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Casper Pillow Review

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Is it time to switch out those old pillows? Casper has created a new pillow they have deemed to fit the needs of almost any sleeping position. Will this pillow actually live up to those expectations?

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The Casper pillow has a dual-layer construction with a 2″ gusset and low friction fibers. The cover of the pillow is 100% cotton. Moving to the inside of the pillow you will find an outer layer of long, thin, low-friction fibers. Inside of these will be an encased plethora of shorter, thin, low-friction fibers.

Additionally, there is a 2″ gusset along the perimeter of the pillow. This gusset is designed to maintain a balanced loft across the pillow in addition to providing neck support and spine alignment. A blend of polyester fabric lining and polyester microfiber fill make up the remaining parts of this pillow.

FAQ:  What’s the best pillow?

Casper pillow - King size

Casper pillow – King size

This pillow is both soft and fluffy with adequate support. Casper offers this pillow in a Standard (18″ x 26″) and King (18″ x 34″) size.


Casper took a slightly different route when designing the cover of this pillow. Atypical to most cotton covers, this pillow has a percale weave. This weave helps to ensure the fill fibers inside of the pillow do not escape, helping to maintain breathability. While examining the pillow’s cover, it is tightly wrapped around the pillow, creating as smooth design and snug fit.

Casper pillow cover

Casper pillow cover

The cover of the Casper pillow is both machine washer and dryer friendly. A zipper runs along the outer cover of the pillow and allows you to open up the pillow and take out the smaller pillow on the inside, if you so desire. The zipper seems well made and did not snag or have any hiccups while I was testing it.

Aesthetically, the pillow is average. The outermost layer is all white with no design. When you open up the pillow to take out the inner pillow, you see a slightly more stylish look (blue & white stripes). Then again, this design is stitched to the inside of the outer, larger pillow. So when you take out the smaller pillow, you are once again looking at an all white pillow with no design.

Feel & Support

This pillow offers somewhat of a softer feel. When you first lie on the pillow you will notice a decent amount of sinkage. As you move your head / neck around the pillow, the sinkage does not change much. The Casper pillow tends to cradle your head / neck, providing an average level of support.

Noise is something I wasn’t too particularly happy with while sleeping on the Casper pillow. The cover on both the inner and outer pillow’s make noise with the slightest of movements. As a stomach sleeper, I tend to wrap my arm underneath the pillow. While doing so, there was virtually no way to avoid creating an abundance of noise. I tried to not move the pillow at all for the first 20 minutes or so of bed, as I kept waking up my wife every time I moved the Casper pillow around.

If you are a lighter sleeper, the noises from the cover are definitely something worth noting. If you’re looking for a quieter pillow, the Nest Easy Breather pillow is a great option.

Casper pillow layers - outer pillow unzipped to show inner pillow

Casper pillow layers – outer pillow unzipped to show inner pillow

Personally, I had to remove the inner pillow and just sleep on that. With both pillows combined into one, the loft was simply too high for my liking. Like I said before, I am a stomach sleeper and high lofted pillows do not make the best support and comfort. As a back or side sleeper, the loft could be okay, but you really do need to like and need a moderate to high lofted pillow to enjoy the Casper. The inner pillow of the Casper is lower loft, but isn’t tremendously supportive. The two pillows combined create more support, but only if you can manage the higher loft design that the pillow creates.

When comparing the Casper pillow to the Nature’s Sleep down alternative pillow, I have to say the simplicity and moldability of the Nature’s Sleep gives it the edge (it’s also about half the price). eLuxurySupply’s Goose Down hotel pillow is another favorite option you may want to consider. Both of these have a similar feel to the Casper, but have a more balanced loft and fill that creates better sleep in my opinion.

Other Details

  • Made in China & USA – the cover is made in China, the pillow is filled and finished in the USA
  • Virtually no smell – there was minimal smell with this pillow
  • Machine washable – with a cover made from 100% cotton, you have the ability to fully wash and dry this pillow.
  • Offered in 2 sizes – Standard (18″ x 26″) & King (18″ x 34″)

Who should buy the Casper Pillow?

Overall, I found the Casper pillow to be fairly average. The design of the pillow is interesting, but just doesn’t deliver on the promise of being “comfortable in all sleeping positions”. On my side and stomach I felt like the loft height was simply off. It’s too high in the dual stuffed version and too low if you only use the inner pillow. I was only able to sleep on my back (my least favorite position) during my sleep tests.

Lastly, the noise is a major issue…this pillow is loud…during my sleep tests I continually woke my wife up trying to find a comfortable position with this pillow.

To sum up, I think there are simply better pillows available elsewhere. See the full list of Sleepopolis pillow reviews here.

If you’re a die-hard Casper fan the Casper pillow can be an okay option, but you will want to be sure that you:

  • Want a high-lofted pillow – with both the inner and outer pillow combined into one, the Casper pillow has quite a high loft. If you are a sleeper who does not like the flatter pillows or simply just likes to sleep with your head / neck higher up, this could be a good option for you.
  • Sleep on your back, and some side sleepers – for stomach sleepers, this pillow is simply too dense and lofted. The support will feel overloaded, creating neck soreness. As a side sleeper, the pillow may work, but you’ll certainly want to desire a higher lofted pillow. Back sleepers seem to be the best fit for this pillow, as the high loft can cradle your head / neck to an equilibrium support level.
  • Want the option of removing the inner pillow – if you want a pillow that can be split into two, this is an option. The inner pillow is filled to the max so the density won’t change much, but it will definitely be thinner than the outer and inner pillows combined.
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