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Amerisleep AS2 vs AS3 vs AS4 Mattress Comparison

Since its founding over a decade ago, Amerisleep has become a major player in the sleep sphere with its popular line of mattresses, which includes the AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4 and AS5 models. These beds combine high-quality foam with other innovative materials for a sleeping experience that folks really seem to dig.

Today we’re taking a look at the AS2, AS3 and AS4 mattresses to figure out what sets them apart and whether or not one of them could be the perfect bed for you.

So strap on your pajamas and get ready for a big dive into the Amerisleep suite of high-performance foam mattresses!

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Amerisleep AS2 Mattress
Amerisleep AS2 Mattress
Amerisleep AS2 Mattress

On the firmer end of the Spectrum, the Amerisleep AS2 is great for stomach or back sleepers. 


Like any group of fraternal triplets, the AS2, AS3 and AS4 mattresses boast not only a number of differences, but also some key similarities. So, before we pit these bed siblings against one another, let’s take a peek at the shared familial characteristics that make them such allstar mattresses.

Amerisleep AS3 Cover
Close up view of the Amerisleep cover

Cover – The cover for the AS2, AS3 and AS4 mattresses is the same one used across the Amerisleep line, including the AS1 and AS5 models. It’s made of a soft blend of polyester, Celliant and spandex, which creates a stretchy fabric that snaps back into place quickly. I should add that some research suggests that Celliant not only promotes cooling, but also soothes tired muscles!

Memory Foam – All three mattresses also feature a special open cell memory foam design typical of the brand. While memory foam has a lot of great benefits, it can sometimes overheat because of its tight cellular structure, so the open design encourages a pleasant cooling effect.

Base – The base of all three mattresses is made up of 7 inches of high density poly foam. This layer makes a firm foundation and provides deep compression support to the sleeper. The solid base also gives the mattress its shape and adds durability to the overall structure.


And now onto the differences. The big thing to keep in mind moving forward is that the mattresses get softer as they increase in number, so the AS4 is less firm than the AS3, which is softer than the AS2. This is because of a few reasons, but mainly has to do with the different ways the mattresses’ top and middle layers are crafted.

I’m going to walk you through a brief synopsis of each bed’s specific construction below, but would encourage you to also check out our full reviews of the AS2, AS3 and AS4.


Amerisleep AS2 Construction
Showing the layers of the Amerisleep AS2 mattress

Comfort layer – The comfort layer of the AS2 is made of 2 inches of memory foam, which provides a nice dollop of pressure relief and a moderate sinking feeling. Though memory foam has a tendency to overheat, this bed uses Amerisleep’s special open cell memory foam design to keep things cool and comfortable.

Affinity layer – Below the soothing memory foam lies a 3 in. polyfoam Affinity layer. This section acts as the transition between the mattress’ soft top and heavy duty base and is constructed with a convoluted, wavy design that promotes air flow. This stuff is pretty firm and provides excellent support for the AS2, giving it a nice bounce that’ll have you springing out of bed in the morning with ease.


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Amerisleep AS3 Mattress
Amerisleep AS3 Mattress
Amerisleep AS3 Mattress

With a true medium-firm feel, the AS3 is ideal for combo sleepers. Get 30% off with code AS30.

Amerisleep AS3 Construction
Showing the layers of the Amerisleep AS3 mattress

Comfort layer – The AS3’s comfort layer is made up of 3 inches of memory foam. With this extra inch, the AS3 becomes more pliable than the AS2 and provides the sleeper with an even cushier feel. If you enjoy a mattress that slightly contours to your body, the AS3 could be a great choice for you. Keep in mind that this bed employs the same open cell memory foam of its brethren, so will keep you feeling refreshed through the night.

Affinity Layer – The Affinity layer of the AS3 is built with 2 inches of polyfoam manipulated in the same wavy style as the AS2. With more memory foam than this hard transition material, the AS3 has awesome give and is well-suited for a variety of sleepers.


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Amerisleep AS4 Mattress
Amerisleep AS4 Mattress
Amerisleep AS4 Mattress

On the softer side, the AS4 could be a great pick for side sleepers! Get 30% off with code AS30.

Amerisleep AS4 Construction
Showing the layers of the Amerisleep AS4 mattress

Comfort layer – In case you haven’t picked up on the pattern yet, the AS4’s comfort layer features 4 inches of memory foam, making it the slowest-to-react of the bunch. The added inches of open cell cooling foam make this an excellent option for side sleepers or people who want a nice little hug from their mattress whenever they lay down.

Affinity layer – With only a single inch of poly foam, the AS4’s Affinity layer is thinner than the other two, which results in a mattress that isn’t quite as firm. However, the AS4 still provides great support throughout, even if you’ll sometimes feel like you’re sleeping “in” it.

So what?

Basically, the different memory-to-polyfoam ratios in these three beds make for three very distinct sleeping experiences. The firmness of the AS2, for example, could be ideal for a heavy-set back sleeper looking for extra support while the softness of the AS4 is going to be the ticket for a side sleeper in need of pressure relief.

The Feel

Nitty gritty details aside, let’s get down to how these bad boys feel. This is easily my favorite part of any comparison, because while I love nerding out over construction (Spandex and Celliant and high-density polyfoam, Oh my!), what folks need to know most is how a mattress is going to feel when they’re sleeping on top of it.

Everyone feels the firmness of mattress a bit differently, because of size and weight distribution, so I brought in three more testers to try out each of these Amerisleeps. Below is the graph showing the average firmness rating for each of the three mattresses.

Amerisleep Comparison Firmness Chart
Average firmness ratings for the Amerisleep mattresses based on responses from four testers

While feel is, of course, a super personal thing, I’m going to do my best to break down all the aspects that contribute to these mattresses’ fully unique vibes.


