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Mattress Reviews

I’ve had the opportunity to test out literally hundreds of different mattresses, including all of the biggest and most popular brands on the market. Tempurpedic, Casper, Purple, Nectar, Tuft & Needle – I’ve personally tested them all.

With so many mattress companies vying for our attention (i.e. hard-earned money), it’s no wonder folks are more confused than ever when it comes to purchasing a new bed.

Now while I don’t believe there’s one perfect mattress for everyone, I do believe there’s a bed out there that’s 100% right for you. And with my help, I’ve no doubt we can find it!

So where do you begin? After taking a look at some of my top mattress picks, feel free to read on to figure out what type of mattress will best suit your needs.

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I'm Logan, welcome to Sleepopolis! Read on for some tips on how to shop for a mattress.

Find Your Mattress

In my experience, most people tend to approach mattress shopping motivated by some combination of the following five factors: sleep position, sleeping preference, mattress type, brand name, and value. So whether you’re a side sleeper on the prowl for an all-latex mattress or perhaps a bargain hunter with a penchant for firmness, getting specific about your needs allows us to better hone in on the model that’s going to work for you.

To continue your search, click below to jump to the section that resonates most with you.

Top Brands

For some of you, brand recognition is going to be the most pertinent factor in your decision-making process. Perhaps you’ve seen Casper ads on the subway or watched commercials from other big names like Purple, Saatva, and Nectar on YouTube. While reputation may proceed some of the more successful bed-in-a-box companies out there, we never let brands rest on their laurels alone.

See how some of your favorites fared on our rigorous mattress tests!

Sleeping Position

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a new mattress is the position in which you primarily sleep. Though a truly fantastic bed should satisfy a wide range of sleepers, most mattresses are designed to work best for certain positions.

Softer beds, for example, tend to do wonders for side sleepers as they provide pressure relief to the shoulders and hips. Firm mattresses (such as hybrids or innersprings) usually sync up nicely with what a stomach sleeper needs, namely strong support along the spine without too much of a sinking in feeling. And of course there are also beds well-suited for back and combo sleepers as well as everyone in between.

To search for mattresses by sleeping position, check out our ultimate guides below.

Mattress Type

Another way to categorize beds is by their constructions. This can be a useful strategy for those of you who already know what kinds of materials you like, be it pressure-relieving memory foam, cooling latex, firm poly foam, bouncy innerspring, or some hybrid combination of the aforementioned. And then there are also mattresses composed entirely of organic materials, perfect for those eco-friendly sleepers in the bunch.

Sleeping Preferences

So maybe you’re not one of those people who’s set on one particular position. That’s totally okay! But in all likelihood, you probably do have a preference for certain types of feels. Maybe you like the cushiony hug you get from a body contouring memory foam or relish in the bounce of a springy hybrid.

Regardless, there’s a lot of narrowing down that can be done by simply following what feels good to you.


Mattresses are expensive, full stop. While an initial search online may leave you wondering how you’ll ever be able to afford a high-quality bed, I’m here to tell you one thing: it can be done. There are a lot of mattress companies out there, and many of them make good value a top priority.

Follow the links below to see how you can make a fantastic mattress investment without breaking the bank.

Our Mattress Review and Rating Process

We want to be as honest and transparent with you as possible, so we thought it might be helpful to provide you with some insight into our mattress review process. While we definitely do our fair share of lounging around on these beds, a mattress review entails a lot more than simply stretching out on a new model.

Over the course of testing hundreds of different mattresses, we’ve developed a system that allows us to understand a bed from the inside out so that you, by proxy, can too. Below are some of the things we look for.

First and foremost, we’re concerned with the materials used. A good mattress will have a thick enough comfort layer to remain comfortable for sleepers of most sizes. In our opinion, great design and great material selection go hand-in-hand.

Mattress Materials

Speaking of comfort, we want to make sure a bed feels pleasant from the moment you lie on it, so we need to know: Does it relieve pressure? Does it reduce pain? Will a sleeper feel stuck in the layers?

We use a number of different tools to answer these questions, my favorite of which measures the pressure exerted by a sleeper while lying on a mattress.

Mattress Comfort

Wanting a bed to be comfortable doesn’t mean we don’t also want it to have fantastic support. It’s important to not confuse support with firmness as a mattress can be incredibly soft and still be super supportive. After all, support really just means that a bed is keeping a sleeper’s spine in alignment while in a normal sleeping position as demonstrated in the photo below.

