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ActiveX Pillow Review

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Tired of waking up with a sweaty head from a warm pillow? Well it’s time to kiss those miserable nights away and say hello to Nest Bedding’s new Active X pillow. Nest Bedding has created some of the most well rounded pillows in the past and decided it was time to take it up a notch. The new ActiveX pillow is similar to Nest Bedding’s Easy Breather pillow, but contains a few extra perks.

Is the ActiveX really as good as the Easy Breather pillow? Will this pillow live up to the hype created around it? Continue reading below to find out!

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The ActiveX pillow is created in a similar fashion to Nest Bedding’s Easy Breather memory foam pillow. The main difference boils down to the phase change cover used on the ActiveX. The interior fill of this pillow is actually identical to the memory foam Easy Breather. Both contain a fill of memory foam that can actually be removed and set to the desired level of loft that the sleeper prefers. The pillow has a zipper at one end, which is where the pillow may be opened for removal of the filling.

Active X pillow construction

ActiveX pillow construction


The cover of the ActiveX pillow is quite nice. Made from polyester and a phase change material, the cover is able to absorb and store heat, acting as a temperature regulator during sleep. Initially, the cover has an impressive cool to the touch feel.

Close up shot of the Active X pillow cover

Close up shot of the ActiveX pillow cover

Aesthetically speaking, the cover uses an all white color scheme with the word “cool” embossed in blue lettering. In addition to the embossed wording, the cover also has a diamond pattern covering the entire pillow along with a few snowflake like shapes. These could be taken as a symbol for the cooling features that are offered by the ActiveX cover.

Another beneficial attribute about the cover of this pillow is the durable zipper. More often than not, zippers on pillow covers tends to be flimsy and end up stuck in the lining of the pillow itself. That is not the case with the ActiveX. I was able to zip and unzip this pillow without any issues on several occasions.

Feel & Support

As a fully adjustable pillow with a phase changing cover, the ActiveX is one of the most unique and impressive pillows I have tested to date. By using a memory foam fill this pillow is easily moldable as well. Sleepers are able to remove the interior fill and customize the loft of the pillow to their preferred level. This concept virtually allows sleepers to purchase a pillow and personalize it as much as they would like.

Ultra close up shot of the memory foam fill used in the Active X pillow

Ultra close up shot of the memory foam fill used in the ActiveX pillow

With a memory foam fill this pillow is going to offer slightly slower response times. That said, I have found that the shredded memory foam used in this pillow tends to respond faster than the more traditional memory foam blocks. This is due to the combination of fill materials. The primary material is memory foam, however, the supporting proprietary fill rounds out the overall feel and level of response.

In addition, the memory foam does a fine job of taking the shape of your head and neck without leaving you feeling stuck in the pillow. Not to mention, sleepers may also easily mold the pillow. The interior fill is able to move about however the sleeper prefers, meaning they have the ability to shift it to one spot in the pillow if so desired.

Next up, support. Throughout my sleep test I started by only removing 20-30% of the fill in order to sleep comfortably on my sides and back. After a few nights in these positions, I removed about 70% of the fill so I could sleep on my stomach. Personally, I prefer a very thin pillow while sleeping on my stomach. After removing the fill and sleeping on this pillow for a week, I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. The ability to customize the level of fill, and ultimately the loft and size, allowed the pillow to be tuned to my exact needs in each position.

Finally, cooling. As mentioned above, the phase changing cover used on this pillow makes a noted difference. The initial feeling of this pillow is cool for about the first 15-30 minutes. After this time frame has passed, the pillow reaches an equilibrium temperature based on the sleeper. The shredded fill also helps to ensure improved airflow.

ActiveX pillow

ActiveX pillow, standard size

Other Details

  • Shipping – arrives compressed in a box
  • Smell – there was virtually no smell associated with this pillow
  • Size – the ActiveX pillow is only available in a standard size
  • Pricing – $129
  • Made in the USA

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Who should buy the ActiveX pillow?

Overall, I really like the ActiveX pillow. It may even be my new all time favorite, beating out the Nest Easy Breather (natural latex version) that I’ve been sleeping on for most of the past two years.The adjustability is really what makes the ActiveX such an excellent fit for many sleepers. No need to worry about getting a pillow that’s too big or too small, you can adjust and tune the pillow to your exact needs. This, in combination with the phase change cover, makes for a very comfortable, cool, and adaptable pillow.

At $129 it’s not cheap, but you’re also buying a pillow that’s likely to last several years and can continually adapt to your needs (even changing needs) as a sleeper.

I would recommend the ActiveX pillow to sleepers who:

  • Want a memory foam pillow – with a memory foam fill, the ActiveX pillow is able to provide sleepers with the benefits of memory foam minus the stuck feeling of traditional memory foam blocks.
  • Want an adjustable pillow – with a zipper at one end and a removable fill on the inside, sleepers have the ability to open up the pillow and create a customized loft. This can be a huge benefit for sleepers who need to create a more personalized feel in order to receive a good night’s sleep.
  • Want a soft pillow – with a memory foam fill and polyester cover, the ActiveX pillow is one of the softest pillows I have had the opportunity to test to date. That said, the soft feel does not take away from the supportive nature of this pillow, especially at medium and higher lofts.
  • Want a cooler pillow – with a phase changing cover, sleepers are able to receive a cool to the touch feel. Additionally, the pillow’s fill allows for optimal breathability, also aiding in the overall cooling capabilities of this pillow.

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