Amerisleep AS2 Hand Press
Pressing into the Amerisleep AS2 mattress

As we started to discuss above, the AS2 is one of the firmest mattresses in the Amerisleep line (with the AS1 being the firmest of the bunch). What this means is that you’re not going to feel a ton of sinkage when you lay down on this bed, regardless of the position. While this feeling of sleeping “on” the mattress will be great for back and stomach sleepers, it can cause some issues for side sleepers who will likely feel tension at the shoulders and hips because of the lack of give. This firmness does make for stellar edge support though, which can be crucial if you need to share your mattress and use the entire surface.


Amerisleep AS3 Edge Support Laying
Edge support while lying near the edge of the Amerisleep AS3 mattress

Existing in between the AS2 and AS4, the AS3 is an awesome choice for the sleeper who likes a soft yet firm feel and changes up their sleeping positions throughout the night. There’s just a breath of sinkage here, so you’ll definitely get that nice sinking feeling from the memory foam if that’s something you’re into. Given that the AS3 works for a range of different sleepers, this makes a wonderful option for couples.


Amerisleep AS4 Edge Support Side Laying
Edge support while lying on my side near the edge of the Amerisleep AS4 mattress

With its lush 4 in. memory foam layer, the AS4 gives sleepers that traditional cloud feeling when they sleep on it, complete with some seriously luxurious sinkage. While this won’t necessarily work for people who doze on a flat plane, it’ll have side sleepers’ tails wagging as the extra foam will contour to their bodies and provide much-needed pressure relief. The thick memory foam layer is also great at absorbing motion, which makes it good for couples.

When discussing the difference between the feel of the mattress it can be helpful to see how far in you may sink. As you can see from the graphic below the sinkages are relatively similar for the lighter balls used during the sinkage test. The difference steadily increases for the heavier medicine balls as the amount of memory foam increases in the mattresses.

Amerisleep Comparison Sinkage
Sinkage comparison of Amerisleep AS2, AS3 and AS4 mattresses

So what?

First things first: All three of these Amerisleep mattresses sleep super well. They’re comfortable, cool and provide excellent support to the sleeper. That being said, they do feel different. The AS2 is going to give you that classic, firm feel. You’re not going to sink too much and you’ll be able to spring right out of bed in the morning. The AS3 is a more versatile option, featuring a nice mix of sinkage and firmness perfect for any sleeping position. And of course the AS4 is the cushiony dream, with great pressure relief.

Motion Transfer

Whether it’s with your long term partner or your second cousin dropping into town for a wedding, you’re bound to share your bed with someone during your mattress’ tenure. That’s why it’s crucial to consider motion transfer when making a big mattress purchase.

Amerisleep Comparison Motion
Motion transfer comparison for Amerisleep AS2, AS3 and AS4 mattresses

Though all three of these mattresses have relatively good motion transfer—meaning one sleeper’s movements won’t greatly disturb the other—there are slight differences that could make or break your power napping experience.

A general rule of thumb is that the more memory foam a mattress has, the better equipped it is to isolate and absorb a sleeper’s movements. So if you’re a fitful sleeper trying to find the perfect bed for you and your dozing log of a mate, the AS4 could be a great pick as its thick comfort layer will greatly reduce the motion transfer. However, if both you and your partner are relatively still sleepers, the AS3 would be a better option as its combo of soft memory foam and thick transition layer makes it more appealing to a wider array of sleepers.

So which do I buy?!

When deciding which of these fantastic Amerisleep mattresses to go with, there are a few factors to consider that will practically make the choice for you.

Amerisleep Comparison Sitting On Bed
Sitting on an Amerisleep mattress

The first thing to figure out is what type of sleeper you are. If you’re a back sleeper, snag an AS2 as its firm middle layer will give you the lumbar support you need and will make you feel like you’re sleeping “on” the mattress. If you only like sleeping on your side, consider the AS4 as its thick memory foam top will perfectly hug your curves. And if you’re more of a combo platter kind of person, you’re safest with the AS3.

The second comes down to firmness. If you like a bed that doesn’t have too much give, the AS2 is a great choice for you, while the AS4 is perfect for the person who wants more sink with their mattress. And for those who want the best of both worlds, go with the soft yet firm AS3.

And third, how often will you be sharing your bed? If the answer is never or not often, the AS2’s the ticket while a couple will probably feel best served by the versatile AS3.

To get even more specific about my mattress recommendations, I’m going to group certain types of sleepers together that might enjoy the same mattress.

Amerisleep AS2 Front View
Front view of the Amerisleep AS2 mattress


  • Back and stomach-sleepers who need lumbar support.
  • Heavy-set sleepers who need extra firmness.
  • Single sleepers who don’t have to worry about motion transfer.


  • Couples with different sleeping preferences.
  • Single sleepers who change positions throughout the night.
  • Sleepers in search of a soft yet firm feel.


  • Side sleepers who need pressure relief at the shoulders and hips.
  • Couples with similar sleeping preferences.
  • Sleepers in search of a soft, sinking feel.
Amerisleep AS3 Corner View
Corner view of the Amerisleep AS3 mattress

PHEW! Alright, so I think that’s pretty much all ya’ll need to know about the AS2, AS3 and AS4 mattresses. As always, if you have any specific questions or want a personal mattress recommendation, leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to get back to you ASAP.

Layers2" Bio-Pur Comfort Layer
3" Affinity Layer
7" Bio-Core Base Layer
3" Bio-Pur Comfort Layer
2" Affinity Layer
7" Bio-Core Base Layer
4" Bio-Pur Comfort Layer
1" Affinity Layer
7" Bio-Core Base Layer
FirmnessMedium FirmMediumMedium Soft
PositionStomach, BackSide, ComboSide, Combo
Price (Queen)$1,099$1,199$1,499
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