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Casper Hybrid Mattress Review

After developing a popular line of all-foam beds, Casper has decided to dip its toes into the hybrid pool with the brand new Casper Hybrid mattress. While this bad boy borrows a lot from the original foam Casper, it comes outfitted with a system of pocketed coils for a little extra oomph.

But does this added bounce make for added comfort? To figure out, I jumped atop the mattress and gave it a thorough once-over, testing out its firmness, pressure relief, motion transfer, and sinkage to see if it might just be the perfect bed for you!

Keep reading below for all my thoughts on the Casper Hybrid! Short on time? Check out my review summary.

Save $100
Casper Hybrid Mattress
Casper Hybrid Mattress

With zoned support for pressure relief where you need it most and pocketed coils for great bounce and support the Casper Hybrid is a great choice for the combo sleepers out there! Customers in the US can use code SLEEPOPOLIS to save $100!

Brand Snapshot

Casper got its start in 2014 and has gone on to become one of the most well-known brands in the mattress space. How did it achieve this? Via an intriguing mix of high-quality products and cheeky advertising that helped solidify it as one of the faces of the disruptive bed-in-a-box movement.

The company now has several different models to its name, two of which I’ll take a look at later on: the Casper Wave Hybrid and the original, all-foam Casper. Additionally, I’ll make sure to compare the Casper Hybrid to some of its biggest competition, namely the New Purple and Saatva mattresses.

But before we get into any other beds, we’ve gotta figure out what’s going on in the Casper Hybrid!

Casper Hybrid
The Casper Hybrid mattress in the Sleepopolis bedroom

What is the Casper Hybrid Made Of?

The Casper Hybrid is built with a combination of open cell latex, memory foam, high-density poly foam, and pocketed coils. By bringing all these disparate materials together, Casper hopes to achieve a balanced vibe that’s as pressure-relieving as it is supportive.

To see if and how the brand pulls this off, let’s dive into the layers!

Cover – Made of a polyester blend, the cover has a soft, stretchy feel and also happens to be pretty breathable.

Casper Hybrid Cover
Taking a look at the cover of the Casper Hybrid mattress

Comfort – The comfort layer is comprised of 1.5” of the brand’s Open Cell Foam. I found the material to be quite similar to latex in that it’s super bouncy and has a quick response to pressure. Kicking things off with a latex alternative like this ensures some fantastic mobility, which could be a real selling point for combo sleepers. Another unique feature of this section is its open cell design, which boosts the material’s natural cooling capabilities with even more breathability.

Contour – Up next, you’ll find 1.5” of memory foam. Unlike latex, this foam has a slow response to pressure, allowing the sleeper to sink in for some deep body contouring and relief, particularly at the shoulders and hips. While memory foam does have a slight reputation for overheating at night (intense sinkage often leads to body heat absorption), its placement below the cooling top layer of latex-like foam helps to mitigate the worst of this.

Transition – After sinking through the top layers of latex and memory foam, you’ll hit a 1.5” section of high-density poly foam. Though the main function of this layer is to help ease the sleeper into the firm pocketed coils below, it’s also zoned for support, which basically means it features firmer foam at the hips for lift and softer foam at the shoulders for comfort.

Base – And finally, the base, which is composed of a 7” tall section of pocketed coils. This is where the bulk of the bed’s support is going to come from as the system works to cradle the soft foams above it and bolster the sleeper as they move between positions. While these springs will surely bring some buoyancy to the sleeping experience, they’ll also draw the contouring of the top layers deeper into the structure.

Casper Hybrid Construction
Showing the materials used in the layers of the Casper Hybrid mattress

How Firm is the Casper Hybrid Mattress?

Now that we’ve gone over the construction specs with a fine-tooth comb, let’s get into how this mattress feels, starting with firmness.

When I first pressed my hand into the Casper Hybrid mattress, I noticed how cozy it felt under my fingers. The latex and memory foam layers work to create a soft top section that’s at turns bouncy and deeply pressure-relieving. As I pushed in further, I encountered the firm poly foam transition layer and the buoyant coils, which met my pressure with just a touch of give. Where other pocketed coil systems have catapulted me up and out of the structure, I was struck by how gentle the springs here were.

Casper Hybrid logo
Checking out the Casper Hybrid mattress

Before I go into how I experienced the firmness across the rest of my body, I want to take a moment to talk about methodology. While I could just provide you with my thoughts on how firm the Casper Hybrid is, I think it’s much more useful to incorporate some other opinions into my analysis. Why? Because firmness is such a personal thing that can morph pretty drastically depending on an individual’s size or weight.

