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Sheet Reviews

A mattress is only as good as the sheets and bedding you place on it. The right set of sheets or a quality bedding set can dramatically influence how your mattress feels, breathes, and how restful your sleep is.

The following is a complete list of all sheet reviews and bedding reviews on Sleepopolis. Since launching Sleepopolis I have tested virtually every online mattress and dozens of mid-tier and luxury end sheet sets. There are a handful of mattresses that I truly think are exceptional, but it’s amazing how less exceptional these mattresses can feel with a cheap set of sheets.

Sheets and bedding are perhaps the most overlooked bedroom accessory. Don’t skimp on bedding, spending a little bit more to get a quality set will ensure your mattress performs at the highest level and your overall sleep experience is restful.

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100% cotton$109Read Written Review!
Bamboo + Polyester$114Read Written Review!
Performance polyester$179Read Written Review!
100% Tencel$179Read Written Review!
100% cotton$180Read Written Review!
Bamboo$99Read Written Review!
100% cotton$188Read Written Review!
100% Linen$139Read Written Review!
Performance polyester$195Read Written Review!
100% organic cotton$239Read Written Review!
100% cotton$165Read Written Review!
100% cotton$157Read Written Review!
Viscose from bamboo$179Read Written Review!
100% organic cotton$128Read Written Review!
100% Egyptian cotton$145Read Written Review!
100% USA cotton$169Read Written Review!
100% organic cotton$179Read Written Review!
Cotton + Poly Blend$70Read Written Review!
100% Egyptian cotton$174Read Written Review!
100% Tencel$319Read Written Review!
100% cotton$204Read Written Review!
100% American Supima Cotton$225Read Written Review!
100% Supima Cotton$164Read Written Review!
Bamboo and Egyptian Cotton Blend$235Read Written Review!

Bedding Reviews

Blanket - 70% polyester, 17% viscose, 13% nylon$149
Read Written Review!
Blanket - 100% microfiber fleece$32
Read Written Review!

Looking for a more specific type of sheets? See our guides on the best cooling sheets and best Egyptian cotton sheets!

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