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Finding the right pillow is like finding the right spouse. It should comfort you, it should provide great support, and …quite frankly, sometimes it just takes some time to find the right one. Kidding aside, the right pillow is extremely important to your sleep. You can have a $5,000 mattress, but if you don’t have the proper pillow that compliments you, your sleeping style, and your mattress, it will not provide the restful sleep that it should.

Pillows comes in various sizes, are crafted from a litany of classic and modern materials, and can be as complicated to shop for as a new mattress. However, understanding the pros, cons, materials, and unique feel of each pillow will help to ensure you find the right pillow for you. The following pillow reviews have been individually sleep tested, researched, and vetted. If you’re looking for a pillow review that’s not on this list, but you think should be, please drop us a note via our contact form.

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Memory Foam or Natural LatexNoodled foam, adjustable, moldable$99Read Written Review!
Memory foamShredded foam, phase change cover, adjustable$129Read Written Review!
Hyper elastic polymerAir loft adjustable, responsive, cool, experimental$99Read Written Review!
Goose DownSoft, medium loft, moldable, traditional$134Read Written Review!
Duck downTraditional, high loft, duck down$94Read Written Review!
LatexSolid core, custom firmness / loft, supportive$68Read Written Review!
Down alternativeTraditional, high loft, good response$42Read Written Review!
Memory FoamShredded foam, adjustable, alignment optimized$129Read Written Review!
Memory FoamSolid core, great cooling, medium loft, Tencel cover$199Read Written Review!
Memory foamShredded or solid core, memory foam$99Read Written Review!
PolyfoamSolid core, responsive, medium-low loft$95Read Written Review!
Memory FoamMemory foam, varying feels / lofts, balanced$84Read Written Review!
Various TypesVarious feels, personalized pillow selection process$60-$225Read Written Review!
Memory FoamShredded foam, adjustable, moldable$52Read Written Review!
BuckwheatFirm, supportive, adjustable, healthy$79Read Written Review!
Organic latexSolid core, bounce, responsive$99Read Written Review!
Organic cottonTraditional, moldable$79Read Written Review!
BuckwheatFirm, supportive, adjustable, healthy$41Read Written Review!
Memory foamShredded foam, traditional, moldable$75Read Written Review!
Down AlternativeTraditional, medium loft, moldable$29Read Written Review!
Pregnancy pillowPolyester cotton blend, high flexibility / versatility$50Read Written Review!
Down alternativeTraditional, moldable$32Read Written Review!
Memory Foam + Silk CoverSilky, medium loft, adaptable$150Read Written Review!
Memory foamAdjustable, moldable, shredded foam$50Read Written Review!
LatexHybrid core, medium loft, cool$162Read Written Review!
Memory foam + Gel LayerSolid core, dense, supportive$60Read Written Review!
Memory foam + Infused GelSolid core, dense, supportive$70Read Written Review!
PolyesterTraditional, high loft, medium softness$75Read Written Review!
FoamSolid core, bounce, responsive$99Read Written Review!
PolyfoamShredded foam, traditional, cotton cover$50Read Written Review!

Looking for pillow protectors? We haven’t tested many yet, but we have tested the Slumber Cloud pillow cover (great for cooling and protection). We’ll have more pillow protectors coming over time.

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6 thoughts on “Pillow Reviews”

  1. I used to be one of the operators “standing by ” for My Pillow. Even though I didn’t own one myself, I told people I did, and I sold the #*%@ out of those things! I ended up winning one in a sales contest, and I LOVE IT!!!! It stays fluffed up all night long, (I’ve always had to use 2 pillows, but the My Pillow is all I need now). My neck no longer aches every morning, I can wash/dry it, and it is super comfortable! The only thing it doesn’t do is stay cool all night…even with a 100% cotton pillowcase…however, being menopausal, I’m always hot as hell! I have several friends who I’m sure would LOVE to have their own My Pillow, but they refuse to purchase any until Mike Lindell takes his annoying af commercial off the air!!! I’m dead serious! I totally agree with them!!! When that bald dude sees Mike when he opens up the mirror, and says, “Mmmmegan!” it’s like nails on a chalkboard! And, *CLICK*, the TV is either turned off, or turned to a different channel! So, I just thought I would let you know that you guys have 4 couples, who all own large 5-6 bedroom homes, as well as summer homes, who will more than likely each place large orders, (they are interested in the mattress toppers, as well), as soon as you stop airing that annoying commercial! If not, I guess they’ll try Temperpedic!

  2. total WASTE OF MONEY!!! This clown got filthy rich shoving mattress fill in pieces into a pillow!!!! Its garbage!!!! I should sue for the neck pain and headaches since I wasted all my hard earned money on this crap!!!!!

    • Hi Jane,

      We are so sorry you had such a bad experience with your pillow. A pillow that works for one person may not work for the next so we completely understand!

  3. My pillow get hot at night so I have to flip about 4 times a night. It goes down every night to it looks like I am a taco, so I have to flip the pillow again. It the hardest my pillow you make, blue or green can’t remember. I have woke up with a neck pitch. I like it better then any pillow you can buy in a store. Still needs some work cause it not as good as advertised on tv. Keep working it getting there!

  4. The Sleepgram pillow is kind of a miracle for me so far. There were 2 in the package I took one and my husband took the other–plenty big for both of us. I used to have headaches every morning and have tried everything to get rid of them–like migraines!
    So I tried this pillow with thinking it was just another gimmick. Well it’s about 2 months later and haven’t had headaches when I got up yet!

  5. Have had a my pillow for about 7 months , probaly will not buy another one , it is flat and not comfortable anymore. Have washed and dryed it several time trying to get it comfortable again , does not help.

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