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SpineAlign Pillow Review

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Are you a back or side sleeper who just keeps dreaming of finding the perfect pillow? Well, it may be time to pinch yourself and wake up to meet the SpineAlign pillow! The SpineAlign pillow is a customizable pillow built specifically for side and back sleepers.

Does this pillow have what it takes to improve the sleep of side and back sleepers? Sleepopolis is here to put it to the test and find out!

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The SpineAlign pillow is stuffed with a proprietary blend of internal fill and contains three zippers along the back side of the cover. By using a shredded blend instead of a block foam, the pillow is able to breathe easier.

As a customizable pillow, sleepers actually have the option to remove, or replace, the internal fill of the pillow. This is typically done in order to achieve the desired loft of the sleeper. Personally, I found the sides to be slightly to thick in the beginning, but after removing some of the fill I was able to find the proper loft for my needs.

The sides of the SpineAlign were built with higher lofts while the middle contains a slightly thinner design. This idea was implemented with hopes of creating a pillow that has the ability to serve both side and back sleepers all with one pillow.

SpineAlign pillow

SpineAlign pillow


The cover of the SpineAlign pillow is built from a Tencel fabric and contains two mesh strips along the sides of the pillow. Tencel provides a degree of softness while also combining with the mesh side panels to create a breathable cover all around.

On the back side of the cover there are three zippers. These zippers are used to open up the pillow and remove the internal fill from both side sections, as well as the middle section of the pillow.

SpineAlign pillow cover

SpineAlign pillow cover

Feel & Support

While it takes some getting used to, I found the SpineAlign to be quite a nice pillow. The cover offers a nice degree of softness while the customizable design allows you to really create a more personalized feel. Although I am primarily a stomach sleeper,  I was able to make the adjustment and sleep on my side and back while using this pillow.

As I noted before, the change did not come overnight. In fact, it took me a couple off weeks before I really felt comfortable using this pillow. Reason being, I had to find the right loft for both positions without creating a pillow that wasn’t supportive enough to hold my head / neck.

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Once I found the appropriate loft heights, I looked forward to sleeping on my back and side. To begin with, the sides of this pillow are to be used by side sleepers. Whether you take out some of the fill or leave it all inside, the loft is designed to create good posture, which then leads to the appropriate level of support for your neck and spine.

As you move towards the middle of the pillow, the loft is much thinner. Once again, you do have the option to remove the fill and create an even thinner middle section, but I personally found the middle’s loft to be just right when sleeping on my back.

During my sleeping test, I did not  feel as if I had to force myself to sleep on my back. The middle section of the SpineAlign pillow really allowed my head to sink into the pillow without feeling as if the sides were caving in. Additionally, the side chambers of the SpineAlign lined up perfectly with my shoulders, offering a little more comfort around my upper body. Not a lot of pillows are able to do this due to their shape.

Ultra close up shot of the fill used inside of the SpineAlign pillow

Ultra close up shot of the fill used inside of the SpineAlign pillow

Another interesting area where I found the SpineAlign pillow to be quite nice was in a normal sitting position up against the headboard of my foundation. Typically, I have to stack a few different pillows to create the proper levels of comfort and support for my back when trying to sit in bed and read a book (or more commonly, my phone).

After I plopped this pillow between my back and the headboard, I felt extremely well supported. While this pillow may not have been designed for this purpose it still works pretty well.

All things considered, I’m a fan of this pillow. While I typically lean towards more traditional style pillows, I will say that sleeping on my back and side were much more enjoyable after I made the necessary adjustments and got used to the SpineAlign pillow’s unique design.

Close up shot of all 3 zippers opened up on the SpineAlign pillow

Close up shot of all 3 zippers opened up on the SpineAlign pillow

Other Details

  • Price –  $129
  • Smell – There was a slight smell for the first few days
  • Trial – 90 day trial period
  • Refunds – 100% money back guarantee
  • Made in the USA
Flat shot of the SpineAlign pillow

Flat shot of the SpineAlign pillow

Who should buy the SpineAlign pillow?

I would recommend the SpineAlign pillow to sleepers who:

  • Sleep on their back or side – this pillow has been specifically created and designed for back and side sleepers. The side chambers are meant to be the more supportive areas for side sleepers whereas the middle section of the pillow was created to meet a back sleepers needs.
  • Want a customizable pillow – with 3 zippers along the back side of the pillow, sleepers have the option of opening up the pillow and removing, or replacing, as much of the internal fill as they’d like. This allows sleepers to create more of a personal feel and get the exact loft / support they need.
  • Like the idea of shredded memory foam fill and Tencel cover – with a shredded memory foam fill and Tencel cover, the SpineAlign pillow is able to breathe quite easily. This plays a large role in terms of the overall cooling of the pillow.

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