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Luuf Hybrid Mattress Review: Is a Foam or Hybrid Bed for You?

Does bigger mean better when it comes to sleep? The Luuf mattress comes in at a notable height of 13”. This means that Luuf (the company) has plenty of room to put some great stuff in there. Do they take advantage of the extra space, or does this Luuf lose its lift somewhere in the middle? I’m here to find out.

I stretch, squeeze, and bounce the Luuf in every direction I can think of to test it for you. I have a lot of fun on my job, but I love bringing you the facts even more. Read on to see what I found in my Luuf Hybrid mattress review, starting with a bit of information about the company behind the mattress.

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Luuf Hybrid Mattress
Luuf Hybrid Mattress
Luuf Hybrid Mattress

A power combo of zoned coils and gentle foam make the Luuf Hybrid a truly dynamic bed. Use code SLEEPOPOLIS20 to save 20% on your entire Luuf purchase!

Editor’s Note: The Luuf mattress was previously known as Luft but was renamed to avoid pronunciation confusion.

The Luuf Brand Snapshot

I expected to see a high level of performance in the Luuf. Its price point gives me an indication that the company wants to compete with mattresses above budget level. The company also took the time to give the Luuf a unique visual appeal. I’m more concerned about what’s underneath, but this is a good sign that the company believes in its product.

Luuf does have an interesting mix of materials under the hood. It’s up to me to see if the Bolsa and Quantum coils and CertiPur certification are truly worth paying a premium for. I’ll take a look, starting with the stuff inside the mattress and moving forward with the feel and performance.

Luft Hybrid mattress review
The Luuf mattress in the Sleepopolis bedroom

What is the Luuf Made of?

The four layers in the Luuf each have an important role to play in the feel of the bed. I will take a look at this bed piece by piece and break down the mix of materials they use.

Cover – The polyester cover came quilted with foam, which is what gives the Luuf some of its initial contouring and pressure relief. The combination of polyester and foam gives a comfortable sweater-like feel.

Comfort – Graphite infused memory foam has a slow response to pressure that helps with the contouring feeling. Memory foams tend to hold body heat, but the graphite infusion helped to move heat away from me. This is especially important because of the sinkage you’ll experience in the first two layers.

Luft Hybrid mattress cover
Close up look at the cover of the Luuf

Transition – High-density poly foam provided a firmer, bouncier, quick response to pressure. The cradling support from this layer kept me from falling too far into the mattress. However, it maintained the comforting contour that the first two layers had created.

Base – Pocketed coils provided the final support layer to the Luuf. These coils give the bed its shape and provide the majority of the mattress’ bounciness. They also support the layers above it as well as the sleeper.

Thoughts: The hybrid Luuf mattress gave me a good balance between mobility and comfort. Changing positions is a snap because it’s bouncy, but there is still good pressure relief in the shoulder area on the side. Strict side sleepers and combo sleepers usually find this balance of features quite comfortable. Strict stomach sleepers may need more support in sensitive areas even with the list of features mentioned above. The Luuf may not be firm enough to hold a sleeper’s spinal alignment in those positions.

Luft Hybrid mattress construction
The materials used in the layers of the Luuf

What Does the Luuf Feel Like?

Firmness is often the most important aspect of how a mattress performs. Body shape, size, and weight all make a difference as to how a mattress feels, so I tested the Luuf with colleagues of different body types. The firmness score that you see below is the average of our own personal firmness ratings.

I use a firmness scale from 1 to 10. 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest. 6.5 is the industry standard for medium firmness. The Luuf felt just slightly softer than this median, so I gave it a 6/10 composite score. Take a look at how the Luuf performed when I tested it in certain positions.

Luft Hybrid mattress firmness
I found the Luuf to have a medium firmness to it

[Keep in mind that the Luuf makes three mattresses that are created to be soft, medium and hard firmness. I am testing the one in the middle, so this is about what I expected.]

