Voila provides more of a sharp contour around your body. This sharper contour is due to the memory foams used in the top layers of the mattress. As far as deep compression and edge support are concerned, the Voila wins these categories. Yet, the Leesa is not bad in these areas by any means.

      If you’re looking for more hug and contour with more bounce and more edge support, the Voila is the way to go.

      If you like the idea of a more responsive top layer and balanced levels of sinkage and hug, the Leesa is the more appropriate option.

  2. I’m looking at the Voila but am concerned that I can’t find any consumer reviews out there. I do not want a pillow top style. Right now I have a traditional inner spring (which is sagging and needs to go) topped with a 2 inch gel foam topper. I like the foam topper feel without the deep stuck feeling. I toss and turn a lot but mainly sleep on my side. I start out the night on my back while watching TV. My main pain points I run into after a bad nights sleep are with my neck and lower back muscles. Do you recommend the Voila or do you have a better recommendation in the same price range?

    Thank you!!

    • The Voila is a fine mattress. Are you looking to purchase a hybrid with a thinner cover or do the materials not make a difference to you?

  3. Help! My husband and I have been struggling to find a bed for a year. We tried Sleep Number (my sleep number was 30, he was slightly firmer at around 50), we’ve tried an expensive hybrid by Beauty Rest and we’ve tried purple. We are both side sleepers. My husband has back problems. We both want something more plush and soft feel that also supports his back. He has always leaned toward Tempurpedic while I’ve never been very impressed with them. I’m 5’7″ 195 lbs while he’s 5’10” 220 lbs. He’s been looking at the Voila soft while I’ve been looking at Saatva.
    Any suggestions to help us out of this mattress merry-go-round?

    • Hi Jenny,

      Thanks for your comment and the detailed feedback. It sounds like you and your husband have some pretty different needs / desires. Based on this I really think you guys would do really well with the Helix mattress.


      Helix will allow you to customize each side of the mattress, getting the exact feel, firmness, and support that you both need.

      My fear in diving into something like a Tempurpedic, Voila, or Saatva for you is that they are so different from each other…I’m afraid one of you would love it and the other will dislike it. The Helix helps bridge that gap better than any other mattress I’ve tested.

    • I’m not too concerned with the cover but I want the mattress to use good enough materials to be durable. i love the soft cuddle feel when I first get into bed but don’t like the stuck feeling. I also like some of the spring or motion so I think hybrid is the way I should go. My boyfriend has a serta hybrid (no clue what firmness or model it is) and I like that feel but from reading reviews it sounds like there isn’t a high satisfaction level overall or long term. I have looked into the Wink also. The only reason I say no pillow top is from experience with the mushing down in. My current bed. I guess a memory foam pillow top would be different?

    • Each pillow top is different, but I completely understand your concerns. If you’re wanting to avoid the pillow top, a couple of good options could be the Sapira or Voila. Both of these have thinner covers and contain a hybrid construction. Therefore, I believe either of these could be a great fit.

  4. Hi Sleepopolis!

    Thank you very much for helping us make an educated purchase!

    I’ve read and watched so many of your videos and reviews in hopes to be guided to a mattress for my Fiancé and I. The only problem is finding one that fits both our needs. He’s 5’10 189lbs and I’m 5’1 145lbs.

    I am drawn to both the Leesa and the Loom and leaf. We both have joint/back pain, enjoy amorous activities, he’s a back sleeper and I’m a side sleeper/roller. We never had a memory foam bed and don’t want the quick sand feeling and both liked how the sterns and foster hybrid felt (just laying on it for a few minutes).

    Do you have a recommendation between the two? Or maybe an option I haven’t considered yet? This has been so daunting and I really appreciate your thoroughness!

    Thank You!

