The Best and Worst Colleges for Sleep

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When you hear the word college, sleep is probably the last thing that comes to mind. College students are notorious for pulling all-nighters before exams, socializing into the wee hours, and skimping on … Read more

How Sleep Affects The Body

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Sleep may appear to be as simple as feeling tired, lying down, and nodding off. But the physiological state of sleep is created by a complex interplay of processes in the brain and … Read more

Rapid Eye Movement Sleep

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REM sleep may be the most fascinating and well-studied phase of sleep. Non-REM refers to the minimal eye movements of the first three stages of sleep, while REM refers to the rapid eye … Read more

What is Sleep?

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The pace and priorities of modern society have led many of us to believe that rest and downtime are optional. Work, family, and school schedules may seem to require more hours than exist … Read more

N2 Sleep: K Complexes and Sleep Spindles

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If you’ve learned something new recently, chances are your newfound knowledge was committed to memory during the N2 stage of sleep. Memories are formed and learning takes place during N2, the second stage of … Read more

Eight Sleep Sleep Tracker Review

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It only takes one night of poor slumber to be reminded of how essential proper rest is to your wellbeing, and curating a healthy sleep schedule can be a great way to balance … Read more

Sleep Number Bed Reviews – Which is Best for You?

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Sleep Number comes with a diverse line of beds that suit many different people, styles, and sleep positions. From super firm beds to super soft ones, to interesting sleep technology and adjustable base add-ons, there seems to be something for everyone.