That being said, I invited three of my coworkers here at Sleepopolis HQ to jump in the room with me and test out the Casper Hybrid. We each gave the bed a personal firmness rating and then averaged them out to get the score you see below.

Casper Hybrid Firmness
Average firmness rating of the Casper Hybrid based on 4 Sleepopolis testers

We were all pretty much in agreement about the firmness of the Casper Hybrid, giving it an average score of 5.9. When compared to the industry standard of 6.5 for medium firmness, it seems as though this bed is a touch on the softer side.

I personally gave the mattress a 6 as I found its combination of foams and pocketed coils to create a fairly gentle feel. While the pocketed coil system does bring a bit of heft to the structure, it doesn’t totally cancel out the sinkage and contouring of the top foam layers; conversely, the plushness of the top sections doesn’t overwhelm the springy support of the coils. Overall, it’s a nice balanced vibe that I think would best serve combo sleepers in search of pressure relief and mobility.

Save $100
Casper Hybrid Mattress
Casper Hybrid Mattress

With zoned support for pressure relief where you need it most and pocketed coils for great bounce and support the Casper Hybrid is a great choice for the combo sleepers out there! Customers in the US can use code SLEEPOPOLIS to save $100!

How Well Does the Casper Hybrid Relieve Pressure?

Another important aspect of a bed’s overall feel is its ability to relieve pressure at sensitive spots along the body, namely the hips, shoulders, and lower back.

To demonstrate the Casper Hybrid’s capacity for alleviating tension at these spots, I stretched out on a pressure map, which produced a colorful graphic of my body interacting with the bed in real time. Blue areas indicate zones of relatively low pressure while red ones represent points of intense pressure.

Casper Hybrid Pressure Map
Pressure map results for the Casper Hybrid mattress

Back – Lying on my back, my weight was evenly distributed across the surface of the bed. I could feel myself sinking slightly into the top layers of foam, which allowed for some pleasant pressure relief at my lumbar region. Though I was definitely getting cushiony vibes in this position, I still found it pretty easy to move around and change positions.

Casoer Hybrid Stomach Sleeping
Stomach sleeping on the Casper Hybrid

Side – The pressure relief I felt on my back translated nicely to my side, as I felt some satisfying comfort at my shoulders and hips. However, though I’d recommend this mattress for combo sleepers who switch between their side and another position through the night, I think most side sleepers will be OK on the Casper Hybrid.

Stomach – Turning onto my stomach is perhaps when I experienced the most discomfort on the Casper Hybrid. I wasn’t in pain persay, but the soft top layers did cause my hips to sink out of alignment with my shoulders, a big no-no for strict stomach sleepers. These folks will typically want to aim for a firmer structure that’ll support a nice, even spinal line.

Casper Hybrid Side Sleeping
Side sleeping on the Casper Hybrid mattress

Casper Hybrid vs

Before we keep motoring through all the unique features of the Casper Hybrid, I thought I’d pump the breaks and take a second to size it up against some of its biggest competition in the space: the New Purple and Saatva mattresses.

New Purple

  • Like the Casper Hybrid, the New Purple also features a support system of pocketed coils, however its springs are overlaid by the brand’s hyper-elastic polymer smart grid.
  • This makes for an overall bouncier structure with some fantastic mobility.
  • Additionally, the New Purple sleeps incredibly cool thanks to the open grid design of its comfort layer.
  • Pricewise, the New Purple is more expensive, starting at $1,350 as compared to the Casper Hybrid’s $850.

Learn more by reading my full New Purple mattress review.


  • The Saatva is built with a classic innerspring feel, so is quite a bit firmer than the Casper Hybrid.
  • Its coil-on-coil construction is also supremely supportive and works to promote a healthy spinal alignment no matter the position.
  • All of this makes it a great mattress for back sleepers in search of firm support and mobility.
  • It’s also the least expensive of the three mattresses here, with a starting price point of $599.

Check out my full Saatva mattress review and see why it landed on my guide to the Best Mattresses for Back Pain.

Save $100
Casper Hybrid Mattress
Casper Hybrid Mattress

With zoned support for pressure relief where you need it most and pocketed coils for great bounce and support the Casper Hybrid is a great choice for the combo sleepers out there! Customers in the US can use code SLEEPOPOLIS to save $100!

Other Models

But the Casper Hybrid isn’t just competing against other brands, it also faces some pretty stiff competition from its mattress siblings the Casper Wave Hybrid and original Casper.

