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Casper Mattress Reviews

If you’re shopping for a bed online, you’ve likely stumbled upon the name Casper. Originally founded in 2014, Casper Sleep has since grown into one of the most popular bedding brands on the market, selling everything from mattresses to pillows, sheets, night lights, dog beds, and more! 

Casper currently sells five mattress models: the Original all-foam Casper, the Casper Hybrid, the Casper Wave Hybrid, the Casper Nova Hybrid, and the Casper Element. Though these beds share some similarities, they’re actually quite unique and endear themselves to different kinds of sleepers.

To help you better understand these mattresses (and figure out which one is right for you!), I’m going to compare and contrast them below. I’ll briefly describe the beds, chat up their distinct features, and then provide links to full reviews of each mattress. I’ll also share coupons for each mattress, reviews of other Casper Sleep products, and answer some FAQs.

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So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Casper Mattresses
Casper Mattresses
Casper Mattresses

Casper has a full line of quality mattresses to ensure you can find the right feel for you! 


Casper Mattress Similarities 

While the Casper mattresses are certainly distinct, they do have some pretty important things in common. So, before we dig too far into what sets them apart, let’s first consider the attributes they share.

  • Mattress Cover – The Casper Original, Hybrid, Nova Hybrid, and Wave Hybrid have the same soft and cozy knit cover. The Element has a slightly different mattress cover, that’s a bit rougher feeling, but does seem more durable. I especially like the material Casper uses because it’s breathable, which helps keep things cool at night.
  • AirScape™ Foam – Speaking of breathability, all Casper mattresses feature the brand’s special AirScape™ Foam in the comfort layers. This material has a slow response to pressure, working to alleviate tension at the hips, shoulders, and lower back as you sink into it. The foam’s also designed with an open cell structure, which promotes excellent airflow for cooling!
  • Zoned Support – Four out of five Casper mattresses feature some type of internal zoned support in their constructions (the Element does not). If you haven’t heard the term “zoned support” before, it basically just refers to a foam layer that features different “zones” of firmness, typically with softer foam at the shoulders for a little give and firmer foam at the hips for a little lift. This helps to set the spine in a nice, even line, which promotes better overall support.
  • Policies – While the beds may not be the same, Casper’s brand policies certainly are. So, regardless of the model you pick, you’ll get a 100-night trial period, 10-year warranty, and free shipping. I should also note that all Casper mattresses come rolled up in a box, which will need to decompress for a few hours (ideally overnight) after unboxing.

Casper Mattress Reviews

Now that we’ve got those similarities squared away, let’s dive into the Casper mattresses one by one! Again, I’ll be providing a brief overview of each bed, including a construction summary as well as my thoughts on the model’s firmness, pressure relief, and motion transfer. I’ll also talk about what kinds of sleepers I think might like it most. And of course, I’ll close things out with a link to my full, in-depth review of the product.

Original Casper

The bed that started it all, the all-foam Original Casper mattress! Though more mattresses have been added to the Casper roster, this remains one of the brand’s most popular models. It’s built with three layers of foam for a balanced vibe of pressure relief and support.

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Casper Mattress
Casper Mattress
Casper Mattress

The memory foam, latex, and heavy-duty poly foam work together to offer sleepers a beautifully balanced feel! 

Construction Specs:

  • Comfort layer – Here we find the AirScape™ Foam we were talking about earlier. In the Original Casper, it brings some immediate comfort to the structure, working to relieve pressure from the moment you hop on the bed.
  • Transition layer – Beneath the section of AirScape™ Foam, you’ll land on a transitional layer of memory foam that’s been zoned for support. As we discussed in the similarities section, this helps to align the spine and alleviate tension at the shoulders, hips, and lower back.
  • Base layer – The Original Casper rounds things out with a thick base layer of high-density poly foam. This material is very firm, so brings some stability and shape to the structure.
The Casper Original.

Firmness: The Original all-foam Casper gets a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale from me. When compared to the industry standard of 6.5 for medium firmness, it’s clear that this bed is just about medium-firm.

Pressure Relief: In my opinion, the Casper provides excellent pressure relief in multiple positions, especially on the back. Not only do the top layers of foam fill in the space at the lumbar region for some gentle comfort, but the zoned memory foam helps to lift the hips in line with the shoulders. This alignment and support marks the Casper as a great option for those who deal with back pain.

Motion Transfer: The Casper has low motion transfer, which means it dissipates movement evenly across the surface i.e. you’re not likely to feel your partner tossing and turning in the night.

As far as recommendations are concerned, I think the Original Casper is probably best for back and combo sleepers. These folks will benefit most from its buoyant lift and balanced, medium-firm vibe.

