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Mattress Protector Reviews

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Protecting your mattress is important and a quality mattress protector can go a long way to helping. The following mattress protector reviews can help you find the perfect level of protection you need.

Spending money for a mattress protector may seem unnecessary. However, all it takes is one small accident and you will be glad you are using a protector. If you have kids, pets, or like to eat and drink in bed I highly recommend using a protector. A mattress protector helps to prevent catastrophic spills, but also can help to minimize dust, dirt, and other damage that will gradually degrade the performance and aesthetics of your mattress over time. Additionally, some mattress warranties can be voided if there has been a major spill or other damage that a protector could have easily prevented.

Many sleepers don’t want to ruin the luxury sleep experience with a mattress protector, and that is a worth while concern. Older and more traditional protectors were loud and could cause heat retention issues. However, many newer mattress protectors are able to protect your mattress and do so without you ever knowing they are there at all.

Is the mattress protector you were looking for not listed below? Please send me an email via my contact form. I’d be happy to add it to the list.

Waterproof, 5-sided, ultra thin, ultra elastic$59
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Waterproof, 5-sided protection$50
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Organic, waterproof, 5-sided protection$159
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Waterproof, Top side protection only$20
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Ice Tech, Waterproof, 5-sided, Advanced Cooling$139TBDComing Soon!
Waterproof, full encasement protection, bed bug prevention$77TBDComing soon!
Waterproof, full encasement protection, bed bug prevention$51TBDComing Soon!

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