Best Bed Bug Sprays

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If you are reading this right now, chances are you or a close relations is having a run-in with the most feared alliteration that can affect a home: bed bugs! When dealing with bed bugs, customers are looking for quick, decisive, and discrete action, while trying not to spend a fortune. Browsing online in these tense times can be tortuous – luckily we’ve been able to test out the leading brands on their efficacy in a pinch. See below for our results:

Best Bed Bug Sprays

Editor’s Choice

SO AmazonReviewPhotos BedBugKiller EcoRaider 1

EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer


  • Less mess. One of the beauties of this product is the control a user has when applying the spray. The nozzle can be directed at specific target areas and does not rely upon sprinkling powder like some competitors
  • Non-toxic. This product is not a pesticide. Some users may have concerns over using chemicals that insects – this spray uses a natural formula that bed bugs are inherently deadly to bed bugs
  • Fights bugs that have developed a resistance. Just like humans can develop resistance to antibiotics, so can bed bugs over time develop resistance to pesticides. This natural formula is not affected by this potential resistance and can still kill so-called “super bugs”


  • Tedious. There is no getting around it – you can’t cut corners when using this spray to kill bed bugs. Any corner, nook, hole, crevice…you name it, it has to be sprayed!
  • Small bottle. While the product can be quite effective, some users will need to order multiple bottles or even a case in order to clear some infestations
EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer
EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer
EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer

EcoRaider’s Bed Bug Killer, unlike several of its competitor’s products, is not a pesticide: it uses botanical-based neuron blockers to eliminate bed bugs. Having topped the list of products tested by a recent study conducted by Rutgers University, this bed bug spray promises to get rid of pests upon spraying as well as residually for weeks afterwards.


SO AmazonReviewPhotos BedBugSprays Eco

Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer


  • Kills all stages. While some products are designed to kill the bugs as they crawl over an infected area, this product aims to destroy bugs upon impact – meaning adults, babies, and eggs can all be eliminated when hit with this spray. This can help avoid a second round of infestations from the next generations of bed bugs
  • Wide spray zone. Due to the nature of the spray nozzle, this product offers a wide area of which to hit these pests. For people who are unsure of where the problem might be coming from – ie; have bites but can’t find the source – this product allows a quick way to be thorough
  • Natural oils. This product features natural oils that inherently repel bed bugs, making it an unsafe area for them. This can both eliminate the bugs caught in the spray and deters their friends from visiting


  • Aroma. While some people will vouch for this product because of its reliance on naturally-derived ingredients, others will be off-put by the fragrances that some of these naturally-occurring compounds emit. Recommended to heavily air your space after use
  • Efficiency. Not all users claim to be bed bug free after the first use. Perhaps not being as heavy-duty as some of its competitors, users of the Eco Safe Bed Bug Killer may need to apply multiple times over the course of several weeks
Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer
Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer
Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer

Eco Defense offers a product that is uses naturally-derived ingredients, featuring geranium oil - a natural bug repellent - as one of the main active ingredients. This product can be sprayed straight on the source of the problems, whether it be a bed, couch, music studio, or office chair, leaving little evidence of its use.

Best Bargain

SO AmazonReviewPhotos BedBugSprays Harris

Harris Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bug Killer


  • It works. While facing a significant infestation, laying down lines of Harris Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bug Killer was an effective way to stop getting bites. While some products required multiple applications, in this case the Harris DE Bed Bug Killer was only needed to be called in to action one single time
  • Hard to reach areas. The puffer nozzle is perfect for people with odd-shaped spaces: attics, old houses, music studios, etc. While some powders are hard to sprinkle where the hand isn’t super mobile, the puffer nozzle allows delicate placement of bed bug killer. Placement can be the key to stopping an infestation at its tracks or having bed bug bites for the next few weeks
  • Cost. When compared to the cost of hiring an exterminator, this product simply can’t be beat. At less than $6 for a full bottle, this is one of the more affordable products on the market


  • Narrow zone. While we don’t doubt the efficiency of this product, the user should have a good idea of where the bed bugs are coming from. Laying line after line around an area without knowing where the bed bugs are crawling from can be a fruitless effort without maximizing the effects of the killer
  • Discreteness. Hey, if you’re reading this you have bigger problems than how your friends and family view your place. But in comparison to other products on the market, this product leaves a visual reminder of your battle vs. bed bugs. This won’t be an issue for most customers, but if you are trying to keep this infestation a secret, there may be more discrete products for you
Harris Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bug Killer
Harris Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bug Killer
Harris Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bug Killer

Harris, long a name to be trusted in pest control, offers this efficient and easy-to-use product at a price that should offer relief to those stressed about their bed bug problem. This product utilizes the natural properties of the Diatomaceous Earth powder that is released through a special nozzle for bug-killing now and for when that area is traversed by future bed bugs.

