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Hi, My name’s Bridget!

I’m your main sleep expert around these parts. I know how overwhelming it can be shopping for a new mattress or sleep product. There are so many brands, types, materials, sizes, prices, etc., out there! So, I want to help make your shopping experience as easy and dream-like as possible.

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Getting You Better Sleep

Whether you’re looking for a new mattress or wanting to up your pillow game, my team of slumber experts and I are here to get you the goods you need, so you can get the sleep you deserve. We’ve personally tested out every product on this site, so we know which ones could work for you… and which ones won’t.

And since good sleep doesn’t stop at your mattress, we’ve assembled tons of information to help you learn more about sleep and health. Check out our Guides and Sleep A-Z!

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Building A Better Bedroom Together


Selecting the right mattress can feel daunting, but we’re here to make it easy. Whether you’re hankering for a certain material (from pressure-relieving memory foam to ultra bouncy latex) or want to narrow it down by sleep position (side, stomach, or back… oh my!),  we’ve got you covered.


And if you’re going to upgrade your mattress, why not get some new pillows and sheets to go with it? Do you know the difference between percale and sateen sheets? How about what a phase change pillowcase feels like? Even when you don’t, we do, and we can’t wait to share our knowledge with you.


Sleep is a resource in and of itself, so we’ve got guides for that, too. We’ve done deep dives into circadian rhythms, sleep disorders, all-natural remedies, REM cycles, and more, so we’ll be able to help you navigate any and all slumber woes.

And who are we? Check out the Sleepopolis dream team!

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Want to sleep better? Looking for the latest research on sleep health? You’ll find it at our Sleep A-Z portal. From the basics of sleep wellness to kids’ sleep and sleep disorders, if it’s about sleep, it’s at Sleep A-Z.

Expert Network

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The members of our Expert Network are board-certified physicians, psychologists, and wellness professionals devoted to your sleep health. Many of our Experts have published books and contributed to medical journals, and appear regularly in media to offer their unique perspectives on sleep.


At Sleepopolis, We’re All About…

Demystifying Sleep

Maybe you saw a snappy billboard advertising a new pillow or caught a YouTube commercial flaunting a $3,000 luxury mattress. We’re here to tell you what’s worth the hype and what’s definitely not.

Keeping it Personal
This is your buying experience, so we want to keep it all about you. That’s why we test out so many products and do so much sleep research — we’ve empowered ourselves with knowledge so we can empower you, too.

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