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Wading through the bedding world can be confusing, but you’ve come to the right place. I’ve tested every set of sheets in this article, and the result is our roundup for the best bed sheets of 2022. At the bottom of the page, I’ll share my own tips and tricks for finding the bedding suited to your needs. You should get all the info you need for your sheet-shopping experience. Let’s get started!

Best Sheets of 2022

Best Linen Sheets


Linen a great summertime material because its thermoregulation helps dissipate your body’s heat. The Brooklinen linen sheets are one of our favorites because they offer luxury features. They’re made with thicker, high-quality fibers for extra durability. They’re also pre-washed for initial softness. Finally, the Brooklinen Linen sheets come in great colors and designs, and you can mix and match them when you buy the bundle!

Why We Love the Brooklinen Linen Core Sheet Set

  • They come in many cool colors and designs. You can mix and match them when you buy the bundle!
  • Brooklinen provides free shipping in the U.S.
  • You have a full year to return these linen sheets if you’re unhappy with your purchase.

You can learn more in our full Brooklinen Linen Bundle review.

Save 20%
Brooklinen Linen Sheets
Brooklinen Linen Sheets
Brooklinen Linen Sheets

Brooklinen's linen bundle sleeps cool and comes in great colors that you can mix and match to your heart's content!

Best Cotton Sheets

Nectar Luxury Cotton Sheets.

Nectar Luxury Cotton Sheets

If you’re looking for an excellent cotton sheet set, the Nectar Luxury Cotton Bed Sheets should be at the top of your list. These sheets feature long-staple cotton, one of the most durable bedding materials out there. They’re lightweight and should keep you from overheating during the night.

Why We Love the Nectar Luxury Cotton Sheets

  • These luxurious sheets cost $150, no matter the size.
  • They include a 50-night trial and a 5-year warranty. 
  • They’re designed to get softer with every wash.

Our full Nectar Luxury Cotton Sheets review is coming soon!

Nectar Luxury Cotton Sheets
Nectar Luxury Cotton Sheets
Nectar Luxury Cotton Sheets

The Nectar Luxury Cotton Sheets are designed to help you slip into softness, each and every night. This sheet set comes with 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 2 standard pillowcases.

Best Sateen Sheets

WinkBeds Cotton Sheets.

WinkBeds Cotton Sheet Set

Sateen fabric is soft and silky. If this is something you’re looking for, check out the WinkBeds Fine Combed Cotton Sheet Set. They are truly soft to the touch. While sateen sheets aren’t always the most breathable, we can imagine ourselves curling up under the WinkBeds sheets on a cold night. 

Why We Love the WinkBeds Cotton Sheets

  • These fitted sheets are designed to stay snug and secure around your mattress.
  • The fine-combed cotton found in the WinkBeds sheets is quite a durable material.
  • They’re 100% cotton and feature a 260 thread count.

Our full WinkBeds Cotton Sheet Set review is coming soon!

WinkBeds Cotton Sheet Set
WinkBeds Cotton Sheet Set
WinkBeds Cotton Sheet Set

The WinkBeds Cotton Sheet Set is made of 100% long staple cotton that's fine-combed to make a naturally comfortable feel. The Set comes with an extra large flat sheet, a patented fitted sheet and two pillowcases.

Best Organic Sheet

Saatva Organic Sateen Sheets

If you’re environmentally conscious, you should appreciate the Saatva Organic Sateen Sheets. They’re made with 100% long-staple organic cotton woven into 300 thread count sheets. Because they’re Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, these sheets meet strict quality standards. You can rest easy knowing you’re on natural material.

Why We Love the Saatva Organic Sateen Sheets

  • Because they are sateen woven, these sheets are silky and boast a lustrous sheen.
  • They have a nice balance between sateen and percale traits.
  • The thread count and quality of materials makes this sheet set exceptionally durable.

Read more in our full Saatva Organic Sateen Sheets review.

Save up to 15% off
Saatva Organic Sateen Sheets
Saatva Organic Sateen Sheets
Saatva Organic Sateen Sheets

The Saatva Organic Sateen sheets feel breathable, soft and durable. Because they are sateen woven, these sheets are going to feel silkier to the touch and they have a light lustrous sheen to them. 

Best Luxury Sheets

Sleep Number True Temp Sheet Set

If you’ve had it with your sheet corners slipping off the mattress, this could be the sheet set for you. The Sleep Number True Temp Sheet Set provides ExactFit and SmartFit designs, which work in tandem to keep your sheets in place. 

As the name suggests, these sheets are also known for their cooling capabilities — made with Sleep Number’s 37.5 technology, these sheets are designed to continuously regulate your body temperature throughout the night, providing a big win to warm sleepers.

