Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review

The Leesa Hybrid mattress combines gentle foams with pocketed coils for a one-two punch of pressure relief and support. But is this online mattress brand’s hybrid bed actually as cozy as it seems?

I personally test drove this bad boy to find out, putting it through the ringer as I assessed everything from its design to its firmness, pressure relief, and motion transfer. And I gotta say, I was pretty surprised by what I uncovered.

Curious to hear my thoughts? Well then keep on reading for my full Leesa Hybrid mattress review! Or you can take a shortcut and go straight to my review summary.

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Leesa Hybrid Mattress
Leesa Hybrid Mattress
Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Thick layers of foam and pocketed coils come together to offer sleepers the perfect hotel-bed feel.

Is the Leesa Hybrid a Good Mattress for You?

Before we get into the details, I want to take a minute to address the most important question: will the Leesa Hybrid meet your sleep needs?

Who I recommend the Leesa Hybrid mattress for

  • Side sleepers who like a more responsive mattress should be really happy on the Leesa Hybrid. It offers the pressure relief these folks need around the shoulders and hips, but you won’t sink too far into this bed.
  • Back sleepers should also be happy on this Leesa. It offers a great blend of pressure relief and support, and should help these sleepers keep their spines neutrally aligned.
  • The motion isolation, edge support, and breathable pocketed coils in this mattress make it a great choice for couples (keep reading below to learn more about those terms). If you sleep with a partner and like a soft feel, I’d highly recommend checking out this mattress.

Who I don’t recommend the Leesa Hybrid mattress for

  • The Leesa Hybrid is a bit too soft for stomach sleepers. These folks need a firmer mattress that will do a better job keeping their hips and shoulders in line with each other. 
  • Memory foam lovers looking for an ultra-plush feel probably won’t love this mattress. It doesn’t offer the deep sinkage these sleepers may be looking for.
  • If you’re looking for a super bouncy hybrid mattress the Leesa is not for you. It’s fairly responsive, but doesn’t have a bouncy feel.
The Leesa Hybrid in the Sleepopolis Studio
The Leesa Hybrid in the Sleepopolis Studio for review.

What Does the Leesa Hybrid Mattress Feel Like?

Now that you have an overview of the Leesa Hybrid, let’s get into how this mattress feels, starting with firmness.

Firmness is subjective and can change a lot depending on one’s body weight and preferred sleep position. To address this issue, I had a few coworkers sit on this bed to help decide on an average firmness rating for the Leesa Hybrid.

Nectar Firmness
The Leesa Hybrid on the mattress firmness scale.

I was surprised by how soft the Leesa Hybrid felt, I rated it as a 6 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale. The industry standard for medium firmness is 6.5 out of 10, and because this Leesa is a hybrid mattress that uses a pocketed coil system in its support layer, I expected it to have a medium-firm feel. Instead, I’d call this a medium-soft mattress. 

The Leesa Hybrid got a 6 out of 10 from me because I experienced a nice balance of pressure relief and support as I stretched out on the bed. Though I could feel the top layers of foam filling in the space at my lower back and slightly hugging my shoulders and hips, I never felt overly “stuck-in” the mattress.

The Leesa’s blend of contouring and responsiveness might appeal to combination sleepers who are willing to sacrifice a little bit of bounce for some additional pressure relief. Combo sleepers who sleep on their backs and sides might especially like the Leesa Hybrid. They’ll be able to change positions fairly easily, but still get the sinkage they need at the shoulders and hips when they’re on their sides at night.

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Leesa Hybrid Mattress
Leesa Hybrid Mattress
Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Thick layers of foam and pocketed coils come together to offer sleepers the perfect hotel-bed feel.

Testing the Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Sure, I could keep describing my experience with the Leesa Hybrid in words, but I’d much rather show you what I’m talking about. Below, I’ll walk you through a couple of tests I used to examine this bed’s pressure relief and motion transfer.

Pressure Relief

Here, pressure relief refers to a bed’s capacity for relieving pressure at sensitive pressure points along the body, such as the shoulders, hips, and lower back.

