Best Gel Mattress Topper

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Do you sleep hot at night? Then you may want to consider buying a gel mattress topper. Typically made of gel-infused memory foam, these products work to dissipate body heat, neutralize temperatures, and bring a little extra contouring comfort to your sleeping environment. And since they’re usually less expensive than the mattresses they top, they allow you to modify the feel of your bed without having to totally break the bank. But what’s the best gel mattress topper on the market? Well, I’m so glad you asked!

In this guide, I’m going to introduce you to some of my favorite gel mattress toppers! Though they differ in terms of style, design, and price, they’re all built to keep temperatures low so you can snooze comfortably all night long. I’ll also share the methodology I used to make my selections, which highlights all the most important factors to consider when buying a topper of your own. And at the very end, I’ll round things out with a few expert tips you can use to improve your search!

Best Gel Mattress Toppers

Best Gel Mattress Toppers

Editor’s Pick

Brooklyn Bedding Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper.

Brooklyn Bedding Gel Swirl Topper

The Brooklyn Bedding Gel Swirl Topper is 2 inches of high-quality memory foam with a gel swirl infusion. It’s designed to bring more pressure relief and contouring abilities to your mattress. 


  • The high-quality memory foam in this topper makes it a great fit for sleepers looking for pressure relief around sensitive joints, like their shoulders or hips. 
  • Couples will appreciate the low motion transfer in the topper, meaning movement won’t carry across the bed as easily. 
  • Hot sleepers will enjoy how the gel infusion wards heat away from the body and bed to help bring a cooler night’s sleep.


  • With the thickness of the foam, you’ll want to make sure your sheets can properly cover it.
Brooklyn Bedding Gel Swirl Topper
Brooklyn Bedding Gel Swirl Topper
Brooklyn Bedding Gel Swirl Topper

The Brooklyn Bedding Gel Swirl Topper is made with a 2.5-lb layer of gel memory foam pairs ultimate optimal pressure point relief with just the right amount of responsiveness.

Best Memory Foam

Layla Mattress Topper

The Layla Topper is 2 inches thick and both copper and gel-infused, keeping you extra comfy and cool throughout the night. Layla even offers a 120-night, money back guarantee, for all the sleepers who want to be extra sure about their decision, which is quite long compared to its competitors.


  • The copper in this topper doesn’t just make you cool, but it’s antimicrobial too, helping it fight against allergens and bacteria.
  • Side sleepers should especially enjoy this pillow, as the memory foam will cushion the shoulders and hips like a cloud.


  • This topper is a bit more expensive than others in the category.
  • It can be quite difficult to clean. Rather than being machine washable, the brand recommends spot cleaning the foam and dry cleaning the cover.

For more, check out our full Layla Sleep mattress topper review.

Layla Memory Foam Topper
Layla Memory Foam Topper
Layla Memory Foam Topper

The Layla Memory Foam Topper offers a plush, memory foam feel, with copper infusion for extra cooling and anti-allergen properties.

Best Value

ViscoSoft Select High Density Mattress Topper

This ViscoSoft topper is made up of 3-inches of high density, gel-infused, memory foam, topped with a breathable and washable cover. The contouring memory foam is sure to provide excellent support to the neck and back without that dreaded “sunk” in feeling. It also comes in three different styles.


  • The anti-slip mesh and adjustable straps will make sure this topper stays in place.
  • In addition to the Original, this topper comes in and Active Charcoal style, which regulates temperature and eliminates odors, and a Gentle Lavender style, which helps to fall asleep faster.
  • The washable cover is a great bonus for keeping things fresh and clean.


  • Those expecting a firmer topper may not be pleased with this mattress, as it may feel difficult to move around on.
ViscoSoft Select High Density Mattress Topper
ViscoSoft Select High Density Mattress Topper
ViscoSoft Select High Density Mattress Topper

The ViscoSoft Select High Density mattress topper is breathable, contouring, and supportive, coming in 3 different styles, each with unique benefits.

Best for Pressure Relief

The GhostBed mattress topper.

GhostBed Memory Foam Topper

Allow me introduce you to the memory foam topper from GhostBed. With 3 inches of memory foam and five zones of targeted comfort, it’s a no-brainer why it’s the only topper in their fleet. 


  • The zoned support of this topper offers a great mix of contouring and pressure relief, making a good choice for sleepers who suffer from hip and shoulder pain and are looking to enhance their current mattress.
  • Parents should appreciate the waterproof cover with their children in mind, protecting their beds from any spills or accidents.
  • Hot sleepers will appreciate the cool-to-the-touch cover, gel memory foam, and airflow promoting comfort zones.


