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Layla Mattress Review

The Layla is an all-foam, flippable bed featuring both a “Soft” and “Firm” side. It’s also built with copper-infused memory foam, which brings some pleasant cooling power to this versatile slumber party.

Curious to know if customizable comfort is for you? Well then, you better keep on reading for my full Layla mattress review! In it, we’re going to go over the bed’s construction, discuss its feel, and compare it to some of the biggest brands on the mattress market. Then, we’ll round things out with a few final pros and cons so you can figure out whether or not it’s the bed for you!

So, without further ado, let’s get into my Layla mattress review or click here for the summary!

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Layla Mattress
Layla Mattress
Layla Mattress

A flippable design makes the Layla mattress a truly customizable bedroom accessory. 


Is the Layla a Good Mattress for You?

Depending on factors like your preferred sleeping position, body weight, and whether or not you sleep with a partner or pet, the Layla may or may not be the best mattress for you. Take a look at some of my recommendations below.

Who I recommend the Layla mattress for

  • The Layla is a flippable mattress with two firmness levels: soft and firm. I’d recommend the soft side of the Layla to side sleepers who will appreciate its deep sinkage. The firm side is a nice choice for stomach sleepers who need some extra support to keep their hips in line with their shoulders.
  • Couples could be quite happy on the Layla. It has low motion transfer, which means you’re unlikely to feel your partner tossing and turning. 
  • Anyone who likes the feel of memory foam should be happy on the Layla. It has a classic memory foam feel with a slow response to pressure and plenty of contouring.

Who I don’t recommend the Layla mattress for

  • Heavier folks (those over 250 lbs) won’t get the support they need from the Layla. These individuals should check out one of our best mattresses for heavy people, which are made with reinforced coils and foams.
  • Combination sleepers should opt for a more responsive mattress. The Layla has a more “in” than “on top” of the bed feel, which makes it more difficult to switch positions on.

How Firm is the Layla Mattress?

Now that we’ve got a solid sense of what’s going on inside the Layla mattress, let’s get into how it feels, starting with firmness.

As with any feel factor, firmness is subjective, and can change a lot depending on one’s body size, shape, and weight. So, my read of this bed’s firmness could differ from your own. For reference, I’m about 5’10”, 190 lb. and prefer to sleep on my stomach.

Layla Firmness Level
There is quite a large difference in the support levels for the Layla mattress

The Layla is flippable and has two firmness options. On the “Soft” side, this bed gets a 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale from me. On the “Firm” side, I landed on a 7.5 out of 10. To give these scores some context, the industry standard for medium firmness is 6.5, so it’s safe to say that these ratings are a bit extreme.

“Soft” side: As soon as I hopped onto the Layla in its soft configuration, I could feel my body sinking into the plush top layer of copper-infused memory foam. The material contoured around my shoulders, hips, and lower back, providing me with that classic memory foam “hug.” I think this feel would probably work best for side sleepers or those in need of deep pressure relief at the joints.

“Firm” side: On the “Firm” side, it was quite another story altogether. By swapping out a 3” top layer of memory foam for a 1” layer, the bed suddenly becomes super supportive. There’s hardly any contouring at all, which creates a solidly “on top” of the bed type vibe. I think this feel could work best for back sleepers in need of firm support at the hips and lumbar region.

Memorial Day Sale: Up to $200 off + free gifts
Layla Mattress
Layla Mattress
Layla Mattress

A flippable design makes the Layla mattress a truly customizable bedroom accessory. 

Layla Mattress Performance 

The Layla’s performance depends on your individual specifications and needs as a sleeper, like your body weight, how you sleep, and whether or not you suffer from pain. Take a look at how we determined the Layla’s performance below.

Testing the Layla Mattress in Different Sleeping Positions

Individuals of differing weights will experience the Layla differently. Take a look at how the Layla will feel for light, average, and heavy sleepers in each common sleeping position.

Is the Layla a Good Mattress for Light Sleepers (Under 130 lbs)?

  • Light Back Sleepers  – Light back sleepers might find the soft side of the Layla too soft for their needs and the firm side of the Layla too firm. I’d recommend a mattress that has a more medium-firm feel to light back sleepers.
  • Light Side Sleepers – Light side sleepers should feel quite comfortable on the soft side of the Layla.
  • Light Stomach Sleepers – Light stomach sleepers should feel comfortable on the firm side of the Layla.

