Best Bed Bug Traps

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One of the most harrowing aspects of dealing with bed bugs is the uncertainty: where are they coming from, how many are there, and what are they feeding on? While there are a lot of different ways to exterminate these pests, a lot of times the battle against bed bugs is being fought in the dark. Bed bug traps are one of the more useful tools in pest control. These products trap live bugs where you are most vulnerable and provide all sorts of clues that may help stop – and prevent – infestations. There are a few leading brands that are making a name for themselves in this market. We’ve tested them out. Here is what we found:

Best Bed Bug Traps

Editor’s Choice

SO AmazonReviewPhotos BedBugTrap Climbup

Climbup Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Trap


  • Easy to install. One of the most convenient and appealing aspects of bed bug traps like this offering from Climbup is in the ease of use. These were able to be installed all over the infected space in minutes, simply placing them under key pieces of furniture and other areas through which pests might cross
  • Information. This product can provide valuable information as to which direction the bed bugs are coming from, how many are coming in, and when they are migrating. This is perfect for people who haven’t found the source of their infestation and are hoping to eliminate the pests as soon as possible
  • Shape. These units are made from a polypro compound, too slick for the bugs to escape from and designed not to crack under the weight of furniture. Unlike other anti-bed-bug products, it is free of any pesticides. The bugs can get caught in either direction (from furniture or floor)


  • Color. Unfortunately it is difficult for any manufacturer to create a bed bug trap that matches everyone’s home furniture design. The white coloring may make for a temporary eyesore in some corners of your home or office
  • Talc powder not included. Though the device works quite well on its own, it does perform better when used in tandem with talcum powder, which is not included
Climbup Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Trap
Climbup Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Trap
Climbup Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Trap

Climbup’s Insect Interceptor is a pesticide-free bed bug trapper that captures them live. These four-pack sets are super useful in determining not only how big of a problem you have, but where in the household these nuisances are marching from while preventing them from crawling up the furniture you use daily.


SO AmazonReviewPhotos BedBugTrap Snarer

Bug Snare Bed Bug Interceptors


  • Sturdy. This product is designed to withstand up to 800 lbs of furniture weight when placed under legs and other supportive structure. The 3”x3” tray is designed to fit varying sizes of furniture
  • Four-pack. Since this package comes with four units each, this is great for ordering in bulk for a specific number of pieces of furniture. Also great for a home or office to order in bulk to have a ready-to-use four-pack on hand in case of future infestations
  • No chemicals. This product features no chemicals, pesticides, powders, or fragrance. It is comforting to know that this can be used anywhere in the home or office and not worry about potential sensitivities to certain substances.


  • Price. At just under $27, this is on the higher end of products on the market. Granted, you do get four traps per order, but if you have a smaller problem or know exactly where the infestation is coming from and only need two trays, this might be an expensive purchase
  • Logo. While there is nothing offensive about the logo, for those hoping for some discreteness with their bed bug prevention and elimination efforts, the logo smack dab in the middle of the tray may be visible, depending on the specific piece of furniture. Not everyone may want to expose the fact that they are patiently waiting to collect bed bugs!
Bug Snare Bed Bug Interceptors
Bug Snare Bed Bug Interceptors
Bug Snare Bed Bug Interceptors

This trap from Bug Snare features a 3” x 3” tray with a textured exterior wall designed to make it easy for bugs to crawl up the side and into the tray, where they get stuck. The wide tray makes it easy to use on a number of different pieces of furniture so there can be some peace of mind wherever in your house or office you may be experiencing bed bugs.

