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Novosbed Mattress Review

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Is it time to upgrade from that old mattress with the sag in the middle? Say hello to the re-designed Novosbed mattress! Novosbed has been making quality mattresses comparable to Tempurpedic for years, at a fraction of the cost. Does Novosbed’s revamped mattress truly compare to ultra luxury high-end mattresses? Continue reading below to find out!

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The Novosbed mattress totals 11″ in height and is made up of 3 layers of foam. The Novosbed is offered in 3 different firmness levels with varying foam thicknesses. For this review, I tested their medium firmness mattress.

  • Top layer (cooling & comfort) – 2″ ultra-dense memory foam. This layer is designed to provide a cooler sleeping surface in addition to a balanced level of comfort. Additionally, this layer works to relieve pressure points between your body and the mattress. The mattress has extra large aeration holes, which help to improve airflow and keep the sleeping surface cool.
  • Middle layer (support & pressure relief) – 2″ ultra-dense memory foam. This layer was placed at the core of the mattress to provide balanced levels of support, deep compression support, and responsiveness for the mattress.
  • Bottom layer (foundational base) – 7″ support foam. This bottom layer acts as the foundation for the mattress, supporting the two layers above.
NovosBed mattress layers (top to bottom) - 2" ultra-dense memory foam, 2" ultra-dense memory foam, 7" support foam

Novosbed mattress layers (top to bottom) – 2″ ultra-dense memory foam, 2″ ultra-dense memory foam, 7″ support foam


The cover of the Novosbed is quite nice. The top layer is constructed from a blend of polyester (68%), silica (14%), modacrylic (10%), and lyocell, aka Tencel, (8%). Moving down to the side panels, there is a combination of polyester (57%), visil (24%), polypropolene (5%), silica (4%), and modacrylic (3%). Although the cover is made up of several different materials, they all come together for a stretchy and soft finish. As I tested the mattress, I pulled and tugged from virtually every angle possible. After doing so, the cover was able to return to its original shape almost immediately.

Breathability is another notable characteristic of the Novosbed cover. As a moderately thin cover, there is an inner lining of polyester and spandex that help the foams to breathe much easier through the cover. Aesthetically, the cover has a nice look to it. Granted, Novosbed used the traditional 2-tone grey and white combination, they did a good job of giving it a smooth, sleek finish. The flower-like design on the top layer brings the modern feel to the cover, while the grey side panels maintain a traditional look.

Lastly, the blue zipper is a nice style touch running along the perimeter. One of the coolest features about this cover is the ability to remove the top, white fabric and run it through a standard wash / dry cycle. Most covers today require spot cleaning. Novosbed got away from this idea and went with the more efficient, removable cover.

Close up shot of the NovosBed mattress cover

Close up shot of the Novosbed mattress cover

Firmness, Feel, & Support

The Novosbed is offered in soft, medium, and firm, I tested the medium for this review. Novosbed did a good job of giving this a true medium feel. I would place this medium mattress at a 5-5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, where 10 is the most firm. The soft mattress comes in at a 3-3.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale and the firm is a 7-7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

Novosbed mattress firmness levels - 3 out of 10 (soft), 5 out of 10 (medium), and 7 out of 10 (firm)

Novosbed mattress firmness levels – 3-3.5 out of 10 (soft), 5-5.5 out of 10 (medium), and 7-7.5 out of 10 (firm)

This mattress is fairly unique in terms of overall feel. While most mattresses I have tested have an average amount of sinkage and hug, the Novosbed has more of a pronounced contouring hug. As I lie down on the mattress, I can feel the foams making their adjustments around my body. The interesting part about this process, it’s not a very fast transition. The mattress takes a few seconds to truly contour around your body. There is a very balanced level of comfort in addition to support. Another cool feature is the ability of the mattress to sharply contour around your body without giving off that “stuck” feeling that most traditional memory foam mattresses have. I felt as if I was easily able to switch positions during my sleeping test. Not to mention, every position I rolled into was just as comfortable as the previous.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the feel of the Novosbed. As a lighter sleeper (140 pounds) I enjoy sinking a little deeper while feeling less pressure points. This mattress does a great job of dissipating the pressure points your body tries to create. For example, when you sink into the mattress, one area doesn’t sink dramatically deeper than the other. Therefore, you receive equal pressure relief across your entire body.

NovosBed mattress on a King size platform bed

Novosbed mattress on a King size platform bed

As I tested the Novosbed, I also received their Comfort+ kit. The Comfort+ kit comes in both softening and firming options. These kits include a foam insert that slides under the white top cover for a seamless look. The Comfort+ kit is a great option for those sleepers who find themselves wanting a mattress in between the soft, medium, or firm options.

The Comfort+ Kit can increase or decrease the firmness of the mattress by 1 point on the firmness scale in either direction. For example, if you order the medium Novosbed (which is a 5-5.5 out of 10), but want it slightly firmer you could get a free Comfort+ Kit and bring the softness down to a 4’ish out of 10. Inversely, if you wanted a little more firmness you could get the firm Comfort+ Kit and bring the feel up to a 6’ish out of 10. Below is a list of how each of the Novosbed firmness options interacts with and without each of the Comfort+ Kits.

