OkiOki Mattress Review

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The OkiFlex is marketed as a no-frills mattress from a no-frills company. You won’t find any space age foam names in this mattress. The company is very straightforward about using a streamlined design in the OkiFlex and makes its claim on value.

I will review the OkiFlex in full below and provide a summary as well. If you are short on time, bookmark the page and click here for the shortened version. I’ll start the full OkiOki mattress review with a snapshot of the OkiOki company before moving into the details.

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OkiFlex Mattress
OkiFlex Mattress
OkiFlex Mattress

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Brand Snapshot

The OkiOki company sells a full range of mattresses of different firmness levels and the OkiFlex is meant to be a medium firm model. They claim to have over 20 years of experience in the furniture industry. They sell both foam and hybrid mattresses. The OkiFlex is a hybrid, meaning that it combines foam with metal coils. These are not traditional innerspring coils, however, but special pocketed coils with slightly different features that we will discuss more in depth below.

OkiOki doesn’t claim to put new-age materials in its mattresses. They rely on a value price point. The OkiFlex isn’t meant to be all things to all sleepers—it is made specifically for people who prefer the feel of medium firm hybrid coils.

Does the company’s transparent marketing mean a better night’s sleep for you? I begin my review of the OkiFlex by pulling back its layers one by one.

OkiOki mattress review
The OkiFlex mattress in the Sleepopolis bedroom

What is the OkiFlex Mattress Made of?

The OkiFlex is a hybrid mattress, combining foam layers with pocketed coils. This is a fairly standard configuration, but the true quality of the OkiFlex is in how the layers work with each other.

Cover – On first touch, OkiFlex sleepers will find a thin layer of phase change material. It is cool and designed to help draw heat away from the sleeper.

Comfort – Right below the cover, you’ll find 2” of graphite infused memory foam, which provides a bit of immediate pressure relief with a slow response to pressure. This allows the sleeper to sink into the mattress just a bit for a contoured feel. The graphite infusion helps to counter the natural tendency of memory foam to trap body heat, so the mattress sleeps a little cooler than it normally would.

Transition – Directly under the layer of soft memory foam is a firmer layer of high-density poly foam. This transition layer is meant to provide support while separating the sleeper from the firm support layer of coils underneath. OkiFlex sleepers won’t sink into this layer, but it doesn’t feel uncomfortably hard, either.

Back sleeping on the OkiOki mattress
Relaxing on the OkiFlex

Support – After the first layer of poly foam, a firmer layer of high-density poly foam surrounds and supports a system of pocketed coils that give the OkiFlex its shape. The coils provide the springiness of a traditional innerspring mattress without a huge amount of motion transfer across the bed. The OkiFlex also has a layer of high-density poly foam around its perimeter for more support to the edge of the mattress.

Thoughts: The OkiFlex seems to know the audience it is going for—sleepers who want good spinal alignment and support from their mattresses. Most sleepers will find the OkiFlex to be a supportive mattress that uses just enough classic memory foam contouring to provide some much-needed pressure relief. The only type of sleeper who may really need to consider another mattress is the strict side sleeper because of the lack of pressure relief in the shoulder area.

Now that we know what’s in the OkiOki, how does the mattress actually feel? I have four tests that will help me answer this question.

OkiOki mattress construction
The materials used in the layers of the OkiFlex

How Does the OkiFlex Feel?

First, I test the OkiFlex for its firmness level. My test takes into account the subjective nature of firmness, so I run it with colleagues of different body shapes, types, and sizes. The average score is what you see below. The scale ranges between 1 and 10 with 10 as the firmest and 6.5 as the industry standard for medium firmness.

OkiFlex Firmness
I found the OkiFlex to be on the firm side

I gave the OkiFlex a 7.5/10. (The company rates its own mattresses as well, and it gave the OkiFlex a 7/10, if you’re interested.) I was initially impressed with the support level of this mattress compared to others in its price range. This may account for my slightly higher firmness rating.

Back and stomach sleepers should enjoy the feeling of being on top of the mattress. The OkiFlex did a good job of keeping my spine aligned in these positions. The firm hip support was especially important, as many sleepers suffer misalignment if the hips sink too far into the mattress.

The downside of the OkiFlex’s high support level is that it can jam up the shoulder joint for sleepers in the side position. It is also not the best fit for sleepers who want the feel of classic memory foam contouring. Although I initially sank into the memory foam comfort layer a bit, I felt more on top of the bed than in it for all positions.

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OkiFlex Mattress
OkiFlex Mattress
OkiFlex Mattress

The Okiflex provides surprising support and bounce at a value price. Save 10% on your purchase with the Sleepopolis exclusive discount code SLEEPOP10!

Testing the OkiFlex

After I run the Firmness test, I also test for Pressure Relief, Bounce, and Motion Transfer. These tests give insight as to the various situations that sleepers may find themselves in throughout the night. I start with Pressure Relief and move into the others below.

Pressure Relief

My Pressure Relief test consists of me stretching out on a pressure map, which I roll out on top of the OkiFlex. The map reads blue, green, yellow or red colors depending on the pressure my body exerts on the mattress in real time. This test helps to tell me where uncomfortable amounts of pressure may build up during the night.