To assess this capacity, I like to stretch out on a handy dandy pressure map. As I move around the bed, the map captures the force exerted by my body in real time, and then creates a “map” to illustrate that force. Areas of low pressure are indicated in blue and areas of high pressure are in red.

Leesa Hybrid pressure map
The Leesa Hybrid’s pressure map.

Back – Lying on my back was super comfortable! I could feel the top layers of foam filling in the space at my lower back for some nice relief, but didn’t feel stuck in the bed. It was easy to move around and change positions. In fact, the Leesa Hybrid is ranked as one of Sleepopolis’s best mattresses for back sleepers.

Side – As you can see, there’s a bit of green around my shoulders and hips on my side. That’s about standard for any mattress. I felt comfortable on my side, the memory foam layer offered nice pressure relief at my shoulders and hips. But if you’re a side sleeper looking for tons of sinkage, you might want to opt for something softer. Our best soft mattresses roundup might be a good place to start.

Side sleeping on the Leesa Hybrid
I like the Leesa Hybrid for side sleepers.

Stomach – The pressure map is all blue when I’m on my stomach, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. This hybrid wasn’t quite supportive enough to keep my hips from sinking out of alignment with my shoulders. Strict stomach sleepers should look for a firmer mattress to bolster the spine and prevent any sort of bowing at the lower back. Our best mattress for stomach sleepers page is a good place to start.

Stomach sleeping on the Leesa Hybrid
The Leesa Hybrid is a bit too soft for strict stomach sleepers.

Motion Transfer

Next, I tested out the Leesa Hybrid’s motion transfer, or the amount of movement detectable from one side of the bed to the other. This section is important for all folks, but could be especially pertinent for couples, as it’ll clue you in to how bothered you’ll be by a partner tossing and turning at night.

To illustrate this bed’s motion transfer, I dropped a 10 lb. steel ball from heights of 4 inches, 8 inches and 12 inches and measured the disturbance it caused: the bigger the lines, the bigger the disturbance.

Leesa Hybrid motion transfer results
The results of the Leesa Hybrid’s motion transfer test.

Results of the motion transfer test for the Leesa Hybrid.These are pretty good motion transfer results, especially considering the fact that this is a hybrid bed. I’d attribute this to the fact that the Leesa’s innerspring coils are individually wrapped, which helps to dampen some of the disturbance you might otherwise feel. The memory foam layer on this bed should also help isolate motion throughout the mattress.

Based on these results, I’d say couples might be happy on the Leesa Hybrid. They shouldn’t feel too disturbed by a partner tossing and turning at night. But, if you sleep with a pet that jumps on and off the bed often, you might want to opt for one of our best memory foam mattresses, which will have even better motion isolating capabilities.

I’d also note that combination sleepers looking for a super bouncy bed might prefer a traditional innerspring mattress. The Leesa Hybrid is responsive enough to move around on easily, but I wouldn’t call it bouncy.

Edge Support 

I also tested the Leesa Hybrid’s edge support. This is a measure of whether or not you’ll be able to sleep all the way on the edge of the bed and still feel supported. A mattress with great edge support feels a little bigger because you have more surface area to sleep on.

I was pleasantly surprised by the edge support on the Leesa Hybrid. I rolled all the way to the edge of the mattress and still felt well-supported. This is another reason couples might be really happy on this bed.

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Leesa Hybrid Mattress
Leesa Hybrid Mattress
Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Thick layers of foam and pocketed coils come together to offer sleepers the perfect hotel-bed feel.

What’s the Leesa Hybrid Mattress Made Of?

The Leesa Hybrid features a layered combination of poly foam, memory foam, and pocketed coils. This combination of materials creates a nice blend of support and pressure relief. Let’s take a look under the cover to see how Leesa manages to pull this off.

Cover – The quilted mattress cover is a soft knit blend that feels really cozy to the touch. It also features a fun striped design.

