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Mattress Topper Reviews

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A quality topper can help improve your sleep and the following mattress topper reviews are designed to help you find the perfect topper for you! There are many reasons why a mattress topper might be right for you. Perhaps you sleep with a partner who has very different comfort / support needs than you, you may be trying to extend the life of your mattress, or you may simply enjoy the feel of an extra thick comfort layer. Regardless of the reason, a mattress topper or mattress pad could be an easy and inexpensive fix to your sleep problems.

Mattress toppers typically have the ability to soften or firm up a mattress anywhere from 10-20%. That said, not all mattress toppers are created equal. A quality topper should breathe well, create improved comfort, and improve the overall performance of your mattress. Sleepopolis is here to make sure you and your mattress are receiving the highest quality product at a price that works within your budget.

Is the mattress topper you’re interested in not mentioned here? Please send me an email via my contact form. I’d be happy to add it to the list.

Outlast phase change material cooling fabric$218
Read Review
All natural organic latex, organic cotton cover (extra, optional)$129-$369
Read Review
2" visco memory foam topper$56
Read Review
Extra plush bamboo mattress pad$103
Read Review
All natural organic 3" latex, organic wool, and organic cotton topper$1599
Read Review

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