Mattress Support

We also want to know how cool the bed sleeps. Though many companies tout their mattresses as “sleeping cool,” what they really mean is that they don’t get hotter than room temperature. That’s why we inspect for gel infusions in heat-absorbing memory foam (pictured below), phase change fibers in covers, and the inclusion of naturally cooling materials such as latex foam or innerspring.

Mattress Cooling

These nitty gritty design details aside, we’re also committed to learning as much as we can about each company we include on our site. What kinds of trial periods do they offer? Are their warranties legit or merely smoke and mirrors? Do they give back to charitable causes? How easy is it to return a mattress you no longer want? Getting to the truth behind the claims enables us to put the power back in your hands.

Mattress Brands

After all, your mattress shopping experience should (and must) be all about you.

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24 thoughts on “Mattress Reviews”

  1. Thank you for giving all the information of what to look for in a Mattress. This will definitely help me in my mattress decision.

  2. You should review the Molecule. It is the best! It’s the only mattress that both my husband and I have loved in 17 years of marriage!

  3. Am I missing something or do you not review brands like Serta, Sealy, Beautyrest, Therapedic, EuroTex, etc. that are typically carried in department stores?

    • We have reviews of Serta, Sealy and Beautyrest mattresses up on the site. They may not have the same names as the models you see in the department store because those companies white label mattresses for specific stores.

  4. Don’t by Helix! My spouse and I took the Helix survey and ordered our custom mattress. At first we were happy, it seemed like a good fit. However, a year into using it the mattress began causing us A LOT of pain. We’d both wake up sore in the morning and my partner had a hard time getting a full night’s sleep. We tried a few things to fix this – got a mattress topper, got a new boxspring, put the mattress on the floor. Nothing worked. There doesn’t seem to be a quality issue with the mattress (it’s not sagging or ripping) so we think maybe the Helix tool to gauge what firmness we need didn’t identify the right kind of support. We contacted Helix and they responded quickly but they ultimately just told us to get a Bunkie Board off Amazon to solve the problem. This is NOT a solution as a flat surface (i.e. the floor) did not resolve the problem. Now we’re out $1,000 for an investment that did not pay off and we’ll be looking for a new company to buy a mattress from. We didn’t expect to have this problem and are pretty disappointed.

  5. This is an amazing mattress. I have read everything about it. My mattress is over 20 years old. I cannot afford a new one. It would truly be a blessing to win this as I’m a widow on a fixed income and suffer from arthritis in both hips and tossing and turning every night is not fun. Thank you for a chance

  6. My husband and I are both side sleepers. My husband is on the heavy side (270) but I’m thinner. What would you recommend?

  7. “We love our new mattress. It is like it was custom made for how we sleep. We have tried all kinds of mattresses, mostly high-end trendy stuff – foam, hybrid, air channel, you name it. We finally decided to go back to a traditional innerspring mattress. We researched online and happened across Don’s Mattress. I was inspired by the fact that it was a family business that has been around since 1919. I was in awe by the fact that they still made mattresses in the old way and hand tufted! But even though I was convinced, my husband wasn’t – yet! That is until he talked to the owner and CEO of the company on the telephone. That’s right folks. He called the phone number posted on the website and he talked with the owner and CEO who graciously answered all of his questions. They would talk several times over the next weeks as if they had known each other for years.
    Our mattress and box springs arrived superbly constructed and handsome with its white stitching on ticking fabric. Don’s Mattress has exceeded our expectations in every way – outstanding customer service and a superior quality product. And believe me, we have never slept better! Maureen and Lo”

  8. Hello! We are fretting over what to buy in a mattress. Looking for a King bed or two XL twins to put next to each other. My husband is 300 lbs and has had back surgery and wakes up every night switching positions and in pain in the morning. He prefers side sleeping. I am 200 lbs and prefer side sleeping. I also battle fibromyalgia. We both sleep hot on our gel memory foam topper on top of our Revive 12” gel memory foam mattress which the mattress itself was too firm. I thought that I was sold on the DreamCloud? Please help? Thank you so much!

  9. I didn’t find reviews written by people using the Nectar mattress. I’m a woman of very advanced
    age who has an aching low back for much of the night preventing restful sleep. I sleep on my side,
    and alone, and have always used an innerspring mattress. It is time for a change. Could you tell
    me the price of a king size Nectar (don’t wish to change bed frame). I weigh 135 to 140 lbs. and
    feel there would be a combination of firm/soft that would give good support.

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