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The Sleepopolis News team provides unbiased coverage and commentary on the latest sleep industry and research news. ​We pride ourselves on original reporting and genuinely useful information for our readers.

Our goal is to keep anyone with an interest in improving their sleep quality, as well as industry executives, up-to-date on the latest information so they can make the best decisions when it comes to their approach to this important tier of health.

We cover sleep industry and research news at all levels – including national news, regional news, industry news, and even international news. No matter how large or small the story is, the Sleepopolis News team strives to keep readers informed on all relevant news that may affect their approach to sleep.

Sleepopolis was founded in 2014 and has been featured on various sites including The New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes, and Business Insider – among others.

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​How to Send Us Your News

​The Sleepopolis News team is always looking for interesting, current news stories about sleep research, product launches, and sleep industry news in general. If you have story ideas or press releases related to these topics, feel free to email logan@sleepopolis.com.

If you are an organization (student, regional, or national) planning a event related to the aforementioned topics, please reach out to have the Sleepopolis News Team to potentially cover the event. Please include a description, time, and location for the event and any other relevant information.

Requests for coverage will be responded to within 24 hours.

Sleepopolis Team

The Sleepopolis team is all about helping you sleep better. Whether it is through extensive sleep product reviews, sleep tips, or debunking sleep myths, we're here for you!