Is the Layla a Good Mattress for Average Weight Sleepers (130 – 250 lbs)? 

  • Average Weight Back Sleepers – Average weight back sleepers may find the firmer side of the Layla comfortable, but some might find it a touch too firm for their needs. The soft side of the Layla is too soft for average weight back sleepers.
  • Average Weight Side Sleepers – I’d recommend the soft side of the Layla to average weight side sleepers.
  • Average Weight Stomach Sleepers – These sleepers will likely feel quite comfortable on the firm side of the Layla.

Is the Layla a Good Mattress for Heavy Sleepers (over 250 lbs)? 

  • Heavy Back Sleepers – The Layla is not supportive enough for heavy people.
  • Heavy Side Sleepers – See above.
  • Heavy Stomach Sleepers – See above.

Layla Mattress Pain Relief Performance

A mattress should distribute your weight evenly to relieve pressure, which prevents and helps alleviate pain. You want a bed that is going to cushion sensitive pressure points at your hips, shoulders, and lower back, especially if you have pain in those areas. 

To measure the Layla’s pressure relieving abilities, I used a pressure map. I laid the map on top of the mattress and hopped aboard. The map recorded how much pressure my body exerted in different positions. Below you’ll see the results of the pressure map while I laid on my side, back, and stomach. The map turns blue to green for low pressure, and yellow to red for high pressure. I recorded my pressure map results on both the soft and firm and firm side of the Layla.

Layla Soft Pressure
Pressure map results for the soft side of the Layla mattress
Layla Firm Pressure
Pressure map results for the firm side of the Layla mattress

Back Pain – If you suffer from back pain, you’re going to find that sleeping on your back (if you can manage it) is the best way to alleviate this pain. As you’ll see in the pressure map graphic, my weight was more evenly distributed on the firm side of the Layla. If you suffer from back pain, the firm side of the Layla could provide the added support you need to keep your spine in a straight alignment.

Shoulder Pain – The soft side of the Layla is a nice option for folks who suffer from shoulder pain. Those who suffer from shoulder pain need lots of pressure relief at that area to prevent the pain from worsening.

Hip Pain – Similar to shoulder pain sufferers, those who deal with hip pain need a soft mattress to cushion their sensitive joints. I’d recommend the soft side of the Layla as a nice option for those who suffer from hip pain.

Layla Mattress Performance for Couples

If you sleep with a partner you’re going to want to consider a few extra factors like motion isolation, edge support, cooling, and whether or not your mattress is good for sex. Take a look at how we measured these factors below.

Motion Transfer 

Motion transfer is the movement detectable from one side of the bed to the other. It’s important for couples because it shows whether or not you’ll feel your partner’s movements from their side of the bed on your side.

To illustrate this motion transfer, I dropped a 10 lb. steel ball from heights of 4 inches, 8 inches and 12 inches and measured the disturbance it caused: the bigger the lines, the bigger the disturbance.

Layla Motion Transfer
Motion transfer results for both sides of the Layla mattress

These are fantastic motion transfer results, which tells me that you shouldn’t be too bothered by your bed mate’s movements in the night. The star here is the thick top layer of memory foam, which works to absorb motion and transfer it evenly across the surface of the bed.

Memorial Day Sale: Up to $200 off + free gifts
Layla Mattress
Layla Mattress
Layla Mattress

A flippable design makes the Layla mattress a truly customizable bedroom accessory. 


Couples need a mixture of motion transfer and responsiveness for sex. A mattress that isolates motion well, but still has a bit of bounce is going to be the best mattress for sex. Though the Layla has great motion isolation, overall, this mattress (especially the soft side) is not quite responsive enough for sex. 


Two people overheat more easily than one, so a cooling mattress is even more important for couples. The Layla has pretty good cooling, thanks to it’s copper-infused memory foam layer. The copper helps dissipate body heat, and it’s also antimicrobial, which prevents odor-causing bacteria from building up. Though some all-foam mattresses like the Layla don’t have great airflow, I’d actually say this bed sleeps quite cool. If you’re a hot sleeper, it’s worth checking out!