Best Bargain

SO AmazonReviewPhotos BedBugTrap K9

K9King Interceptor Pro Bed Bug Trap


  • Discrete coloring. This product is ideal for offices or for other spaces where an infestation problem would not be wished to be shared with guests. The black coloring blends in with most floors and can help the product rest in the shadows
  • Adjustable design. While some of its competitors have a design that prohibits furniture from being pressed flat against a wall, K9’s bed bug trap has an adjustable feature that allows flat wall usage
  • Price. Though K9 is a leading brand in this field, the pricepoint of just under $15 is surprisingly affordable. For slick design and usefulness, this is a good find at a good value


  • You see the dead bugs. While some customers may find the graveyard of dead bed bugs as a comforting sign of victory, the open-air cavity where the bed bugs get stuck can expose people in the home or office to the realities of a bed bug battle
  • Not for immediate extinction. Because there are no agents involved in this product that provoke immediate elimination, customers should be aware that bed bugs may keep on being trapped for several weeks after starting use

How We Picked

There’s no telling how big and how long a bed bug infestation will last. However, bed bug traps can help the cause. They not only trap live bugs but can provide clues as to where they are coming from and how many are coming during the night. Though since we are dealing with an issue that users will obviously want to solve quickly and efficiently, it’s important to make the right decision when making a bed bug trap purchase. When making this choice, here are some of the most important elements to consider:


These products are meant to be a solid, sturdy, and long-lasting presence in your home or office. These bed bug traps are meant to support not only the furniture’s weight, but your and your families as you actually use the furniture. Pay attention to the suggested weight load. Another tip – check the weight of the product, that often provides clues to how much pressure it can withstand and how durable it is for everyday use.


You can lay multiple bed bug trap sunder your furniture, and even if you know exactly where the bed bugs are coming from at night, if the bed bug trap isn’t effectively allowing the pests to crawl in, or more importantly, to get stuck in there, then you are back to square one. These products need to both ensure that bugs can crawl in at night, are able to be placed where the problem area is, and to get the bugs stuck there. This is achieved variably by the differences in the slope of the wall, the material, and the texture. If these traps aren’t allowing bugs to crawl in, then you’re not catching any bugs, you’re not preventing being bitten, and you’re not finding out any clues as to where they are coming from or how many are coming out at night.


Let’s face it. Bed bug traps are not something that a customer will want to stand out. Not only is there a chance that it won’t match the color and style of your home or office decor, but even worse, it may broadcast the fact that you are battling bed bugs. Pay attention to the color, shape, and branding on any bed bug trap. Depending on the look of your room or even specific furniture items, the style, design, and color may end up being the determining factor when making a bed bug trap purchase.


Trying to eliminate bed bugs is enough of a hassle before trying to factor in budget. Though most products on the market won’t break the bank, if you have a serious infestation, or have multiple people in your home or office who will need bed bug protection, it may mean you have to buy these units in bulk. For a bedroom or office with multiple chairs, beds, and couches, this could really add up. Check the per unit price when buying bed bug traps, because some are priced to confuse you into buying a cheaper package but without as many traps included.

Buying Tips

Not sure which bed bug killer is best for you? Here are some considerations to make when deciding your purchase:

  • Who will be installing this product? One of the key elements of this product is that it is placed under pieces of furniture. This can be a couch, bed, or table. Make sure you can lift – or can have someone help lift- any piece of furniture this will be used under.
  • Where is the infestation? This product works best in areas of the home or office where bed bugs are liable to crawl through. Bugs crawl out at night to feed, biting humans as they sleep. Place the units where you sleep, sit, and generally spend time. The bonus is that this product can inform you where exactly they are coming from.
  • Do you want people to see the bed bug traps? These bed bug traps are designed to blend in to your furniture, but everyone has different style and varying types of furniture. The color and branding of the unit may either blend right in seamlessly, or provide an eyesore that will not hide your battle with bed bugs.
  • Results. Bed bugs are not something you want to be dealing with for an extended period of time. Make sure the brand you are buying is effective both at allowing the bugs to slip into the tray, as well as effective at making it slick enough of a surface that they can’t climb out. Trays with texture or a sloped angle will make it easier for the bugs to crawl in. You will be able to see the results by examining the bugs trapped in there overnight after use.
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