  • With the thickness of the foam, you’ll want to make sure your sheets can properly cover it.
GhostBed Memory Foam Topper
GhostBed Memory Foam Topper
GhostBed Memory Foam Topper

The GhostBed Memory Foam mattress topper combines cloud-like memory foam and five zones of targeted comfort for the head, shoulders, torso, legs, and feet.

How We Picked

Now that we’ve gone over my picks, let’s dig into the methodology I used to choose them. In this section, I’m going to go over the most important factors to consider when buying a gel mattress topper of your own.

Gel-infused vs. Gel foam

There’s an important distinction to be made between gel-infused memory foam and gel memory foam. The former usually incorporates a gel “swirl” into the foam, which, though cooling, doesn’t necessarily have a uniform effect throughout the layer. The latter sees gel incorporated throughout the entire piece of foam, resulting in a much cooler sleeping experience.

Neither one is inherently better than the other, but if you sleep very, very hot, you may want to stay on the lookout for gel memory foam over foam that’s simply been infused with gel.

Other Cooling Properties

Though gel is an effective and popular cooling agent, you may run across other infusions in your search for a mattress topper. Some others include graphite and copper, both of which work to absorb and dissipate body heat evenly throughout a structure. Copper infusions are especially interesting as there’s some research to suggest that they’re antimicrobial, which makes for an overall healthier sleeping experience.


The thickness of your mattress topper can make a big difference in how it feels. If you want a lot of deep sinkage, body-contouring, and pressure relief, I’d recommend going with a topper that’s at least 2-3” thick. If you only want a little cushioning, you can reduce this down to one inch.

If you’re concerned about figuring out just how tall a mattress topper is, simply navigate to the “details” or “construction specs” section of the product description. Oftentimes, the brand will even incorporate the dimensions into the name of the topper.


Density is another important factor to consider when buying a gel mattress topper. Highly dense materials tend to absorb and trap body heat more than less dense ones, so you’ll want to pay attention to the density of the foams being used in order to avoid ones that might overheat.

Speaking specifically about memory foam (which, again, is the primary culprit of overheating), you’ll want to stay within a range of about 3.0-5.0 PCF (or, pounds per cubic foot). This density will provide plenty of contouring and sinkage, but won’t be so dense as to counteract the cooling properties of your topper.


While a mattress topper might seem like a straightforward product, the design can actually have a huge impact on how it feels. Though most cooling gel toppers utilize memory foam, it’s not always the only material at play, so it’s important to note what else is going on. If the memory foam is paired with ventilated foam, for example, it might be slightly more breathable. If it’s teamed up with a quilted fill layer, it might be slightly more cooling. It’s all about the details, so pay attention to them wisely!

Sleepopolis Tips

Still not sure how to secure a fantastic gel mattress topper? No worries! I’m going to wrap up this guide with a few expert tips you can use to improve your search.

  • Before you even begin to search for a mattress topper, think about the bed you have. What do you like about it? What do you hate about it? What parts of its feel would you like to change? Once you’ve answered those questions, you’ll be better prepared to find a topper to satisfy those needs.
  • Don’t forget trial periods! A topper can really change the vibe of a mattress, so you may want to try a few before you commit to one. In order to do this, you’ll want to find a topper backed by either a lengthy trial period or a solid warranty.
  • Since mattress toppers are usually made of a single layer of foam, it’s important to pay attention to how this foam is designed. Is it ventilated for breathability? Is it zoned for support? Hone in on these details to get a better sense of the topper’s overall feel.


What is the best gel mattress topper?

The best gel mattress topper is one that balances comfort with cooling by infusing a thick layer of pressure-relieving foam with a ton of gel. This topper will also likely be ventilated for extra breathability.

Are gel memory foam mattress toppers good?

Gel memory foam mattress toppers can be great! Not only do they feature plenty of body-contouring, pressure relief, and sinkage, but they’re also effective at dissipating body heat for a cool night’s sleep.

What is a gel foam mattress topper?

A gel foam mattress topper goes on top of an existing mattress to bring a little extra cooling and comfort to a structure. It’s typically made of gel-infused foam, so it is soft and breathable.

Wrapping Up

Well folks, that about does it for this guide to the best gel mattress toppers on the market! When looking for one of your own, it’s important to consider the cooling infusions at play, the thickness of the foam layers, and the overall design of the product. By doing this, you’ll be well-prepared to land on a topper that’s 100% right for you and your slumber needs.

Logan Block
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