How We Picked

There may be no worse feeling than waking up and finding bites all over your limbs and torso. The ordeal initiated by bed bugs can have embarrassing and even costly ramifications – imagine the circus-like fumigation tent around your home for a second. Since technology has improved and driven costs down, nowadays people can spray bed bugs with surprisingly similar results as professionals. Though lots of companies are offering different products with varying sorts of formulas, there are always a few things to consider when making your purchase:


Bed bugs infect our homes and offices in the most intimate places – where we sleep, eat, and care for our loved ones. While most products available ensure their safeness to use, customers may want to be discerning when considering what type of formula the bed bug spray is using. Natural formulas, simple one-ingredient formulas, and heavy-duty formulas all have their different features that may best fit your needs.


Once you have experienced a bed bug infestation for yourself, you are certain of one thing – you do NOT want these unwanted guests to return! If you are lucky enough to have a small infestation, a simpler product with targeted spraying may be all you need. Some heavier-duty products or dual-action products can ensure residual killing for some time after initial use. Bearing in mind how dedicated you plan to be with the application of the bed bug spray is critical in making these decisions.

Application process

Though most products are designed to be easy to use, anyone who has fought bed bugs knows a heavy infestation can be taxing on a flustered user. Targeting spraying, long nozzle extensions, weight of the bottle, and number of times needed to apply are all factors in determining what product might be best for you.


Bed bugs are a problem that can spread quickly – and the social ramifications can spread even faster. For those that are dealing with a problem at home and not wanting their guests or even themselves to necessitate a constant reminder of the problem, avoid products that leave a faint residue or powder. In an office, this can be a critical decision to make, as customers or potential clients may be put off by an obvious bottle of bed bug spray being used throughout the office.


Though none of the products being reviewed will cost nearly as much as a professional pest control company, for bigger infestations, sometimes the cost can add up. Buying products that offer several pounds of bed bug spray for a nice value might be good for a big infestation or an office. But if you just have a small infestation and are not worried about continued use or the failure of the first spray, maybe a smaller, more expensive product would fit the bill.

Volume needed

There is no doubt that most customers will find a product that works for them. However, the wrench it throws in someone’s routine or an office’s business flow can make for a big difference. Take stock of how big your problem is, how much of the product will need to be used initially, and how many times it will need to be used thereafter. Some products get the job done with one heavy initial use, while others need light sprays every few days or weeks.

Spray Bottle

Buying Tips

Not sure which bed bug spray is best for you? Below are some critical factors that may make your decision easier:

  • Results. Let’s be real – if you have a bed bug infestation, you probably just want them gone. Every infestation is different, so unfortunately every user is going to have different results with the same product. However, knowing how the product works and more importantly, why it works, is critical in deciding your ideal product. Heavy-duty pesticides, natural botanical-based killers, and dual-action bed bug sprays all can work for you – just make sure you are considering what results you are looking for.
  • Is this for home or office? Having an infestation anywhere can be a huge headache. How quickly this problem is solved can depend on what type of product you get and how well it fits your space’s needs. Cleaners that are natural might be a relief to families or businesses with employees frequenting the infested area, while other situations might call for a heavy-duty pesticide that doesn’t leave a residue or powder.
  • Location of the problem. Even within a home or office, different rooms or spaces within a room may call for different bed bug sprays. Worried about how it looks, how it smells, or how easy it is to apply frequent treatments? Then perhaps consider your space’s specific needs within the infested area, not just the area as a whole.
  • Do you need to use the space after treatment? Not all spaces can be vacated for the time it takes to eliminate bed bugs. Offices, music studios, and people who don’t have friends or family to house them or the means to rent a hotel all need to consider how the space will look, smell, and affect the moods of people inhabiting the area.
  • Is it just bed bugs? If you live in a city or a wooded area with several potentially troublesome pest problems, buying a product that can eliminate a litany of insects might be the way to go. Diatomaceous Earth powder for one can eliminate several crawling varieties of pests.
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