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Amerisleep Mattress Reviews

Amerisleep offers a selection of different memory foam mattresses. All Amerisleep mattresses are constructed to the highest standards, use high-quality custom memory foam, are manufactured in the USA, and can be a great choice for you depending on your sleep preferences. I created this Amerisleep mattress review comparison to help you find the correct and best Amerisleep mattress that best suits your body and other sleep preferences.

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Amerisleep AS3 Mattress
Amerisleep AS3 Mattress
Amerisleep AS3 Mattress

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Amerisleep Mattress Similarities

There are a few similarities in construction, service, and other areas that you’ll find with any Amerisleep mattress you buy. The primary mattress and service similarities are as follows:

CelliantCelliant is an advanced thread that’s used in the cover of every Amerisleep mattress. It’s constructed from a combination of highly thermo-reactive minerals. These minerals turn body heat into infrared light. Celliant and infrared light have been clinically proven to increase blood flow, resulting in better oxygenation, which reduces pain and helps to regulate your body temperature.

FAQ:  What is Celliant and how does it work?

Fire Guard – instead of using a chemical based fire retardant Amerisleep uses a specially designed fire sock on all mattresses. The fire sock is constructed using a combination of silica (sand) and rayon (man-made fiber constructed from wood pulp). The fire sock is designed to melt in the event of a fire, effectively smothering the flames. Amerisleep’s fire guard is certified with GreenGuard. GreenGuard certifies that the fire sock doesn’t put any harmful pollutants into the air, your room, or harm the environment.

Bio-Pur Foam – this 4.0 pound memory foam is present in every Amerisleep mattress. It’s a custom formulated memory foam designed to provide great cooling, comfort, and support. You’ll find anywhere from 2-3 inches of the Bio-Pur foam depending on the mattress. Be aware, that this differs from Bio-Pur+ foam, which is Amerisleep’s more advanced and costly foam. The Bio-Pur+ has a larger cell structure, further increasing air flow.

Surface Modification Technology (SMT) – this special foam addition is present on Amerisleep’s more advanced models, the Colonial and the Independence. It’s a special modification made to the Activus and transition foam layers via giant rollers. During manufacturing these rollers create channels into the bottom of the foam. These channels improve breathability and cooling in the mattress by allowing air to better flow through the mattress. Additionally, SMT helps to redistribute pressure points on the foam. This increases support in targeted areas where it is needed most.

Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) – this is the process Amerisleep uses to make all of their mattresses. Most memory foam mattresses are created in the open air. VPF is closed off, giving Amerisleep greater control over the manufacturing process and removes any pollutants from the air that might otherwise get in your mattress. It’s this process that allows Amersleep mattresses to have extra large cellular structures, which is what allows them to sleep cool (note: they are without question the coolest memory foam I have ever slept on, and a top contender for the coolest mattress overall. VPF is a lot more than just a marketing gimmick). If you’re interested, this video shows how variable pressure foaming works.

Bio-Core Base – this support foam acts as a foundational layer for all of the mattresses. You’ll find anywhere from 6-9 inches of the Bio-Core base depending on the mattress.

The Basics – all Amerisleep mattresses have a competitive trial period, warranty, and other importance service offerings.

  • Warranty – 20 years, 10 years full replacement & 10 years pro-rated. One of the best warranties available.
  • Trial period – 90 days
  • Refunds & Exchanges – both are offered within the 90 day trial period, 100% money back guarantee, however you are responsible for mailing the mattress back
  • Made in the USA – all mattresses are 100% sourced and manufactured within the USA
  • Organic & Green – all foams are plant based and have a GreenGuard certified fire sock

Amerisleep Mattress Comparison

The following mattress comparison chart lays out the major functional, design, and specification differences between each mattress that Amerisleep offers. There is no “best” mattress, there is only the best mattress for you. Your preferences and other sleep priorities will likely sway you towards one of these options.