  • Soft + Soft Comfort+ Kit – 2 out of 10
  • Soft Novosbed – 3 out of 10
  • Soft Novosbed + Firm Comfort+ Kit – 4 out of 10
  • Medium Novosbed + Soft Comfort+ Kit – 4 out of 10
  • Medium Novosbed – 5 out of 10
  • Medium Novosbed + Firm Comfort+ Kit – 6 out of 10
  • Firm Novosbed – 7 out of 10
  • Firm Novosbed + Soft Comfort+ Kit – 6 out of 10
  • Firm Novosbed + Firm Comfort+ Kit – 8.5 out of 10 (a little extra firmness when you use the firm kit + firm mattress)

FAQ: What mattress firmness do I need?

With regards to cooling on the Novosbed, I must say this mattress did a great job of maintaining a very cool sleeping temperature. Typically, the mattresses that hug the sleeper tend to heat up fairly quickly, meaning a warm sleeping environment. The Novosbed seemed to do a good job of dispersing heat and allowing air to flow. The top layer of this mattress is extremely porous, meaning it breathes quite easily. Overall, I was impressed with the cooling capabilities of the Novosbed.

All in all, the Novosbed had a very balanced level of support. As a stomach sleeper, I felt very supported by this mattress. There was not a single occasion where I woke up and felt like my spine was not aligned properly. My wife is a back and side sleeper and provided me with the same response after sleeping on the mattress for a couple of weeks.

Sinkage Tests

All mattress reviews on Sleepopolis go through the following sinkage and hug tests. I created these simple tests to help you compare mattresses and better understand how each mattress interacts with your body at different positions.

  • Lying on back – as I lied normally on my back, with my weight spread evenly across the mattress I saw 1.5-2″ of sinkage.
  • Lying on side – while lying on my side I saw 1.5-2.25″ of sinkage
  • Sitting on the edge (conservative) – with my weight close to the edge and my butt slightly back (upright seated position) on the mattress, I saw 2.5-3″ of sinkage.
  • Sitting on the edge (aggressive) – with all of my weight directly on the edge (upright seated position) I saw 3.5-4″ of sinkage.
  • Standing in the middle – as I placed all of my weight at one specific point of the center of the mattress, I saw 5.5″ of sinkage.

Just as a friendly reminder, mattress sinkage will vary depending on body weight and body type. As a reference point, I weigh approximately 140 pounds with a uniform body type.

NovosBed mattress - side angle shot

Novosbed mattress – side angle shot


Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Novosbed? Don’t forget to use the Sleepopolis promo link to save $100 off your total order!

Twin XL$849
California King$1,199

Other Details

  • Shipping – free, compressed in a box, ships within 24 hours, arrives in 1-6 business days
  • Warranty – 15 years
  • Trial Period – 120 nights
  • Discountssave $100
  • Made in the USA
  • Weight – Queen size mattress weighs 98 pounds (medium firmness)

Who Should buy the Novosbed mattress?

I would recommend the Novosbed mattress to sleepers who:

  • Want the option of choosing your firmness level – Novosbed is offered in 3 different firmness levels; soft, medium, and firm. These firmness levels range from a 3-7 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the most firm. However, you can also further zero in on the perfect firmness level via their Comfort+ Kit (see below).
  • Want pronounced hug and sinkage – as a high-density memory foam mattress there is a more noticeable sinkage and hug. The hug is not overly dramatic, but rather a good balance compared to the traditional memory foam mattresses. The Novosbed also has a sharper contour, allowing the foams to more definitively hug and wrap around the unique shape of your body.
  • Want great pressure relief – this mattress does a great job of displacing body weight and relieving those unwanted pressure points. Where there is more weight in your body you will tend to sink a little deeper and receive an increased amount of pressure relief (shoulders, hips, etc.) That said, the Novosbed does an exceptional job of also relieving pressure on lighter sections of your body / body parts. Even just a few pounds is enough to engage the pressure relieving feel.
  • Want the Comfort+ Kit – in addition to the 3 levels of firmness the Novosbed already offers, they have designed a Comfort+ kit that will work to make your mattress softer or firmer, depending on personal preference. If the firmness doesn’t feel right they will send you a Comfort+ Kit for free, which is a foam insert that slides under the white top cover of the mattress. This insert comes in both softening and firming options, so you can get a little more softness or a little more hardness, bringing the mattress to a more desirable level based on your specific needs.
  • Want a mattress comparable to the Tempur-pedic Cloud line of mattresses– the Novosbed is similar to the Tempur-pedic Cloud line of mattresses. The sinkage and hug, support, comfort, and cooling are all similar, but the Novosbed is offered at a much more reasonable cost. The Tempur-pedic Cloud Supreme is $2,499 for a Queen compared to the Novosbed, which is $999…easiest way to save yourself $1,500!

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