Why We Love the Sleep Number True Temp Set 

  • They’re great for active sleepers thanks to their secure fit.
  • Their logic label makes it easy to figure out how to make the bed without wasting any time trying to guess the right corner to start with.
  • These sheets were built to last with durable materials and makeup.

Read more in our full Sleep Number True Temp Set review.

Sleep Number True Temp Sheet Set
Sleep Number True Temp Sheet Set
Sleep Number True Temp Sheet Set

Designed with cooling in mind, these sheets have technology that works to regulate your body temperature. 

Best Bamboo Sheets

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

Environmentalists looking for a comfy, cool night’s sleep should consider Cozy Earth’s Bamboo sheet set. Made out of 100 percent Viscose from bamboo, these sheets are incredibly soft and breathable, with moisture-wicking fabric that keeps sleepers cool and comfortable throughout the night. 

Why We Love the Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set 

  • They have an incredibly soft, luxurious feel.
  • They’re made sustainably and have simple care instructions. 
  • They’re durably made, with an enhanced weave that prevents pilling. 

Full review coming soon!

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set
Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set
Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

Made from 100 percent bamboo viscose, these sheets are not only comfortable — they're environmentally friendly. 

Best Soft Sheets

Helix Ultra-Soft Sheet Set

Helix takes soft sheets to the next level with Tencel fibers, which are extracted from eucalyptus and formulated to be incredibly soft, cooling and absorbent. This gives the sheets an irresistibly silky, comfortable feel without any materials that typically trap heat.

Why We Love the Helix Ultra-Soft Sheet Set

  • Their eco-friendly formulation — these were designed with the environment (and your comfort) in mind.
  • Their silky soft, luxurious feel. 
  • They have moisture-wicking capabilities that keep sleepers cooler and dryer. 

Full review coming soon!

Helix Ultra-Soft Sheet Set
Helix Ultra-Soft Sheet Set
Helix Ultra-Soft Sheet Set

These sheets get their soft and silky feel from a blend of fibers extracted from eucalyptus. 

Best Tencel Cooling Sheets

Serta Arctic Cooling Sheets

Serta puts cooling capabilities at the forefront with their Arctic Cooling Sheets. Formulated with a cooling blend of tencel, nylon and Serta’s CoolMAX Polyester, these sheets stay noticeably cool throughout the night. If you’ve ever wished you could flip your sheets to the other side like you do your pillow, these are worth considering. 

Why We Love the Serta Arctic Cooling Sheets

  • They’re built to provide hot sleepers with some genuine relief from the heat throughout the night. 
  • They have a soft, almost satiny feel.
  • They come with easy care instructions — they’re machine washable and dryer safe if you tumble dry on low. 

Full review coming soon!

Serta Arctic Cooling Sheets
Serta Arctic Cooling Sheets
Serta Arctic Cooling Sheets

These sheets from Serta come packed with cooling technology, including the brand's proprietary CoolMAX Polyester.

Best Moisture-Wicking Sheets

Dreamfoam Tencel Sateen Sheets

If you’re a hot and sweaty sleeper looking for some relief, Dreamfoam Tencel Sateen Sheets’ moisture-wicking and cooling capabilities might be just what you’re looking for. Formulated with Tencel Lyocell fibers, these sheets are built to absorb moisture  while keeping sleepers cool throughout the night. The material is also irresistibly soft for sleepers drawn to softer, silky materials. 

Why We Love the Dreamfoam Tencel Sateen Sheets

  • Tencel lyocell fibers are gentle on the skin and incredibly soft. 
  • Materials are deprived from sustainable wood sources. 
  • Their moisture wicking and cooling capabilities can be game changing for warm sleepers. 

Full review coming soon!

Dreamfoam Tencel Sateen Sheets
Dreamfoam Tencel Sateen Sheets
Dreamfoam Tencel Sateen Sheets

We recommend these sheets for hot sleepers, as they'll help stave off sweat and keep you dry. 

Best Hypoallergenic Sheets

Puffy Sheets

These incredibly soft, luxe sheets are made from 100 percent hypoallergenic bamboo viscose, making them an easy pick for our favorite hypoallergenic sheets. In addition to being hypoallergenic, they’re luxuriously soft, breathable, and available in any size you could want.

Why We Love Puffy Sheets

  • Their silky feel makes sleep feel like a dream.
  • They’re made from climate-adaptive bamboo, so they’ll keep you cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. 
  • These sheets are chemical free and a good match for sleepers with sensitive skin.

Full review coming soon!