For more on this bed, feel free to take a gander at my full Casper mattress review.

Casper Hybrid

The Casper Hybrid is just like the Original Casper except for the fact that it’s, well, a hybrid version. What this means is that it’s built with both foam and pocketed coils for a feel that’s bouncy, supportive, and pressure-relieving.

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Casper Hybrid Mattress
Casper Hybrid Mattress
Casper Hybrid Mattress

With zoned support for pressure relief where you need it most and pocketed coils for great bounce and support the Casper Hybrid is a great choice for the combo sleepers out there!

Construction Specs:

  • Comfort layer – Again, the top layer is one of AirScape™ Foam, which brings some comfort and breathability to the bed.
  • Transition layer – You’ll also see the same middle layer of zoned memory foam in both the all-foam Casper and the Casper Hybrid. This section helps extend the contouring of the top foam layers deeper into the mattress while lifting the hips in line with the shoulders.
  • Base layer – Here is where you’ll notice the biggest difference! Instead of high-density poly foam, the base layer of the Casper Hybrid is made up of a pocketed coil system. This section brings a tremendous amount of bounce and support to the bed, creating more overall mobility than we saw in the Original Casper.
Casper Hybrid Back Sleeping
Back sleepers should like the Casper Hybrid

Firmness: The Casper Hybrid gets a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, which syncs up perfectly with the industry standard for medium firmness.

Pressure Relief: Like the Original Casper, the Hybrid offers pretty uniform pressure relief across positions, though I don’t think it’s quite firm enough to satisfy the needs of stomach sleepers (who typically prefer ultra-firm mattresses).

Motion Transfer: The Casper Hybrid doesn’t isolate motion as well as the Original Casper, so you are likely to feel your bed mate’s movements at night.

In my opinion, the Casper Hybrid would work best for combo sleepers who switch between their back and side in the night. This bed is highly mobile, so it’s easy to move around and adjust positions while you sleep. Plus, the zoned memory foam brings some nice pressure relief and comfort to the shoulders.

To learn more, check out my full review of the Casper Hybrid mattress.

Casper Element

The Casper Element is the brand’s budget offering, and has a significantly lower price than the other Casper models. It’s a foam mattress made with two layers of foam and has a medium-firm feel.

Construction Specs:

  • Comfort Layer – First up is a layer of Casper’s proprietary AirScape Foam. This layer offers some nice pressure relief and a bit of contouring. It is perforated with holes to promote airflow and help with temperature regulation.
  • Base Layer – Next you’ll find a thick layer of high-density poly foam. This acts as the support layer for the foam bed and adds stability and durability.
Casper Element
The Casper Element.

Firmness: The Casper Element is a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, which is right on the industry standard for medium firmness. This firmness level is comfortable for a range of sleep positions.

Pressure Relief: I experienced some nice pressure relief while laying on my back on the Element. However, I did feel a bit of pressure at my hips while lying on my side, which is something to look out for if you’re a strict side sleeper. Additionally, I’d like to mention that this mattress isn’t going to provide the extra support that heavy people need. Instead, I’d steer them to one of Casper’s hybrid models.

Motion Transfer – The Casper Element has good motion isolation, which is rare in a budget mattress. This is great news for couples, who are less likely to feel their partner tossing and turning on this bed.

The Casper Element is a true medium-firm all-foam mattress that’s comfortable in a range of sleeping positions. I’d recommend the Element mainly to back sleepers and combination sleepers, who should appreciate its blend of support and pressure relief. 

Learn more in my full Casper Element mattress review.

Casper Wave Hybrid

The Casper Wave Hybrid is billed as the brand’s “luxury” mattress. It has a complex, 5-layer construction that brings together plush foams with pocketed coils for a gentle yet buoyant feel.

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Casper Wave Hybrid
Casper Wave Hybrid
Casper Wave Hybrid

Using layers of soft foams for incredible pressure relief combined with pocketed coils for bounce and support, the Casper Wave Hybrid is a great choice for those looking for a plush luxurious feel. 

Construction Specs:

  • Comfort layer – The comfort layer is, once again, composed of the brand’s AirScape™ Foam, which establishes a breathable, cool, and pressure-relieving tone as soon as you stretch out on the bed.
  • Transition layer – Things start to get a little different in this layer, as Casper has decided to sneak in another section of AirScape™ Foam. As breathable and cool as the material above it, this foam works to extend both the contouring and cooling of the top layer even further into the mattress.
  • Contour layer – If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll recognize this layer, as it’s the same zoned memory foam we saw in the previous two mattresses. You won’t be able to feel it as much here because of the top two layers of AirScape™ foam, but it does help to balance out the sinkage with a bit of firm support at the hips.
  • Transition layer – This next section is the most interesting one to me. Made of firm poly foam, this layer is also zoned for support, but includes special “gel pods.” They’re incorporated into the middle of this layer to lift the hips up and out of the structure, which promotes optimized spinal alignment.
  • Base layer – And finally, we arrive at the main support system of the Wave Hybrid, which is made of a tall section of pocketed coils. These are the same ones we saw in the Hybrid, so bring some nice bounce, lift, and stability to the Wave.
Casper Wave Hybrid
The Casper Wave Hybrid.