Edge Support

Edge support measures whether the edges of the bed are sturdy enough to support you when you roll toward them or sleep on the edge of the bed. A mattress with good edge support can feel bigger, since you can use its whole surface area. Also, good edge support tends to lend itself to more durability, since it prevents premature sagging. 

I think the Layla has decent edge support, but not the best I’ve seen. Typically, all foam mattresses don’t have the best edge support, so I wasn’t surprised by this result, but if you’re looking for strong edges I’d opt for a hybrid or innerspring mattress.

What is the Layla Mattress Made Of?

As I mentioned up top, the Layla is a flippable mattress that features both a firm and soft side. Regardless of how you orient the bed, both sides feature top and bottom layers of memory foam surrounding interior sections of poly foam. All Layla foams are CertiPUR-US® Certified, which means they’re free from harmful chemicals and pollutants. For the purpose of this review, I was sleeping with the soft side up, though I’ll describe both configurations below.

So, how exactly does a flippable mattress work? Let’s dive underneath the cover to find out.

Layla Soft Side Up
The Layla mattress in the Sleepopolis Studio with the soft side up.

Cover – The Layla cover is made from a thick polyester blend. It’s got a soft hand feel that’s cozy and plush.

Comfort – With the soft side flipped up, the comfort layer is made up of a 3-inch section of copper-infused memory foam. This material has a slow response to pressure, so provides the sleeper with plenty of body-contouring and sinkage. And while memory foam does have a slight reputation for overheating, the foam here has been infused with cooling copper to keep the temperatures low. This is a considerably thick layer of memory foam, so I can already tell that the “Soft” side could be great for side sleepers (more on that later!)

Transition Layer – Up next, you’ll land on a transitional layer of poly foam. This material is much firmer than the one above it, helping to curb the memory foam’s deep sink and transition the sleeper into the firmer base materials below.

Support Layer- And what exactly are we transitioning into? A 4-inch layer of support foam that Layla calls Support Core Foam. Super solid and stable, this material provides the mattress with most of its foundational support. When oriented with the soft side up, this layer essentially functions as the base. However, when the bed is configured to the firm side, this section becomes a firm transitional layer that provides support to the lower back and hips.

Base Layer- Last but not least, we land on the second and final layer of copper-infused memory foam. This one’s only an inch tall, so you can’t really feel it when the bed is in its “Soft” orientation. If you were to flip it, though, this would become the comfort layer. It wouldn’t provide nearly as much pressure relief as the 3-inch section of copper-infused memory foam we’ve already seen, but could give back and combo sleepers a subtle hug at the lumbar region.

Layla Materials
A look inside the Layla.

Layla Mattress Unboxing and Off-Gassing

The Layla is a bed-in-a-box mattress, which means it will ship compressed in a box to your door. It does have an off-gassing period in which it will release gasses trapped during compression. I’d recommend waiting at least 24 hours for this mattress to fully decompress before sleeping on it.

My Final Thoughts about the Layla Mattress

Now that you’ve made it to the end of my review, I want to recap some of my final thoughts about this bed to help you decide if it’s the right new mattress for you.

My favorite things about Layla mattress

The Layla is a memory foam mattress that has the classic memory foam feel that many sleepers love. This bed features a lot of the material, so epitomizes its characteristic sinkage and contouring hug. As far as sides are concerned, I think side sleepers will prefer the soft sideand stomach sleepers will probably be better off on the “Firm” side. I’d also say that this bed has really low motion transfer, which marks it as a solid option for couples.

Memorial Day Sale: Up to $200 off + free gifts
Layla Mattress
Layla Mattress
Layla Mattress

A flippable design makes the Layla mattress a truly customizable bedroom accessory. 

My Layla mattress complaints 

If you’re looking for a bouncy bed, the Layla will likely not fit the bill. There’s not a lot of bounce here, which results in more of a “stuck-in-the-bed” type vibe.I’d also say that the mattress isn’t supportive enough to bolster heavier folks as they sink into the bed. These sleepers will want something with a bit more lift to ensure that they’re positioned on top of the structure.

How Much does the Layla Cost? 