This is what the colors mean: Blue equals no/low pressure and is what I would ideally want to see all the time. Green and yellow are medium pressure, with light green representing pressure that sleepers may want to begin taking seriously. Red is high pressure and is usually an area that requires immediate attention.

OkiFlex Pressure map
Pressure map results for the OkiFlex mattress

Back – When lying on my back, the OkiFlex gave me all blue on the pressure map. My body weight is pretty evenly distributed on my back, so this is what I expected to see. The firm nature of this mattress kept my spine aligned, and all signs point to strict back sleepers having a great night’s sleep.

Side – Switching over to my side, I saw some green and yellow pressure spots in the hip area. Strict side sleepers may need to pay attention to this, because the hips and shoulders are usually very sensitive areas in the side position. The green and yellow means that staying in this position may cause a buildup of pressure in the hips over time, causing undue pressure in the spine.

Stomach – The OkiFlex gave blue across the board on my stomach as well. I also felt good support in the hips, which is important for strict back sleepers to keep the spine aligned. The firm OkiFlex kept my hips from sinking too far into the mattress, a position that causes bowbacking and aches and pains upon waking.

Side sleeping on the OkiOki mattress
Side sleepers may find the OkiFlex too firm


I perform a bounce test after the test for pressure relief. A sufficiently bouncy mattress helps with switching positions and keeps a sleeper from feeling stuck in the mattress. To conduct the Bounce test, I take a 10 pound steel ball and bounce it on the OkiFlex. Does the OkiFlex bounce back? Let’s see.

The OkiFlex has enough bounciness to keep sleepers from being stuck in the mattress. Combo sleepers should find switching positions easy as well because of the high amount of mobility.

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OkiFlex Mattress
OkiFlex Mattress
OkiFlex Mattress

The Okiflex provides surprising support and bounce at a value price. Save 10% on your purchase with the Sleepopolis exclusive discount code SLEEPOP10!

Motion Transfer

The Bounce test and the Motion Transfer test go hand in hand. I drop the same 10 lb. ball 4”, 8”, and 12”, measuring the motion that is transferred across the mattress with a seismometer. Ideally, I don’t want the seismometer to react much—this would mean that a restless partner across the bed from you wouldn’t disturb your sleep much during the night.

OkiFlex Motion transfer
Pretty good motion transfer results for the OkiFlex

The OkiFlex provides a high amount of isolation, a feature that many bouncy mattresses do not have. Although the product has high mobility, couples likely won’t feel each other’s movements during the night. This and the edge support should make partner sleepers happy.

Should You Buy the OkiFlex Mattress?

It’s time to briefly summarize the most important points to know about the OkiFlex. You are the only one who can say if a mattress is really for you, but these pros and cons should help you in your buying decision.

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OkiFlex Mattress
OkiFlex Mattress
OkiFlex Mattress

The Okiflex provides surprising support and bounce at a value price. Save 10% on your purchase with the Sleepopolis exclusive discount code SLEEPOP10!

OkiFlex Mattress Recommendations

  • Strict back sleepers can expect some great support from the OkiFlex. The firm nature of the mattress keeps the spine aligned, but the memory foam comfort layer still provides a bit of contouring for a softer feel.
  • The OkiFlex isolates motion well. Couples should love this aspect of the mattress along with the added edge support.
  • The OkiFlex does bring a good amount of value to the table. With a performance that is comparable to other mattresses in its class, the low cost of the OkiFlex is definitely an advantage.

OkiFlex Mattress Complaints

  • Strict side sleepers may feel jammed up in the shoulder and hip area, something that can cause undue physical stress over the course of a night.
  • The OkiFlex mattress is a no-frills type of product that is centered on providing good value for the money. If you are looking for a plush luxury feel, this is probably not the mattress for you.
OkiOki mattress on bedframe
The OkiFlex by OkiOki

Company Policies

  • Trial – 365 Nights
  • Warranty – 10 Year
  • Shipping – Free

How Much Does the OkiFlex Cost?

Save 10%
OkiFlex Mattress
OkiFlex Mattress
OkiFlex Mattress

The Okiflex provides surprising support and bounce at a value price. Save 10% on your purchase with the Sleepopolis exclusive discount code SLEEPOP10!

Twin39” x 75” x 11”$500
Twin XL39” x 80” x 11”$550
Full54” x 75” x 11”$650
Queen60” x 80” x 11”$750
King76” x 80” x 11”$950
California King72” x 84” x 11”$950


What is the OkiOki mattress made of?

The OkiOki is a hybrid mattress consisting of three layers. Layer one is 2” of graphite infused memory foam, followed by layer two, a firmer layer of high-density poly foam, and finally a system of pocketed coils that give the OkiFlex its shape.

Does the OkiOki mattress offer a sleep trial?

The OkiOki mattress come with an impressive sleep trial. They give consumers a full 365 nights to try out the mattress.

Is the OkiOki mattress a value brand?

The OkiOki mattress does pride itself on providing a straightforward mattress for a reasonable price. A queen mattress runs $500 and it also comes in five other sizes at various prices starting at $300.

OkiFlex Mattress
  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Value
  • Cooling
  • Edge Support
  • Trial
  • Warranty
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