Amerisleep mattress models firmness
Amerisleep mattress firmnesses for each model
TypeMemory FoamMemory FoamMemory FoamMemory FoamMemory Foam
Height10 inch12 inch12 inch12 inch14 inch
CoverPolyester / Celliant BlendPolyester / Celliant BlendPolyester / Celliant BlendPolyester / Celliant BlendPolyester / Celliant Blend
Layers2" Bio-Pur Comfort Layer
8" Bio-Core Base Layer
2" Bio-Pur Comfort Layer
3" Affinity Layer
7" Bio-Core Base Layer
3" Bio-Pur Comfort Layer
2" Affinity Layer
7" Bio-Core Base Layer
4" Bio-Pur Comfort Layer
1" Affinity Layer
7" Bio-Core Base Layer
3" Bio-Pur Comfort Layer
2" Active Flex Layer
2" Affinity Layer
7" Bio-Core Base Layer
FirmnessFirmMedium FirmMediumMedium SoftSoft
PositionStomach, BackStomach, BackSide, ComboSide, ComboSide
Price (Queen)$999$1,099$1,199$1,499$1,899
DiscountsSave $250 off the Amerisleep AS1 mattress with this link.Save $250 off the Amerisleep AS2 mattress with this link.Save $250 off the Amerisleep AS3 mattress with this link.Save $250 off the Amerisleep AS4 mattress with this link.Save $250 off the Amerisleep AS5 mattress with this link.
ReviewClick here to read my full review of the AS1Click here to read my full review of the AS2Click here to read my full review of the AS3Click here to read my full review of the AS4Click here to read my full review of the AS5
BuyBuy hereBuy hereBuy hereBuy hereBuy here

Firmness is always subjective. Amerisleep rates their AS5 as their softest mattress and the AS2 as their 2nd softest. This feel may be effected by weight, so heavier sleepers may find the AS4 slightly softer than the AS4.

Amerisleep Mattresses

If you still need a little more information to help zero in on the best Amerisleep mattress choice for you take a look at our brief summary reviews. These quick summaries detail the major distinctions and other factors of each Amerisleep mattress.

AS2 Mattress

The AS2 mattress (formerly known as the Revere) is Amerisleep’s most popular mattress and for good reason. It has a medium firmness level, making it ideal for the vast majority of sleepers. It’s designed to give great spinal support and ensure your back and spine stay in proper alignment during the night.

Amerisleep mattress review
Queen size Amerisleep AS2 mattress

AS3 Mattress

The AS3 mattress (formerly known as the Liberty mattress) has a soft feel. It has a great hug feel and moderate sinkage that results in great body contouring and support. The design allows for great softness, without sacrificing responsiveness, support, or pressure point relief.

Amerisleep mattress AS3 model
Queen size Amerisleep AS3 mattress

AS4 Mattress

Amerisleep’s flag ship model. It’s built from their most advanced memory foam, Bio-Pur+ and their SMT (Surface Modification Technology) foam. Contains generous foam layers, the most advanced technology, and an unrivaled feel. Amerisleep rates this as their 2nd softest mattress (personally I feel like it’s the softest), so if you’re wanting something firm it’s probably not the right choice for you. The AS4 (formerly known as the Colonial) offers great support, body contouring, and a delightful hug for your back and body.

Amerisleep mattress AS4 model
Queen size Amerisleep AS4 mattress

AS5 Mattress

Amerisleep’s thickest (14″) and most plush mattress. The AS5 (formerly known as the Independence) has a great softness and is designed to offer maximum feel, hug, and body contouring. This is Amerisleep’s only mattress that contains Activus. This foam provides the same great contouring as memory foam, but does so with an almost instantaneous response time. This helps prevent any sensation of sinking in or being stuck in the mattress.

Amerisleep mattress AS5 model
Queen size Amerisleep AS5 Mattress

AS1 Mattress

The AS1 mattress (formerly known as the Americana mattress) has a plush feel on top with an underlying level of moderate firmness. It’s designed to relieve pressure. A great option if you’re looking for a mattress with traditional support, but still has a nice level of comfort and softness on top.

Amerisleep mattress AS1 model
Queen size Amerisleep AS1 mattress


Does Amerisleep sleep hot?

People often complain about memory foam and sleeping hot. Amerisleep uses a Celliant cover and combines it with bio-based foams and a more open-celled foam structure to produce a nice, breathable sleeping surface that doesn’t get hot.

Where is the Amerisleep mattress made?

Amerisleep mattresses are made in the U.S.A. Amerisleep is based in Scottsdale, AZ and their mattresses are produced in Indiana.

How long will an Amerisleep mattress last?

There are many factors that factor into how long any mattress will last: the size of the person sleeping on it, how often it is slept on, cleaning and care, how often it is flipped or rotated and more. A foam mattress such as the Amerisleep mattress, under proper care and conditions, can last an average of five to ten years.

Memory Foam Done Right
  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Value
  • Cooling
  • Edge Support
  • Sex
  • Smell
  • Company
  • Refunds
  • Trial
  • Warranty


Amerisleep mattresses are what a good memory foam mattress should be. They build on what sleepers love about memory foam…great contour / hug, good sinkage, excellent pressure relief, and solid support. However, they take it a step further with improved breathability, response, and cooling, resulting in a more comfortable sleeping surface. For those who love the feel of memory foam, but want to avoid the old stuck / hot feeling Amerisleep’s line of memory foam mattresses can be an excellent fit.

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