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Layla vs Purple Review

To flip or not to flip? That is the question, at least in this comparison! The Layla is a flippable mattress, while the Purple is a traditional non-flippable bed-in-a-box. However, the Purple features hyper-elastic polymer and a Smart Comfort Grid, innovations meant to improve its adaptability without the need to flip anything! Is the flippable mattress just a gimmick, or does the Layla really provide more options than the one-sided Purple?

I will compare the Purple’s unique polymer grid to the newly redesigned construction of the Layla. We’ll dig into how these mattresses feel to the initial touch and over the course of a night. Both of these companies took risks to create a unique sleeping experience in these mattresses. I want to see which ones work!

Let’s move right into this Layla vs Purple comparison! Are you a little short on time? Click here to skip to my summary!

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Layla Mattress
  • Two support firmness options
  • Memory foam feel
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Purple Mattress
  • Great Bounce
  • Sleeps Cool


I’ll start the Layla and Purple comparison with the most important similarities. These are some features that you will find in both products:

Adaptability – Although they achieve this in different ways, both the Layla and the Purple are built to adapt to the needs of individual sleepers. We will go over exactly how they do this in the comparison, but here’s the gist: One flips and the other uses a unique grid structure.

Pressure relief – Both mattresses seem to be built for sleepers who are looking for tension relief during the night. The Layla uses memory foam, and the Purple employs an adaptable smart grid of hyper-elastic polymer.

Temperature regulationThe Layla uses copper infusions while the Purple uses a smart comfort grid to help regulate temperature. 

Unique Qualities

Now that you know how these two beds are similar, let’s get into the differences that may affect your buying decision. I will go over the most important points here. For even more details, check out my full reviews of the Layla and Purple


Cover – Over the top layer of the Layla, there is a polyester blend cover with a gel infusion. The polyester is soft to the touch, while the gel infusion dissipates heat to help the mattress sleep cool. The Purple uses a mix of viscose and lycra for temperature regulation instead of gel.

Layla vs Purple
Layla mattress with the soft side up

Comfort – Below the cooling cover, you’ll find 3” of copper-infused memory foam. This material has a slow response to pressure, so contours to the body for some pleasant relief.  There are studies that indicate copper may help with cooling and blood circulation, properties that counter memory foam’s tendency to trap body heat. This layer accounts for much of the difference and feel between the Layla and the Purple, because the Purple has no memory foam at all.

Transition – After the memory foam, 2” of high-density poly foam provide cradling support and help to transition the sleeper into the firmer parts of the Layla. It is firmer than the comfort level above it with a quicker response to pressure.

Support – An even firmer layer of high-density poly foam provides the base support layer for the Layla with the soft side up. Flip the Layla, and this layer is now closer to the sleeper for a firmer level of support.

Layla Firm and Soft sides
Both sides of the Layla mattress

Firm Comfort – 1” of copper-infused memory foam provide a thin transition layer between the sleeper and the high-density poly foam support layer next to it. On the firm side, this memory foam gives the sleeper some pressure relief while remaining firm to the touch.

Thoughts: Different materials on either side of the Layla provide two distinct feels for the sleeper depending on the flip. I will go more into what this means later, but sleepers do have a choice of firmness level depending on their personal preferences and sleeping positions. Though the mattress flips, strict back sleepers should find a good mix of body contouring and spinal support on both sides of the Layla.


Cover – The cover on the Purple is made of a blend of viscose, lycra, and polyester. Together, these materials create a breathable fabric that helps the Purple sleep cool. Lycra is known for its temperature regulating properties as a substance often found in sports clothing.

Purple Mattress in bedroom
The Purple Mattress

Comfort LayerUnderneath the cover, 2” of hyper-elastic polymer provides cradling support for the body. Unlike the memory foam in the Layla’s comfort layer, hyper-elastic polymer has a lively, rubbery feel to it that allows for a satisfying combination of sink and bounce. The grid structure gives the Purple a unique feel, because the support and pressure relief each grid provides depends on the sleeper’s body weight. The open nature of the grid also helps with airflow, helping the Purple to sleep cool.

Purple Hand Press Grid
Pressing into the comfort grid of the Purple mattress

TransitionBelow the grid, the Purple has 3.25” of poly foam as a transition layer between the polymer and the firm base below. Its firm support helps to keep sleepers on top of the bed, which is usually a good thing for combo sleepers.