Firmness: The Casper Wave Hybrid gets a 6 out of?10 on the firmness scale. When compared to the industry standard of 6.5 for medium firmness, it’s clear this bed is on the softer side of things.

Pressure Relief: Again, I experienced pretty consistent pressure relief across all positions, especially as I turned from my back to my side. Heavier folks, in particular, may enjoy the deep pressure relief of this mattress.

Motion Transfer: The Wave Hybrid transfers motion exceedingly well, so you shouldn’t be too bothered by your partner’s nighttime movements.

In general, I’d recommend the Casper Wave Hybrid for back/side combo sleepers, heavier folks, and couples. But, be warned — the dynamic, luxury feel does come with a luxury price tag. The Wave Hybrid is the most expensive Casper mattress.

Sound like the bed for you? Then head on over to my full Casper Wave Hybrid mattress review.

Casper Nova Hybrid

And finally, we arrive at the Casper Nova Hybrid. In my opinion, this is the softest bed in the bunch thanks to its plush yet supportive build.

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Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress
Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress
Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress

The Casper Nova Hybrid sleeps cool and provides a nice mix of support and comfort for a wide range of sleepers. 

Construction Specs:

  • Comfort layer – Ding, ding, ding, you guessed it! Things kick off with a little bit of AirScape™ Foam, which brings contouring relief, cooling, and breathability to the structure.
  • Spinal Alignment – As we saw in the Wave, the Nova keeps the AirScape™ Foam party going with another layer of the material. However, unlike in the Wave, this section is zoned for support, so has firmer foam at the hips for a little lift and softer foam at the shoulders for a little give.
  • Support layer – And what’s that, another layer of zoned support? Yep, this foam section has also been zoned for support in order to reinforce the targeted relief established by the layer above it. This allows the spine to really settle into its neutral alignment, regardless of your sleeping position.
  • Base layer – As in all the Casper hybrid mattress, the Nova Hybrid bottoms out with a support section of pocketed coils. These springs are bouncy, supportive, and firm, working to bring some nice lift to the structure.
Casper Nova Mattress
The Casper Nova Hybrid.

Firmness: The Casper Nova Hybrid gets a 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. When compared to the industry standard of 6.5 for medium firmness, this bed is certainly very soft.

Pressure Relief: While perhaps not as universally relieving as the other Casper models, the Casper Nova Hybrid does provide excellent, deep pressure relief at sensitive spots like the shoulders, hips, and lower back. For that reason, I think it could be a really nice pick for strict side sleepers.

Motion Transfer: The Casper Nova Hybrid transfers motion decently well, but not in a way that I’d call a selling point. You’re likely to feel some movement from one side of the bed to the other.

If you’re a strict side sleeper, or someone who suffers from joint pain, you could find a lot to love in the deep pressure relief of the Casper Nova Hybrid. It also sleeps cool, so could be a solid option for hot sleepers.

Get the full scoop at my in-depth Casper Nova Hybrid mattress review.

Which Casper Mattress is Best for Me?

Woo, you did it! Now that we’ve gone over all five Casper mattresses, let’s take a minute to chat about recommendations. Below, I’m going to put each Casper bed on a single firmness graphic so you can get a sense of how their different feels compare. Then, I’ll wrap up this section with my expert recs based on sleeping style.

Casper Support Comparison
The support levels of the Casper mattresses

So, taking the above firmnesses into account (along with pressure relief, support, motion transfer, and general comfort), this is how I would categorize the Casper mattresses by sleeping position:

Back Sleepers: Back sleepers will likely enjoy most of the Casper mattresses, because they’re all fairly supportive and firm. However, I’d recommend that these folks stick with either the all-foam Original Casper or the Casper Hybrid. They’re firm, supportive, and pressure-relieving with enough mobility to make changing positions a breeze.

Side Sleepers: Strict side sleepers will probably want to put the Casper Nova Hybrid on top of their list. It’s plush, gentle, and deeply pressure-relieving, especially at sensitive spots like the shoulders and hips. Back and side combo sleepers, on the other hand, would likely prefer the Casper Hybrid or Casper Wave Hybrid.

