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  1. We are side-sleepers and we are considering either a Casper mattress or a Casper wave Queen. I weigh 130 and my husband is 180. I am 70 and he is 77 but we are both very active and have some hip pain. What do you suggest?

  2. We bought a king size ghost bed with foundation and pillows, less than a year later , it sucks. We both feel like we’re sinking in the bed and pillows go flat. I find myself flipping and turning my pillow cause its flat and hot. The bed, well we don’t sleep at all. We both toss n turn. Due to us each sleeping on the sides, there is now a small hump feeling in middle of bed where no one has slept. So afraid to buy a purple mattress, we just waisted $1800 on this one. What to do? We just want to sleep good. Don’t get me wrong, the bed was great during the 101 night trial, but then after that it started going downhill.

  3. Hi! My wife and I have spent many, many hours watching Logan review mattresses and we are still having a challenge deciding on the right fit.
    We would vastly appreciate your collective input.
    We are side/ back sleepers
    70/ 30. I am 215 ish 5’11” and
    she is 5’4” 130ish.
    I have rotator cuff issue (swimmer, climbing). She has peris formis issue
    ( soccer, running). Can’t have latex/natural latex confirmed allergy.
    We think a hybrid mattress is a good fit but Please advise!

  4. Is Bear Hybrid a good choice for us??? Husband is 6’1″ 250 lbs, mostly back and side sleeper but also sleeps on stomach occasionally. I am 5’9″ 145 lbs and sleep mainly on side but also back. We want something supportive for our backs but also comfortable enough that it doesn’t hurt my hip/side in the morning after laying on my side all night! THANK YOU

  5. I’m a side sleeper, 160 lbs and I’ve had left hip replacement and right shoulder surgery, so pressure points are important. My husband is a hot sleeper, usually on his back but sometimes side, and weighs just under 200 lbs. We have a king size bed and motion transfer is really important to me. Do you think the Dream Cloud is a good choice for us?

  6. Help!
    We are 220 lbs 5’4”and 300 lbs 6’2”.
    We sleep hot
    We are both side sleepers
    I battle fibromyalgia
    We are stuck between buying original purple, dream cloud, and Alexander hybrid.
    We would love to buy purple 3, but the price is a bit too much for 10 yr warranty.
    Please help?!
    Thank you for your time!

  7. Hey Julie,
    I get it, been having all those wonderful menopause symptoms for over 10 yrs. In addition to being a hot sleeper now, I have hot flashes, flushes, night sweats…omg, let me stop. You get it.
    I found a memory foam on Amazon by Zinus. Altho is has close to 22,000 reviews, the overwhelming being positive, I still come here to Sleepopolis to see their take on it. Not there so I sent them an email requesting more info. However, in reading all that Amazon offers and all (well, not ALL) reviews, it sounds very promising. The first review goes into great detail of how this guy solved all his needs, most especially the hot factor. Mattress covers, bedding, pillows, etc., including prices. He says he got all the things he needed for just around 500.00. Amazing, right?
    Hope it helps some. Have a great day.

  8. Good Morning,
    I am a side and hot sleeper and weigh about 160 lbs. I used to love my Tempurpedic bed for years until I started that wonderful time of my life known as menopause. :( I would sleep all night and feel wonderful in the morning. I loved the sinkage and the firmness of the Tempurpedic, but I just couldn’t stand the heat of the foam they use and had to get rid of it. I have looked over hundreds of reviews for cooling mattresses, and I think I am more confused now. I bought a coil mattress recently, but it is not comfortable, and I still sleep hot, so I end up sleeping on my very comfortable sofa. I am not certain whether I should buy a Purple, Casper or some other mattress. What are your thoughts?

    Thanks so much,


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