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Sleepopolis Calculators

Heading on a trip, getting the kids to bed, or working on your own sleep routine? Try one of our sleep calculators, which cater to all your sleep needs. We offer a classic calculator for all adults, one for travel, and one designed for getting your kiddos the most sleep cycles possible. Answer a few questions and we’ll get your sleep schedule right in no time.

Sleep Calculator


The Sleep Calculator – our most effortless in the fleet. All you have to do is enter your desired wake time. Based on your entry, we then suggest 4 sleep times with a range of cycles and hours you may want to get in. We also offer a live plan for those who are heading to bed right at that very moment. Plan ahead and use this tool to optimize your sleep routine.

Kids Sleep Calculator


The Kids Sleep Calculator will let you know if your child is hitting the hay at a reasonable hour and whether they’re getting enough Zzzs. It’s easy-to-use and applicable to babies too! Simply type in their age and when you want to wake them up in the morning, and we’ll provide an A+ bedtime range to keep them happy and healthy from the bedroom to the classroom.

Jet Lag Sleep Calculator

Jet Lag Calc

The Jet Lag Sleep Calculator has you covered for everything from business trips to Tokyo to spring break in Paris. Simply enter your departure and destination cities, dates and times of each flight, your usual sleep and wake time, and when you want to shift your sleep schedule for a new time zone. We’ll crunch some numbers and calculate a personal sleep plan for your getaway with tips to reduce travel fatigue. Bon voyage!

Sleep Debt Calculator


The Sleep Debt Calculator is all about sleep deficit – or the aggregate effects of not getting enough rest. The way we calculate sleep debt is by subtracting the amount of sleep we realistically get from the sleep we should get. While acute sleep debt can mostly be erased by a good 8 hours of Zzz’s, a chronic sleep deficit may take a bit longer to repay. Try this calculator to get yourself on a sleep debt-free lifestyle!