Stomach Sleepers: In my opinion, the Original Casper is the brand’s firmest model, so I’d recommend it to stomach sleepers. While you’ll probably want a firmer mattress for strict stomach sleeping, I think it’ll provide these folks with enough support at the hips and lower back.

Combo Sleepers: And if you’re a combo sleeper, you really can go with any Casper model! They’re all bouncy, buoyant, and highly mobile, making it super easy to roll around to your heart’s content.

Heavy Sleepers (over 250 lb.): If you’re on the heavier side, you’re going to want to go with the Casper Wave Hybrid. This bed has the support that heavy folks need to keep them from sinking too far into the mattress. If you’re especially worried about support, I’d recommend taking a peek at our best mattress for heavy people roundup.

Casper Coupon Codes

Casper mattresses are one of the more affordable bed-in-a-box brands on the market. I’d recommend checking out our Casper coupon page to get the best deals on each bed. Check out how each model stacks up in the pricing chart below.

Prices listed are before discount or offer for each size.

SizeCasperCasper HybridNova HybridWave HybridElement
Twin XL$695$795$1,345$1,745$445
California King$1,295$1,495$2,395$3,095$795

Casper Sleep Accessory Reviews

Beyond mattresses, Casper also makes pillows, sheets, bed frames, and more. Below, I’ll review a few of these products, but I’d recommend heading to Casper’s website to have a look at all of their offerings. 

Casper Pillow Review

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Casper Pillow
Casper Pillow
Casper Pillow

Sleepers can enjoy Casper's pillow-in-a-pillow design in order to customize the loft and feel!

Casper’s pillow is made from a hypoallergenic down alternative. It’s offered in standard and king size, and comes in both high loft and low loft, so all sleepers should be able to find one that works for their sleep needs.

Casper Pillow
The Casper pillow is a great choice for back sleepers
  • Pillow Type: Down alternative
  • Feel: Medium to Firm
  • Best for: Back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers
  • Temperature: Not cooling
  • Pricing (Standard Size): $65
  • Find out more about these pillows in the Casper pillow review.

Casper Foam Pillow Review

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Casper Foam Pillow
Casper Foam Pillow
Casper Foam Pillow

The Casper Foam Pillow sleeps cool and has the balanced support that's great for back and side sleepers!

Casper’s foam pillow is made from a combination of poly foam and visco foam. It has a soft, squishy feel and is great for those looking for extra neck support. It comes in a standard and king size, and is offered in both mid-loft and low-loft. 

casper foam pillow side sleeping
Side sleeping with the Casper Foam Pillow!
  • Pillow Type: Foam
  • Feel: Medium to firm
  • Best for: Back sleepers, side sleepers
  • Temperature: Cooling
  • Pricing (Standard Size): $89
  • Find out more about these pillows in the Casper foam pillow review.

Casper Cool Supima Sheets Review

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Casper Sheets
Casper Sheets
Casper Sheets

A soft, crisp feel makes the Casper Sheets ideal for those who like to sleep cool.

Casper’s Cool Supima sheets are made with 100% Supima cotton from California. They’re super breathable and have an uber soft feel. Casper’s so confident about their quality that they come with a 1-year warranty. 

Casper Sheets Sarah 1

  • Sheet Type: Cotton
  • Best for: Hot sleepers, shoppers who want organic materials
  • Temperature: Cooling
  • Pricing (Queen Size): $120
  • Learn more in the full Casper Sheets review.


How do Casper mattresses ship?

Casper mattresses are bed-in-a-box mattresses, which means they ship compressed in a box to your door. You’ll have to unbox them at home and wait at least 24 hours for off-gassing, or where a mattress releases gasses trapped in its foam layers. 

Casper mattresses ship for free to the contiguous United States and most of Canada. Your new mattress should arrive within two to five business days. Casper does not offer white glove delivery or old mattress pick up. 

Do Casper mattresses require a box spring?

No, Casper mattresses are compatible with any hard, flat foundation. Certain models are also compatible with adjustable bed frames.

Does Casper offer a sleep trial period?

Yes, Casper offers a 100-night sleep trial with all of their mattresses. You will need to test your new mattress for at least 30 days before beginning the return process. If you do choose to return, you can receive a full refund after testing for 30 days and before the end of the trial period.

Does Casper offer a mattress warranty?

Yes, all Casper mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty.

Where are Casper mattresses made?

Casper mattresses are made in the USA.

Final Word

Well folks, that does it for this Casper comparison! When considering which Casper model is right for you, pay extra close attention to the support layers — that’s where the biggest differences between these mattresses lie. And no matter the bed you choose, rest easy knowing that you’ll land on a mattress that’s pressure-relieving, supportive, and exceedingly well made. 

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