How To Fold A Fitted Sheet (Two Ways!)

Folding a fitted sheet is a skill that truly makes you feel like you have your life together. Yes, you could just roughly “fold” your fitted sheet into a jumbled pile, but there’s something truly satisfying about folding it flat. Not to mention, a clean fold will reduce wrinkles in your sheets and make storage simpler.

However, folding a fitted sheet is not an intuitively simple task. That’s why in this article I’ll teach you how to fold a fitted sheet (two ways!) like a pro.

How Do I Fold a Fitted Sheet?

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of fitted sheet-folding. Keep in mind that some materials are easier to fold than others. For example, the sheet I used in Method One is made from slinky viscose — which was more difficult to fold — whereas in Method Two I used a sturdier cotton sheet.

Method One

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Put a hand in each corner with the elastic on the sheet facing you.
Turn the corners inside out so that you’re holding them externally, with the seams facing out.
Turn the sheet around so that the elastic is facing you again as you swap hands to hold opposite corners.
The sheet should now be inside out, with the elastic facing you, one hand in each pocket.
Then, clap your hands together.
Take the right-hand corner and flip it onto your left hand. This will free up your right hand.
Place both corners from your left hand onto your right hand so that your left hand can travel down the elastic to the other corners.
Now each hand should be in the new corners.
Lay the sheet onto your bed and try to find the U shape in the elastic.
Straight out the U and fold into thirds vertically.
Once folded three times, flip it over.
Then fold three times horizontally.
Smooth out any wrinkles.
Be proud of your finished product!

You did it! Congratulations on learning our first method of folding a fitted sheet. Now, let’s move on to Method Two. This method produces a more compact finished product, so it may be of interest to those trying to save space. 

Method Two

@sleepopolis our second method to fold a fitted sheet! which do you prefer, method one or two? #sleeptok #sleepbetter #howtofoldafittedsheet #fittedsheetfolding ♬ original sound – Sleepopolis

Place each hand inside a pocket with the elastic facing you.
Turn the pockets inside out so you are holding them externally with the seams facing out.
Swap hands to hold opposite corners as you turn the sheet around so that the elastic is facing you again.
Now the sheet should be inside out, but with the elastic facing you.
Clap your hands together.
Fold right-hand corner onto your left hand so that your right hand is now free.
Place the corners onto your right hand so that your left hand can travel along the elastic to the other corners.
Now each hand should be in a corner.
Clap your hands together again.
Fold the left-hand corner onto your right so that your left hand is now free.
Lay the sheet down on your bed and find the J shape in the elastic.
Once you’ve found the J shape, fold the sheet three times horizontally.
Then fold the sheet two times vertically.

You did it! Personally, I prefer Method Two over Method One, but I recommend trying both to see which is easier for you. Plus, once you master one method, the other should come to you easily.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve made it to the end of this article, hopefully you are feeling like a master of folding a fitted sheet. It’s a great skill that can help you save space, prevent your sheets from wrinkling, and make you feel a little more put together.

Sheets are an important part of your bedroom setup, so be sure you’ve got the best ones. If you’re looking for a sheet upgrade, check out our best sheets roundup to find a set that will work for you — and now you’ll be able to fold them.

Amelia Jerden

Amelia Jerden

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