The top of the Luuf is fairly soft, so I sank into the mattress almost immediately when lying on my back. The support from the pocketed coils quickly balanced this feel, so I did not get a sinking feeling at all. The bed felt bouncy with good mobility because of the hybrid construction (foam + coils), and I had no trouble switching positions.

When I was on my side, I paid special attention to the sensitive areas in the shoulders and hips. Most sleepers need a bit of give here because of the pressure that the side position puts on the shoulders, and the Luuf responded well. Combo side sleepers and even strict side sleepers may want to consider the Luuf because of its performance here.

Back sleeping on the Luft Hybrid mattress
Relaxing on the Luuf mattress

On my stomach, I did feel that the Luuf needed a bit more support in the sensitive hip area. My hips sank into the mattress quite a bit, which can lead to back bowing in many cases. It is possible that heavier sleepers and all sleepers who are strict stomach sleepers may want a slightly firmer mattress for this position.

Overall, strict side sleepers and combo sleepers should find the medium firmness Luuf a good buy because of its pressure relief and mobility.

Save 20%
Luuf Hybrid Mattress
Luuf Hybrid Mattress
Luuf Hybrid Mattress

A power combo of zoned coils and gentle foam make the Luuf Hybrid a truly dynamic bed. Use code SLEEPOPOLIS20 to save 20% on your entire Luuf purchase!

Testing Out the Luuf

I tested the Luuf for Bounce, Pressure, and Motion Transfer, all three important measures of performance for a mattress. I use tests that simulate what sleepers will feel like in various situations and in various sleeping positions. Here’s what I found.

Pressure Relief

I test for pressure relief with a pressure map on top of the Luuf’s cover layer. This is a color coded map that uses blue for low/no pressure to red for high/uncomfortable pressure. Green and yellow are in the middle, with yellow representing more pressure than green. I slept in different positions (back, side, and stomach) to see how the mattress felt for a range of sleepers.

Luft Hybrid mattress pressure map
Pressure map results for the Luuf

Back – I expected to see all blue here, and that’s what I got. My body weight was even across the map with no sink points, which is good news for the Luuf. Back sleepers should get that all-important spinal alignment that makes for a good night’s sleep.

Side – The pressure relief coming from the quilted cover and graphite infused memory foam was not enough to keep pressure on my shoulders out of the green/yellow zone. This may be a bit high for strict side sleepers. Combo sleepers may not experience as much of this pressure, because the pressure map shows what happens over time, not immediately.

Stomach – Body weight is pretty evenly distributed on the stomach as well as the back, so I got an all-blue pressure map here as well. However, strict stomach sleepers might need more support in the hips. Although the pressure map showed no uncomfortable pressure there, I felt my hips sink in a way that may cause back bowing during the night. This is a symptom of spinal misalignment. Strict stomach sleepers may want to try the firmer version of the Luuf for more support.

Stomach sleeping on the Luft Hybrid mattress
Stomach sleeping on the Luuf mattress


The Bounce test answers whether a sleeper will feel stuck in a mattress when sleeping or constricted when changing positions. I expected the Luuf’s coils to give the bed a comfortable level of buoyancy. I dropped a 10 lbs. ball onto the mattress and noted the results. The Luuf performed well here, which means that sleepers will have a great deal of mobility when sleeping and moving in the Luuf.

Save 20%
Luuf Hybrid Mattress
Luuf Hybrid Mattress
Luuf Hybrid Mattress

A power combo of zoned coils and gentle foam make the Luuf Hybrid a truly dynamic bed. Use code SLEEPOPOLIS20 to save 20% on your entire Luuf purchase!

Motion Transfer

For Motion Transfer, I bounce the same ball on one side of the Luuf from heights of 4”, 8”, and 12”. Imeasure motion transfer with a seismometer on the other side. I place the seismometer here to emulates a partner jumping in or out of bed or changing positions. This transfer of motion can be disturbing to a partner during the night.

The Luuf is a pretty bouncy mattress, so I expected it to transfer a lot of unwanted motion. It actually outperformed this expectation. Although the Luuf does not have a thick layer of memory foam, its softer top layers were able to isolate the motion of the ball. This is great news if you’re buying the Luuf for two, especially if number two is restless during the night.