Casper Wave Hybrid

  • While both models are bed-in-a-box hybrids, the Casper Wave Hybrid has a plush, luxurious feel to it.
  • In this vein, you’re likely to really sink into this mattress for deep pressure relief and body-contouring.
  • Though it’s got some nice bounce from its own set of pocketed coils, I’d still recommend the Wave mostly for side sleepers.
  • As far as cost is concerned, the Casper Wave Hybrid is much more expensive, with prices starting at $1,545.


  • This mattress is basically the all-foam foil to the Casper Hybrid as it shares both its balanced foam approach and medium firm feel.
  • However, it doubles down on the Zoned Support, making it an even more tempting offering for combo sleepers who need to feel comfortable no matter the position.
  • Starting at $595, the original Casper is also the least expensive of these three mattresses.

Get the full scoop at my Casper mattress review. And see how it sizes up against other Casper models.

Casoer Hybrid Stomach Sleeping
Stomach sleeping on the Casper Hybrid

Motion Transfer

But enough with those other beds! Let’s turn our attention back to the Casper Hybrid with a little motion transfer test. This section will demonstrate the amount of movement detectable from one side of the bed to the other, so could be especially valuable if you share your bed with a restless partner and need to know if their tossing and turning will keep you up at night.

To illustrate this motion transfer, I dropped a 10 lb. steel ball from heights of 4 inches, 8 inches and 12 inches and measured the disturbance it caused: the bigger the lines, the bigger the disturbance.

Casper Hybrid Motion Transfer
Motion transfer test results for the Casper Hybrid mattress

These are pretty decent results! Though the pocketed coils bring some solid bounce to the mattress, the top foam layers do a great job of absorbing and dampening the buoyant waves this motion makes. That being said, I think it could be a good fit for couples, especially if one of the bed mate’s is particularly mobile.


And finally, let’s wrap up the feel tests with one dedicated to sinkage, which will demonstrate whether you’re likely to feel more “in” or “on top” of the mattress.

To visualize this sinkage, I placed four balls of varying sizes and densities (a 6 lb medicine ball, a 10 lb steel ball, a 50 lb medicine ball, and a 100 lb medicine ball) on the mattress and measured how much they compressed the surface.

The variations in size, weight and density are meant to simulate different body parts and different sized sleepers.

Casper Hybrid Sinkage
Sinkage into the Casper Hybrid mattress

While this is certainly a healthy amount of sinkage, I don’t think it’s so dramatic as to leave a sleeper feeling “stuck” in the bed. Indeed, the pocketed coils should help to lift you up and out of the structure, resulting in a nice balance between sinkage and support.

Is the Casper Hybrid Mattress Right for Me?

Ah, the final question: Is the Casper Hybrid right for you? Unfortunately, I can’t make that call, but I can leave you with a few recommendations and complaints that might help point you toward a decision.

Save $100
Casper Hybrid Mattress
Casper Hybrid Mattress

With zoned support for pressure relief where you need it most and pocketed coils for great bounce and support the Casper Hybrid is a great choice for the combo sleepers out there! Customers in the US can use code SLEEPOPOLIS to save $100!

Casper Hybrid Recommendations

  • I think this bed could be a real winner for combo sleepers who need to move around and feel comfortable across different positions through the night.
  • That being said, it could also be a solid pick for anyone in need of some serious bounce.
  • And finally, I’d recommend the mattress for couples, thanks to its sturdy edge support and great motion transfer results.

Casper Hybrid Complaints

  • Unfortunately, I think the Casper Hybrid is going to be a bit too soft for stomach sleepers, who tend toward firmer structures for optimized spinal support.
  • Additionally, this bed isn’t likely to be a good fit for heavier folks who may sink quickly through the gentle foam top layers.

Other Casper Products

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Basic Information

  • Trial Period – 100 Night Trial
  • Warranty – 10-Year Warranty
  • Shipping – Free, arrives compressed in a box

How Much Does the Casper Hybrid Cost?

Save $100
Casper Hybrid Mattress
Casper Hybrid Mattress

With zoned support for pressure relief where you need it most and pocketed coils for great bounce and support the Casper Hybrid is a great choice for the combo sleepers out there! Customers in the US can use code SLEEPOPOLIS to save $100!

Twin38” x 75 x 12"64 lbs$795
Twin XL38" x 80" x 12"68 lbs$845
Full53” x 75” x 12”88 lbs$1,095
Queen60” x 80” x 12”106 lbs$1,295
King76” x 80” x 12”134 lbs$1,495
California King72” x 84” x 12”133 lbs$1,495
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