BaseFinally, 4” of high-density poly foam provide the purple its shape and base support. This is a fairly common material in bed-in-a-box mattresses, so there is nothing hugely unique to report here.

Thoughts: The adaptability of the Purple comes from the special grid of hyper-elastic polymer, which responds with more or less pressure relief based on body weight. The result is a bed that can provide different levels of support and pressure relief as needed depending on the sleeper.

Layla vs Purple construction

Layla vs. Purple

Now that I have gone through each layer of the Layla and the Purple, it is time to compare these mattresses head to head. Let’s take a look at how these beds feel and the type of sleepers who might prefer each product.

Sleepers who want a feeling of deep pressure relief should enjoy the body-contouring of the soft cover and memory foam comfort layer of the Layla. In general, the softer side of the Layla provides a better profile for strict side sleepers while providing enough support for strict back sleepers to retain good spinal alignment. Stomach sleepers, however, will likely need something firmer. When the firmer side of the bed is up, it does not really provide enough support to change this narrative.

The Purple provides a good balance between a softer memory foam feel and the traditional bounciness of an innerspring mattress. The layer of hyper-elastic polymer keeps the bed bouncy without transferring too much motion across the mattress. Being able to easily switch positions is a feature that combo sleepers should find attractive with this mattress. Strict back sleepers should also find the Purple’s mix of sink and support good for a comfortable night’s sleep while maintaining spinal alignment.

The Layla and the Purple seem to work best for different types of sleepers. The softer side of the Layla could be a great choice for sleepers who want to sink into the mattress, while the Purple provides enough buoyancy to make moving positions in the night a breeze. 

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Layla Mattress
  • Two support firmness options
  • Memory foam feel
$183 of Free Gifts with Purchase!
Purple Mattress
  • Great Bounce
  • Sleeps Cool

What do These Mattresses Feel Like?

The Layla and the Purple have considerable differences in construction, which we have gone over. But how do those differences actually feel? This section of the comparison should help you determine which mattress will respond best to your specific body type, shape, and weight.

Firmness is one of the most important attributes of a mattress, which is why I test for it first. I use a firmness scale with a range of 1 (soft) to 10 (hard), with 6.5 being the industry standard for medium firmness. Because firmness is subjective, I test for it with colleagues of different body types. The numbers you see below represent the average of what we found. Note: I tested for firmness on both sides of the Layla, as it is a flippable mattress.

Layla vs Purple firmness


On its soft side, we gave the Layla a 5.5/10 on the firmness scale (softer than the industry standard). The firm side came in at a 6.5/10, which is right at the industry standard for medium firmness. Regardless of which side is up, the Layla does provide a good level of body-contouring because of the memory foam comfort layers on both sides. There is a bit more sinkage on the soft side, and the firm side provides a feeling of being slightly more on top of the mattress.

Strict side sleepers will probably find more comfort on the soft side of the Layla as a result of the pressure relief in the shoulder area for side sleepers. However, the memory foam that provides this pressure relief may cause combo sleepers to feel stuck in the mattress when switching positions. Sleepers who need more support in the hips and the lower back may find the firm side of the Layla more comfortable, although strict stomach sleepers will probably not find the support they need here.

Layla side support
Sinking into the soft side of the Layla mattress


I gave the Purple an average firmness rating of 6.5/10, which matches up with the firm side of the Layla. This does not mean they feel the same. The hyper-elastic polymer grid has a unique feel that can be divisive. Although the grid can strategically collapse to provide pressure relief in very localized areas on the body, many people simply may not be used to this. One distinct advantage of polymer is its bounciness — a feature that should help combo sleepers switch positions easily.

Back sleepers should find that the Purple provides good spinal alignment, although it does not give the same soft contouring feel as a memory foam mattress. Combo/side sleepers should get good mobility, with the side effect of a slightly firmer feel.

Although both mattresses share a firmness rating, the differences in construction may cause subtle differences in performance. For instance, strict side sleepers may get a bit more pressure relief out of the Layla than the Purple. However, combo sleepers may prefer the mobility that the polymer grid in the Purple provides. The Purple also sleeps a bit cooler because it contains no memory foam, which is known to trap body heat. 