Leesa Hybrid cover close up
A close up look at the Leesa’s cover.

Comfort Layer – Next up is a layer of hole-punched poly foam, and below that is a layer of memory foam. The memory foam below the poly foam layer really dominated the mattress’s feel for me, so I considered it part of the Leesa Hybrid’s comfort layer. The hole-punched poly foam works to add some responsiveness and breathability to the memory foam, so you get to enjoy all the body-contouring of a memory foam mattress without sacrificing responsiveness or cooling features.

Transition Layer – Up next, you’ll hit a thin transition layer of poly foam. This material is mostly here to help ease the sleeper from the soft foams up top into the firmer pocketed coil layer below.

Support Layer – The main support system of the mattress is made up of a layer of pocketed coils. These coils are firm and bouncy, working to lift the sleeper up and out of the structure. They’re also individually wrapped, which helps promote airflow throughout the mattress. Another feature I like about this section is that it extends all the way to the edge of the bed to offer some extra edge support.

Base Layer – To round things out, Leesa’s snuck in a thin layer of high-density foam. This section is really just here to give the coils something to bounce off of.

Construction of the Leesa Hybrid
A look at the layers of the Leesa Hybrid.

My Final Thoughts about the Leesa Hybrid

Let’s wrap things up with a few of my personal favorite features about the Leesa Hybrid, and a few of my complaints about this mattress.

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Leesa Hybrid Mattress
Leesa Hybrid Mattress
Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Thick layers of foam and pocketed coils come together to offer sleepers the perfect hotel-bed feel.

My favorite things about the Leesa Hybrid mattress

I’m a big fan of the blend of pressure relief and support this mattress offers. And I think side and back sleepers will also really enjoy the feel of this medium-soft hybrid.

I also really like that I don’t need to sacrifice hug for responsiveness on the Leesa Hybrid. I get the sinkage I like without sacrificing the mobility I need. Other combination sleepers might agree with me on this.

And finally, I’m really happy with the edge support and motion transfer scores this bed received. Couples who don’t want to be disturbed by a restless partner or who like to spread out over their entire mattress should also enjoy these features.

My complaints about the Leesa Hybrid mattress

I don’t have many complaints about this bed because it’s well-suited to my sleep needs. But, stomach sleepers would probably find the the Leesa Hybrid too soft. If that’s a common complaint for you, I’d recommend heading over to our best firm mattress guide to find a better option. 

I also think sleepers on the hunt for a super bouncy bed with a ton of lift might not enjoy this Leesa, so if you really dislike feeling “hugged” by your mattress this Leesa could feel uncomfortable to you.

Finally, I do think this Leesa released a particularly strong off-gassing odor. But, leaving your new mattress in a well-ventilated room for a day or so should take care of this issue. I’d personally recommend not putting sheets on your new Leesa until it’s finished off-gassing and decompressing.

How Much Does the Leesa Hybrid Cost?

Cost is an important factor when considering any new mattress. Take a look at our pricing chart below, and be sure to use our coupon codes to get a good deal.

Price listed will be before discount or offer for each size.

20% off with code Sleepopolis20
Leesa Hybrid Mattress
Leesa Hybrid Mattress
Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Thick layers of foam and pocketed coils come together to offer sleepers the perfect hotel-bed feel.

Twin38” x 75" x 11"75 lbs$1,099
Twin XL38” x 80” x 11"80 lbs$1,199
Full53” x 75" x 11"96 lbs$1,499
Queen60” x 80” x 11"115 lbs$1,799
King76” x 80” x 11"142 lbs$1,999
California King72” x 84” x 11"142 lbs$1,999

Leesa Mattress Policies and FAQs

Does Leesa offer a warranty?

Yes, Leesa offers a 10-year warranty on this mattress.

How does the Leesa Hybrid ship?

The Leesa Hybrid will ship compressed in a box. You’ll want to allow a few hours for off-gassing after you unpack any box mattresses. Your new mattress will ship for free.

Does the Leesa Hybrid come with a sleep trial?

