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Sick and tired of your old sheets? Ready to join the new era and give some bamboo sheets a try? Well then, say hello to the brand new Purple sheets! Purple is a company that has very quickly made a name for itself in the mattress and bedding industry.

After launching their Purple Mattress in late 2015, Purple skyrocketed to the top of the charts and became one of the most talked about mattresses in the industry. From there, Purple has decided to launch a full line of products, including a foundation, sheets, a mattress protector, a pillow, and seat cushions. After already testing the foundation and protector, I decided it was time to give the sheets a try.

Will the Purple sheets perform as well as the previously tested Purple products? Continue reading below to find out!

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Construction & Materials

The Purple sheets are constructed from a blend of spandex (10%) and viscose from bamboo (90%). Built with a seamless design, these sheets are made to provide a flawless look on your mattress. Included within the set are a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillow cases. Additionally, the fitted sheet contains an elastic band within the structure of the sheet, which helps maintain a tighter fit around the mattress as a whole.

Purple sheets - new in box packaging
Purple sheets – new in box packaging

In terms of sizing, Purple created sheets that had the ability to fit multiple depths and mattress sizes. The sheets are made to fit a Twin / Twin XL, Full / Full XL / Queen, and King / California King. In other words, they do not sell these sizes individually, but rather in groups.

With regard to the pillow cases, they are built with an open-end concept, meaning the pillow slides into the case and is tightly secured by the highly elastic material.

Build Quality

After I analyzed the sheet set, I found that they seem to have a very good build quality. I came to this conclusion by examining the stitching, material quality, and overall construction.

Close up of the Purple sheets
Close up of the Purple sheets

One of the most impressive attributes about the Purple sheets has been thread quality. I searched the sheets over and over again trying to locate a loose thread and failed repeatedly. These sheets did not have a single loose thread among the pillow cases, fitted sheet, or flat sheet. Purple has completed a very tough task by creating virtually flawless stitching.

Durability & Performance Tests

Durability and performance tests play a large role when reviewing a new set of sheets. My testing process focuses on the shrinkage, thread examination (before and after use), and color transfer. Each of these factors carries a certain level of importance and can make or break a buyer’s decision.

Angled view of the Purple sheets
Angled view of the Purple sheets

To begin with, we’ll look at shrinkage. Typically, shrinkage is the most common complaint made about a new set of sheets. As buyers, we want to be confident in knowing that a brand new sheet set is not going to shrink dramatically after a single standard wash/dry cycle.

Next up, we’ll examine the stitching more carefully. Although I have already touched on the thread quality and stitching, this test dives deep into the sheet after a few weeks of normal use. Have any new loose threads developed as a result of normal use and standard wash/dry cycles?

Finally, I looked at color transfer. This last test measures how much color/dye (if any) runs off of the sheet when conditions are intensified.

Shrinkage Test

Testing shrinkage is a crucial task with regard to determining durability of a new sheet set. When testing the shrinkage, I start by recording measurements for the flat sheet and one of the pillow cases right out of the box. Once I have these jotted down, I run the sheets through a standard wash/dry cycle. After this next step is complete, I take updated measurements of the sheets and compare them to the original measurements taken earlier.

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Now that I have compared the two sets of measurements, I’m able to determine the amount of shrinkage. The flat sheet shrank by 2.5% and the pillow case shrank by 2.4%. This low level of shrinkage is among the best I have tested to date. In addition, most shrinkage tends to take place during the first wash/dry cycle. I would not expect to see much more shrinkage (if any) from the Purple sheets.

Shrinkage test for the Purple sheets - 2.5% shrinkage (flat sheet) and 2.4% shrinkage (pillow case)
Shrinkage test for the Purple sheets – 2.5% shrinkage (flat sheet) and 2.4% shrinkage (pillow case)

Damage Test

A damage test is simply a deeper analysis of the sheets looking for any newly developed issues that could be the result of normal use and several wash/dry cycles. Upon further examination, the Purple sheets seem to have held up well and I was not able to find any damage or wear and tear across the sheet set.

Color Test

The color test is another test designed to measure the quality of materials used in these sheets. Yet, this test focuses directly on the colors and dyes used. My main focus is directed toward finding any run off of these colors and dyes used in the Purple sheets.

To kick things off, I soak a pillow case in warm water and give it time to fully absorb the water. Next, I wring any excess water from the pillow case using my hands. Immediately following, I place a small bed of paper towels on my counter and use a rolling pin to firmly press the sheets against the paper towels.

Keep in mind, I did test the white set of Purple sheets, so finding any color transfer is a bit difficult. That said, the Purple sheets seem to be made from very high-quality colors and dyes. Although it is unclear whether or not any color actually transferred, I  believe color transfer is not an issue with these sheets.

Feel, Cooling, & Style

Purple’s sheets have one of the nicest feels I have tested to date. These sheets are light, soft, and silky. This combination makes for quite a unique feel in my opinion. There have been other sheet sets containing bamboo and similar materials, but the Purple sheets offer a much more elastic feel than most of these others. The extra elasticity aids in breathability as well as comfort.

A major positive about the Purple sheets is their ability to remain put. What I mean by that is these sheets barely moved, if at all, as I rolled over and changed positions throughout my sleep test. As a sleeper, being able to move freely without feeling as if you’re pulling the sheet away from your partner, or vice versa, is a huge plus. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the softest, I would say the Purple sheets land at a 2.5-3.

Purple sheets - King size, platform bed
Purple sheets – King size, platform bed

Cooling is probably the most impressive feature about these sheets. Just like the Purple Mattress, the Purple sheets do an excellent job of providing a cool sleeping experience. Built with viscose from bamboo and spandex, these sheets contain properties similar to performance sportswear, which is specifically designed to increase breathability and reduce moisture. Therefore, the Purple sheets are able to offer a cooler sleeping experience by wicking away moisture and providing the optimal level of breathability for sleepers.

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Twin / Twin XL$99
Full / Full XL / Queen$114
King / California King$129
Purple sheets, close up angled view
Purple sheets, close up angled view

Who should buy the Purple sheets?

All in all, I’m a fan of the Purple sheets. The build quality, materials used, positive test results, and overall comfort level makes for a well-rounded, good value sheet set. If you’re a sleeper who is looking for a cooler sheet set and like the idea of performance wear style bedding, the Purple sheets should not be overlooked.

I would recommend the Purple sheets to sleepers who:

  • Want cooler sheets – Made from a blend of spandex and viscose from bamboo, the Purple sheets do a very good job of breathing.
  • Want lightweight, thinner sheets – As a thinner sheet set, weight is less than traditional cotton sets. Therefore, sleepers tend to feel less trapped by the bedding and are able to move more freely throughout the night.
  • Want bamboo sheets – Bamboo is naturally cooler, softer, and more breathable than a lot of other materials. This gives it an amazingly comfortable feel.
  • Want a great value buy – At $114 for a Queen size set, the Purple sheets are a great deal. I’ve tested other similar performance sheets that were upwards of $200. Their performance and material quality come together nicely and help to create a well-rounded sheet set.

For more information on the Purple sheets, visit OnPurple.com.

Excellent Value, Soft, Cool, Stretchy
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The Purple sheets are quite impressive. Their thinner, more elastic design helps improve breathability, comfort, and durability, all while offering top notch quality. Made from a combination of bamboo and spandex, these sheets perform almost as if they are a performance sportswear. If you’re looking for cooler sheets and like the idea of an extremely elastic sheet set, the Purple sheets should definitely be considered.

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