    • Hi Brittney,

      I have a really hard time picking myself…Leesa and Loom & Leaf are both among the very best mattresses available on and offline right now. I think you’d be really hard pressed to go wrong with either of these. If I could break each down I’d say:

      Buy Leesa if you want the best overall value a medium firmness that has a modern Tempur-pedic style cover and feel
      Buy Loom and Leaf if you want something slightly softer than Leesa, but still a medium, but also with a little more plushness in the cover for better pressure relief and immediate softness upon lying down

      Hope this helps! Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

  5. Hi Sleepopolis!
    I appreciate your thoroughness and clarity in all the reviews you have done, as I’ve watched most of them! With the help of your reviews, I believe I have narrowed down my top options to the Voila, Loom & Leaf, and any other option you see would work for us!
    Now Mattress Guru, here’s my question and background!
    My husband and I currently have a Restonic memory foam bed (not sure the model). In only three years, it has developed a huge crater in the middle of our queen. This is not conducive for my husbands lower back pain, and the difference in weight that we share (Husband: 6.5′ 275 and Wife: 5.6′ 145)
    I am trying to be cautious and educated this time around since we are making another big investment in such a short period of time.
    Due to our size, I know it is better to get a thicker mattress, that is why I am leaning towards the loom and leaf, however, I dislike the sinking sand feel of tempurpedic. This bed has been compared to a T-bed often, and I just wanted to know whether or not you think L&L will offer more support and less sinking than a T-Bed.
    My second option I am considering is the Voila Bed. It seems like a great option, however I am a bit wary being that there is not a lot of information and reviews out about this bed. Do you believe this one would be a better fit for us?

    Thank you for your time! Keep up the great work!


    • Hi Melissa,

      Based on the information you’ve shared, I do believe the Loom & Leaf is the better option. Just to clarify, the Loom & Leaf will not sink as deep as a Tempurpedic mattress. Therefore, you will avoid that stuck feeling that traditional memory foam mattresses often provide.

      The voila is a good choice as well, but based on your feedback the L&L sounds like a better option. If you think you might like Voila better I would encourage you to go try the Tempur-pedic Flex Supreme, it’s very similar to the Voila.

  6. How would you compare the Voila to the Purple? I know one’s a hybrid and other is not but, the cooling capacities of both sound enticing.

    On a side note: I would like to know on the Purple when you have two different weighted people if a hole is created that the lighter sleeper rolls/falls into?

    • The material and design differences make the feel very different, but there are some similarities. They both have a similar level of cooling. Voila has slightly better bounce, better edge support, and better deep compression support. Purple has a slightly faster response time.

      Regarding the weight differences, it just depends on the weight and overall body size. For average body types / heights and weights upwards of 250 pounds I would expect the Purple to do a pretty good job of creating an even level of support. However, as you get nearer to and exceed 300 pounds that’s where you’re likely to run into issues.

  7. But their website says they do now have a plush top. From their website– “Our 12” Stand-Out Soft mattress offers a luxuriously plush surface”.

    I look forward to seeing your review & comparison between the soft Nest Alexander hybrid and the Voila Hybrid Plush Mattress soon–for all of us side sleepers that prefer Plush.

    • Correct. Their soft model has a plush top layer. For my review purposes, I received a medium Voila, which does not have the plush surface. Stay tuned for the comparison piece!

  8. How would you compare the feel of the Voila to the Nest Hybrid? Did Voila indicate the composition of each layer? I couldn’t find it on their site although it looks like memory foam on top of latex on top of pocketed coils although it doesn’t indicate the density or height of each layer.

    • The Voila is similar to the Nest Alexander hybrid but definitely has some different attributes. Voila does not have a plush top layer while the Alexander does. So right off the back, you’re receiving a different feel. With the Alexander hybrid you receive a little sinkage and hug in addition to the great support provided from the foams and pocketed coils. This is where Voila is similar to the Alexander hybrid. Voila has very good support, cooling, and edge support, as does the hybrid. The main difference boils down to the plush top layer.

      With regards to their material breakdown. Voila uses pocketed coils, gel infused memory foam, polyurethane foam, and latex foam. Each of these layers thickness varies, depending on which version of the Voila mattress you select (soft, medium, or firm).

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