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Purple Pillow Review

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In the market for a new pillow? Say hello to the Purple pillow. Purple originally got its start by creating mattress unlike any other. The use of their patented hyper-elastic polymer material creates a supportive, responsive, and cooler feel. Recently, Purple decided it was time to take this same material and create a pillow.

Will the Purple pillow carry characteristics similar to that of the Purple mattress? Continue reading below to find out!

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The construction of the Purple pillow is quite interesting. The materials used in creating the pillow are 98% hyper-elastic polymer and 2% polyester. Also included is the Purple pillow booster that utilizes PVC and a soft outer coating. This pillow booster can be inflated to the sleeper’s desired height and inserted into the cover below the pillow, to add extra loft to the pillow.

If you’re familiar with the Purple mattress you will recognize that their pillow is constructed using the same smart grid technology throughout the hyper-elastic polymer. This material is designed to conform to your head and neck every time you lie down without breaking down or losing shape. The hyper-elastic polymer also has cooling properties that increase ventilation for a cooler sleeping surface.

Purple pillow packaging

Purple pillow packaging

The inflatable Purple booster also adds nice variation to the pillow. The adjustable height is designed accommodate side, back, and stomach sleepers, and can be easily added or removed, as needed.


The cover of the Purple Pillow is constructed from a blend of polyester (55%), viscose from bamboo (37%), and spandex (8%). These materials combine to create a plush casing with stretchy properties for added breathability and flexibility of the pillows interior.

Aesthetically speaking, the cover is all white and includes a purple zipper that allows the sleeper to remove the interior portion of the pillow and wash the cover. The cover of the Purple pillow is 100% machine washable. Although the design is quite simple, the look of the Purple pillow’s cover is sleek and seems to be well built.

Purple pillow, standard size

Purple pillow, standard size

Feel & Support

Built with their hyper-elastic polymer material, the Purple pillow offers high resiliency, fast response times, a soft core, and a cool surface. As I lay my head down on the pillow, my head immediately sinks while my neck remains supported by the firmer edges and core of the pillow.

By creating exterior polymer material that relieves pressure, along with a firmer core and firmer edges, the pillow is able to cradle the sleepers head and support their neck at the same time. This helps promote consistent spinal alignment and good pressure relief along the head and neck areas.

Exposed shot of the interior of the Purple pillow

Exposed shot of the interior of the Purple pillow

While sleeping on my stomach I found the pillow, even without the air booster, to be a little too lofty. Heavier or larger stature sleepers may find the loft more appropriate, but in general, I feel that the Purple pillow is much better suited for back and side sleepers.

Sleeping on my side and back was much better. I slightly inflated the air booster to give the pillow a little more loft, which created the appropriate height for my head and neck. During my sleep tests I felt well supported by the pillow.

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A major plus offered with the Purple pillow is the inclusion of the Purple pillow booster. This pillow booster is an inflatable insert designed to increase the loft of the pillow, and is shipped with every Purple pillow. Personally, I’m a fan of a flatter, lower lofted pillow due to sleeping mainly on my stomach. As I switched to sleeping on my back and side the booster was able to provide a more appropriate level of loft.

Purple pillow and the Purple pillow booster shown with the cover unzipped

Purple pillow and the Purple pillow booster shown with the cover unzipped

Adding the booster to your Purple pillow is simple. Just blow air into the booster and insert it inside the pillow’s cover below the pillow. Purple recommends that you add a little air to the inflatable insert every night and once you reach your desired loft, there is no need to add any more air. Purple also recommends not filling the insert more than 2/3 full.

After sleeping with the insert, I certainly noticed a difference. Sleeping on my back with this pillow was not necessarily an issue before, but the addition of the pillow booster created a more comfortable loft in addition to a bit more support. Back and side sleepers could benefit most from the insert whereas stomach sleepers will probably be okay without it.

Close up shot of the interior of the Purple pillow

Close up shot of the interior of the Purple pillow

Other Details

  • Shipping – Free shipping to the continental U.S.
  • Smell – Minimal smell
  • Size – The Purple pillow is available in a standard size with dimensions of 24” x 16” x 3” (can be made taller depending on the height that the booster adds)
  • Pricing – $99
  • Trial – 100 nights
  • Warranty – 10 year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Who should buy the Purple pillow?

The Purple pillow is quite distinctive and offers a drastically different feel than that of memory foam, latex, or down materials that I have tested to date. The hyper-elastic polymer attracts those looking for something unique and especially appealing to those who enjoy the Purple mattress. Its height adjustability makes this pillow a solid choice for back, side, and stomach sleepers.

I would recommend the Purple Pillow to sleepers who:

  • Want a supportive pillow – The smart-grid technology used in the Purple pillow creates contour around your head while properly supporting your neck. Sleepers of every position can benefit from the supportive nature of this pillow.
  • Want a pillow that is not made from foam or feathers – The Purple pillow does not use any foam or feathers. Instead, this pillow is made from Purple’s hyper-elastic polymer material. This is the same material used in the Purple mattress.
  • Want an adjustable pillow – This pillow comes with the Purple inflatable booster, which allows you to customize the height of your pillow. Sleepers have the option to blow up this inflatable insert, adding as much to the loft of the pillow that you desire.
  • Want a cooler pillow – The hyper-elastic polymer material used in this pillow combined with the breathable materials used in the cover come together to create a cooler pillow.

For more information on the Purple pillow check it out at

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