Before you go ahead and throw out your old mattress, you’ll likely want to take a look at the Layla’s price. You’ll find our pricing chart below, and be sure to head to our Layla coupon page for the latest deals.

Price listed will be before discount or offer for each size. 

Twin38" x 75" x 10"41 lbs$699
Twin XL38” x 80” x 10”44 lbs$799
Full54” x 75” x 10”57 lbs$999
Queen60” x 80” x 10"69 lbs$1,099
King76” x 80” x 10”87 lbs$1,199
California King72” x 84” x 10”87 lbs$1,199

Layla Mattress Policies and FAQs

How long does the Layla take to ship?

The Layla will ship in 3 to 5 business days. Layla ships for free to the contiguous United States, but a shipping charge will be applied for orders to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada. 

Does the Layla come with a sleep trial?

Yes, Layla offers a 120-night sleep trial.

Does the Layla have a mattress warranty?

Yes, the Layla has a lifetime warranty.

Does the Layla have an off-gassing period?

Yes, after unboxing the Layla you will need to wait at least 24 hours for the foams to decompress and release any trapped gasses.

Do I need a box spring for the Layla?

No, but Layla recommends a sturdy base, slatted bed frame, or adjustable base for best results. 

What is Layla’s return policy?

If you decide the Layla isn’t right for you, you can return it for a full refund within the trial period.

Layla Vs

If you’re shopping for a mattress online, you’re likely looking at a few different brands. So, let’s take a second to compare the Layla against some of its biggest competition: the Nectar and Casper mattresses.

Layla vs Nectar

  • Like the Layla, the Nectar is an all-foam bed, though it’s built almost entirely of memory foam. This gives the mattress a super plush feel with plenty of sinkage, body-contouring, and pressure relief.
  • Because of this, I think the Nectar could be a great fit for strict side sleepers in need of deep relief at the shoulders and hips.
  • In general, I’d say the Nectar is most similar in feel to the soft side of the Layla mattress.
  • For more, read my full Nectar mattress review.

Layla vs Casper

  • The Casper mattress is available in both an all-foam and hybrid version. Regardless of which one you pick, you’ll find a medium firm bed that’s as pressure-relieving as it is supportive.
  • Overall, the Casper has a more balanced feel than either the Layla or Nectar. It’s not dominated by one material, so has a nice mix of both give and lift.
  • An interior layer of zoned support makes it an especially good fit for combo back and side sleepers.
  • Learn more at my full Casper comparison and my Casper mattress review.

Other Models from Layla

Wondering what else Layla has to offer other than the Layla memory foam mattress? Take a look at what else you can find at LaylaSleep. 

Layla Hybrid

  • The Layla Hybrid is a flippable bed like the all-foam Layla, but swaps out the foam support layer for one of pocketed coils.
  • This creates a bouncier and more supportive structure, regardless of how you orient the mattress.
  • If you like the Layla brand but really need some firm support, I think the “Firm” side of the Layla Hybrid could be a fantastic fit for you.
  • Pricewise, it’s worth noting that the Hybrid is more expensive than the Original all-foam model.
  • Check out my full Layla Hybrid mattress review.

Still unsure if the Layla is right for you? Check out how it performed on our star rating chart below.

Layla Mattress
  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Value
  • Cooling
  • Edge Support
  • Sex
  • Smell
  • Company
  • Refunds
  • Trial
  • Warranty


Layla features an all-foam, flippable design with different firmness levels on each side. This allows sleepers to experience a different feel simply by turning the mattress over. Layla’s comfort layers incorporate memory foam for significant pressure relief, and in our testing we also found the mattress to sleep very cool.

Logan Block
Logan is the content director of Sleepopolis, which means he not only reviews new mattresses every week, but also curates all the comparisons, best of pages, and video guides on the site. He takes a straightforward, honest approach to his reviews and endeavors to give viewers an objective look at each new product he tries out. Logan has perfected his method by personally testing over 200 different mattresses, so he’s not only able to discern the overall vibe of a specific bed, but to contextualize its feel within the bed-in-a-box market as a whole. When he’s not hopping on a new bed or working with our editorial team to whip up an engaging sleep education guide, you can find him reading books on world history, walking his dog Pepper, or searching for the best cheeseburger in New York City.