Stomach sleeping on the Purple mattress
Stomach sleeping on the Purple mattress

Other Models

The Purple 2, 3, and 4 (New Purple)

The Layla offers alternatives on its flip side, while Purple simply offers a variety of other mattresses! The comparison between the two would not be complete without a short comparison of Purple against its siblings, the Purple 2, 3, and 4.

  • The numbers are based on the inches of hyper-elastic polymer present in each mattress, so the Purple 2 has two inches, the Purple 3 has three inches, and the Purple 4 has four inches. 
  • New Purple mattresses put hyper-elastic polymer over pocketed coils, while the original Purple does not have coils.
  • All New Purple mattresses feature good bounce and levels of support because of the coils.
  • The price range of New Purple mattresses is more expensive ($1299 – $3499) than the original Purple ($649-$1299) or the Layla ($499-$999)
  • View more about the New Purple mattresses in this review!

Which Mattress is the Winner?

We are almost at the end of our comparison between the Layla and the Purple. I have gone over the construction of each mattress, how each mattress may feel to different kinds of sleepers, and the similarities and differences between the two. Now, I want to sum up the major points to help you determine which mattress is best for you.

Back sleeping on the Layla firm side
Trying out the firm side of the Layla mattress

If you are looking for a soft, plush mattress, the Layla probably has more options for you. Its soft side is significantly softer than the industry standard. Even on its firm side, it still maintains that classic memory foam feel of sinking into the mattress. It is one of my favorite mattresses for side sleepers who need pressure relief in the shoulders and hips. 

The Purple attempts to give sleepers a personalized experience with its adaptable polymer grid. Though this does expand its audience somewhat, strict stomach sleepers may still find a lack of support in the hips too much to keep good spinal alignment. Combo sleepers should enjoy the mobility and bounce that the polymer provides. Back sleepers should find a lot to enjoy here as well, because the Purple has enough support to keep spinal alignment in this position.

Back sleeping on the Layla mattress

The Layla (120 nights) has a slightly longer trial period than the Purple (100 nights) as well as a better warranty (lifetime vs. 10 years for the Purple). Both companies ship free, but the price ranges are quite substantial. The Layla comes in at a range between $499-$999, while the Purple ranges from $649-$1299. You can use the code SLEEPOPOLIS to save $110 on a Layla purchase as well.

Twin XL$599$699
California King$999$1,299

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Final Thoughts

Before we end this comparison, here are my most important takeaways from the Layla and Purple. This summary should help you make a decision if you are on the fence.


  • Strict side sleepers should find the soft side of the Layla quite comfortable because of the pressure relief in the shoulders.
  • The Layla has a classic memory foam vibe that provides good body-contouring and plenty of cushiony sinkage. 
Memorial Day Sale: Up to $200 off + free gifts
Layla Mattress
Layla Mattress
Layla Mattress

A flippable design makes the Layla mattress a truly customizable bedroom accessory. 


  • Combo sleepers should appreciate the bounce and mobility of the Purple from the polymer grid, as it allows them to easily switch positions.
  • If you tend to overheat at night, the Purple sleeps quite cool because it does not contain any heat-absorbing memory foam.
$183 of Free Gifts with Purchase!
Purple Mattress
Purple Mattress
Purple Mattress

The Purple has nice bounce as well as a medium mix of support and pressure relief that makes it a great pick for the combo sleepers out there.

The Layla vs. Purple comparison is all finished! Feel free to leave any further thoughts in the comments section below. If there is something else about the Layla or the Purple that you think everyone should know, now is the time to say it!


What is the Layla mattress made of?

The Layla mattress is comprised of 4 layers. The first layer is 3” of copper-infused memory foam followed up with 2” of high-density poly foam. The third layer is an even firmer layer of high-density poly foam and finally for firm comfort a 1” of copper-infused memory foam.

What is the Purple mattress made of?

The Purple mattress is made up of three layers. The first layer is 2” of hyper-elastic polymer (or grid), the second layer is 3.25” of poly foam and lastly, the third layer is a 4” of high-density poly foam base.

Do the Layla or Purple mattresses sleep hot?

Both the Layla and the Purple mattress companies have developed options to help keep sleepers cool at night. The Layla uses copper infusions while the Purple uses a smart comfort grid to help regulate temperature.

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