Yes, Leesa offers a 100-night trial period.

Do you need a box spring with a Leesa Hybrid mattress?

No, Leesa actually recommends you don’t use a traditional box spring with this bed. The Leesa Hybrid was designed to work on a solid foundation, adjustable base, or slatted bed frame.

Can you flip the Leesa Hybrid?

No, you can’t flip this bed, it’s built from the top down so there are no comfort foams on the bottom of the mattress. If you’re worried about sagging you can rotate it 180 degrees every six months or so.

Where is the Leesa Hybrid manufactured?

All Leesa mattresses are made in the United States, which is a great perk for sleepers looking for USA-made products.

Leesa Hybrid Vs.

Now that we’ve gone over the Leesa Hybrid with a fine-tooth comb, let’s see how it fares against some of its competitors on the market, namely the Casper Hybrid and Bear Hybrid.

Leesa Hybrid Mattress vs Casper Hybrid Mattress

  • The Casper Hybrid is also a bed-in-a-box hybrid, built with layers of gentle foam and pocketed coils.
  • One big difference between these two beds is that the Casper Hybrid has zoned support for targeted pressure relief at the shoulders and hips. So sleepers suffering from back pain might prefer the Casper.
  • The Casper is a medium-firm mattress. I especially like this firmness level for back and combination sleepers.
  • Interested in the Casper? Read my full Casper Hybrid mattress review. You can also check out my Casper vs Leesa mattress review to see how the original Casper and Leesa mattresses compare.

Leesa Hybrid Mattress vs Bear Hybrid Mattress

  • Like the Leesa Hybrid, the Bear Hybrid has a medium-soft feel. But it offers a bit more lift than the Leesa, which could be great for those after a little extra mobility.
  • I’d recommend the Bear and Leesa Hybrids to side sleepers, though the Bear might feel just a little more plush.
  • Active sleepers might like the Bear Hybrid, which uses materials that may speed up muscle recovery.
  • Get all the details at my full Bear Hybrid mattress review.

Other Models from Leesa

The Leesa Hybrid isn’t just facing competition from the outside world — it also has to contend with Leesa’s other models. Let’s see how it stacks up to those below. 

Leesa Hybrid Mattress vs Leesa Original Mattress 

Leesa front of bed
The original Leesa mattress.
  • The Leesa Original is an all-foam bed-in-a-box built with three layers of foam.
  • The Leesa Original actually feels a bit firmer than the Leesa Hybrid.
  • I’d recommend the original Leesa to back and combo sleepers who like a slightly firmer feel.
  • Interested in this bed? Check out my full Leesa mattress review to learn more. Or, check out my Leesa vs. Leesa Hybrid mattress comparison.

Leesa Hybrid Mattress vs Leesa Legend Mattress 

Leesa Legend
A look at the Leesa Legend.
  • The Leesa Legend is another hybrid mattress. It’s even softer than the Leesa Hybrid, coming in at 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.
  • Side sleepers looking for an extra-plush might prefer the Leesa Legend.
  • Sleepers suffering from shoulder pain might also appreciate the Leesa Legend’s additional pressure relief.
  • Want to learn more? Head over to my full Leesa Legend mattress review.

Leesa Hybrid Mattress vs Studio by LeesaMattress 

Leesa Studio
The Studio by Leesa Mattress.
  • The Studio is Leesa’s budget option. Folks looking for a bed that won’t break the bank might want to check it out.
  • The Studio is firmer than the other Leesas, so stomach sleepers interested in this brand might want to check it out.
  • Back sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress might also enjoy this Leesa.
  • Find out more about this bed by reading my full Studio by Leesa mattress review.
20% off with code Sleepopolis20
Leesa Hybrid Mattress
Leesa Hybrid Mattress
Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Thick layers of foam and pocketed coils come together to offer sleepers the perfect hotel-bed feel.

Leesa Hybrid Mattress
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  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Value
  • Cooling
  • Edge Support
  • Trial
  • Warranty