Luft Hybrid mattress motion transfer
Motion transfer test results for the Luuf mattress

Luuf vs

One of the best ways to test a mattress is to put it up against products from the same company. Here I compare the Luuf to the Little Luuf, a mattress focused on kids with a few differences that may interest you.

Little Luuf

  • The Little Luuf had a much lower profile than the Luuf, measuring in at 8” to the Luuf’s 13”. This is an advantage for most kids.
  • The Little Luuf had a slightly softer feel than the Luuf, a feature that was also designed for children.
  • You get natural fibers for fire barriers in the Little Luuf, not the chemicals that are used in most mattresses.
  • Pricewise, the Little Luuf (with a range between $299 for the Twin to $699 for the King) is less expensive than the Luuf.

Is the Luuf Mattress Right for You?

Now that I’ve gone through the Luuf’s major features, the materials inside, and its feel, it is time for you to make a decision! Is the Luuf right for you? I’ll sum up the major takeaways from our tests so that you can make an informed decision about your next mattress.

Save 20%
Luuf Hybrid Mattress
Luuf Hybrid Mattress
Luuf Hybrid Mattress

A power combo of zoned coils and gentle foam make the Luuf Hybrid a truly dynamic bed. Use code SLEEPOPOLIS20 to save 20% on your entire Luuf purchase!

Luuf Recommendations

  • Combo sleepers will probably love the balanced pressure relief that the Luuf provided in all sleeping positions. Sleeping on your back, side, or stomach should be comfortable for short stretches.
  • The Luuf provided a comfortable level of bounce during testing, which added to the mobility and ease of movement. Changing positions should be easy for most sleepers.
  • Couples should find the motion isolation in the Luuf quite helpful to a good night’s sleep.
  • The tall profile of the Luuf was a welcome feature that is usually not associated with the bed-in-a-box mattress.

Luuf Complaints

  • The Luuf tends to sleep a bit warm. If you are a heavier sleeper or you sweat a lot at night, then you may not have a match here.
  • Strict stomach sleepers may need a bit more support in the lower back and hips. The slightly less firm nature of the Luuf may cause your hips to sink into the mattress when sleeping on your stomach.
Relaxing on the Luft Hybrid mattress
Testing the Luuf mattress

Basic Information

  • Trial – 100 Nights
  • Warranty – 10 Years
  • Shipping – Free and Compressed

How Much Does The Luuf Cost?

Save 20%
Luuf Hybrid Mattress
Luuf Hybrid Mattress
Luuf Hybrid Mattress

A power combo of zoned coils and gentle foam make the Luuf Hybrid a truly dynamic bed. Use code SLEEPOPOLIS20 to save 20% on your entire Luuf purchase!

Twin38" x 75" x 14.5"85 lbs$749
Twin XL38" x 80" x 14.5"95 lbs$799
Full54" x 75" x 14.5"115 lbs$949
Queen60" x 80" x 14.5"135 lbs$1,249
King76" x 80" x 14.5"165 lbs$1,499
California King72" x 84" x 14.5"165 lbs$1,499


What is the Luuf Hybrid mattress made of?

The Luuf Hybrid mattress is 13″ that includes three layers. The first layer is made of graphite infused memory foam, the second layer is made of high-density poly foam and the last layer, which is the largest layer, is made of pocketed coils.

Does the Luuf Hybrid mattress come with a sleep trial?

Yes, the Luuf Hybrid comes with a 100-night sleep trial. It also comes with free shipping and a 10-year warranty.

Is the Luuf Hybrid mattress an expensive option?

Depending on one’s budget, the Luuf Hybrid mattress is a middle of the road option when it comes to pricing. A queen mattress will run $1249 while a king is $1499. They come in several other size options as well.

Luuf Hybrid Mattress
  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Value
  • Cooling
  • Edge Support
  • Trial
  • Warranty
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