Puffy Sheets
Puffy Sheets
Puffy Sheets

These luxurious, soft sheets are made from a hypoallergenic bamboo viscose that keeps allergens at bay. 


As sleep specialists, we’ve reviewed a number of different pillows available for purchase. We also put each product through a set of tests and inspections. When it came to determining the very best bed sheets on the market, it was necessary for us to look closely at durability, comfort, cooling, and quality of materials. To learn more about what factors distinguish the best bed sheets, read our buying guide beneath the mattress mini-reviews.

How To Shop For Sheets

Personal preference is important to consider, but there are other factors determining the best sheets for your bed, body, and budget.


It’s crucial to ask questions about what time of year a sheet set is suited for, how durable the sheets are, or what the best cooling sheet material is. Allow me to break down some of the most popular bedding fabrics by feel, texture, and coziness:

  • Cotton – Perhaps the most popular, cotton bedding is known for its classic soft feel and impressive breathability.
  • Linen – Linen bedding has a distinct, coarse texture. It’s extremely durable and gets softer over time. It’s one of the most breathable fabrics in the world!
  • Bamboo – Bamboo-based bedding is an eco-friendly fabric known for its silky feel and lustrous sheen.

Keep in mind that the full list of existing fabrics is incredibly vast, and this review focuses on the ones that are most frequently featured in the world of bedding. But as a general rule of thumb, I suggest shoppers carefully review the “materials description” before committing to a set of sheets.

The Fiber Factor

Pay close attention to the length of the fibers in cotton bedding (also known as staples). This doesn’t require any measuring on your part since bedding brands advertise staple-length on each sheet set.

Aim for long-staple or extra long-staple cotton because it’s softer, more durable, and less likely to fade over time. Egyptian and Pima cotton are popular examples of long-staple cotton, but they’re not the only options.

Linen and bamboo are known for having long, durable fibers. With cotton, the length of the fibers varies more, and it’s important to remember that longer is usually better!

Weave Style

There are many different ways to weave fabric, but the two styles you’ll see most often are percale and sateen. These weave styles apply exclusively to cotton, whereas linen, bamboo, and other fabrics often feature one consistent weave style.

Percale weaves are characterized by a crisp feel and a matte appearance, while sateen woven bedding is silkier and shinier. Percale woven bedding is often lighter, more breathable, and better suited to sleepers who run hot. Sateen sheets are thicker, warmer, and heavier.

While both weave styles are great, it can be beneficial to rotate between percale and sateen depending on the weather.

Thread Count

So, what’s the best thread count for sheets? Keep in mind that thread count is the amount of individual yarns per square inch of fabric. Many shoppers think a high thread count guarantees high quality… but that’s not always the case!

Thread count loses its value if you’re not working with durable materials. With long-staple cotton sheets, a high thread count can boost the softness and strength of the finished fabric. Cotton sheets woven from shorter, weaker fibers are going to be less smooth and less durable, regardless of thread count.

The average linen sheet set has a thread count of 80-150 (which would be considered quite low for cotton). The thread count for bamboo bedding often ranges from 250-350. It’s worth noting that most bedding brands don’t advertise thread count on bedding that’s not cotton-based.

Any cotton sheet set with a thread count of 1,000 or higher is probably woven from inferior, short cotton fibers. Some bedding brands splice tons of short fibers together in order to boast a higher thread count, but it’s a marketing ploy you’ll want to avoid.

Final Thoughts

You’ve seen the best sheets of 2022 and you’re well on your way to picking the set that’s perfect for you. Remember to keep a close eye on weave style, thread count, and the specific materials used in order to make your shopping experience as fun and efficient as possible! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on social media for more answers to your sleep needs.


What thread count is the best?

When you’re working with high-quality materials like long or extra-long staple cotton, a good thread count ranges from 250-800. That said, you might want to avoid bedding with a thread count of 1,000 or higher, as that often means it was woven from weaker, low quality fibers.

Are bamboo sheets better than cotton?

It comes down to personal preference. Many sleepers find bamboo-based bedding is cooler, more breathable, and better at wicking moisture than cotton. Cotton is still breathable though, and it's among the most popular types of bedding because of its soft feel and various weave styles.

What are the best sheets for hot weather?

Sheets made from bamboo, linen, Tencel, or cotton percale are great for hot weather because they’re breathable, moisture-wicking, and lightweight.

What is better, Pima or Egyptian cotton sheets?

Both Pima and Egyptian cotton are regarded as superior cotton types. This is because of their long, fine, and supple fibers. They're comparable in quality, and the main difference between them is geographical! Egyptian cotton is grown in the Nile River Valley, while Pima cotton is exclusively grown in the U.S.A.

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