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Aireloom Preferred Mattress Collection Review

Aireloom mattresses are some of the most luxurious in the bedding market. They feature top-tier foams, meticulously crafted coils, springs, and stitches, and an upscale look and feel. The company divides its mattresses into five different collections, and this article will be looking at the Preferred Collection, which is a more affordable set of beds than some of Aireloom’s fancier options.

According to the company, they were inspired by the “simplicity and elegance of California living” to create this line. In fact, back in 2017, the line was redesigned to deliver an updated look on retail floors. It’s been described as a “freshened-up collection,” that features a newly designed plaid border fabric.

Let’s dive into the eight mattresses featured in this collection in our Aireloom Preferred Collection review to see if any sound up your bedroom alley. 

The Company: Aireloom

Before we spell out all the details of these eight mattresses, let’s take a step back to talk about Aireloom as a company, which has an elite and rich background. Aireloom was founded in the early 1940’s by King Karpen — Karpen was not a king, but he did create mattresses that were said to be for “royalty.” His mattresses were made with top-quality materials, like thick layers of silk, cashmere, wool, and cotton. It was marketed for Hollywood’s elite and soon nicknamed the “Rolls Royce” of mattresses. Aireloom ended up in the bedrooms of many celebrities and even made its way to the White House!

Aireloom was bought by Earl Kluft in 1992. Then, in 2015, the privately held global mattress manufacturer and retailer The Flex Group acquired E.S. Kluft & Co. Today, Aireloom is owned by a large corporation, yet still gives off the feeling you’re shopping from a small, artisanal brand.    

Aireloom Preferred Mattress Collection

The collection we’re going to dive into today is Aireloom Preferred mattress collection, which includes three different categories with unique mattress within each:

Preferred Luxetop Designs™

  • Luxetop™ | M¹ Micro Coils | Firm
  • Luxetop™ | M¹ Micro Coils | Plush
  • Luxetop™ | M² Micro Coils | Plush

Preferred Streamline Designs™

  • Streamline™ | Plush
  • Streamline™ | Luxury Firm
  • Streamline™ | Extra Firm

Preferred Channel Streamline Designs™

  • Channel Streamline™ | Plush
  • Channel Streamline™ | Firm

All of these mattresses are unique, but the Preferred mattresses as a whole all feature Aireloom’s Tencel® New Age fabric, which is only used in a few Aireloom collections. Underneath the Tencel® is Celsion Latex to help you regulate heat and provide pressure relief. Let’s dive into how these mattresses are the same — and different — so you can have a better idea of what could be a good choice for you.

Preferred Luxetop™ Designs

Aireloom Preferred Collection review

Surface Materials

The quilt on the Preferred Luxetop™ mattress is the same quilt as the Streamline™ Designs surface materials. For this quilt, the top is a layer of Tencel® fabric, a sustainable fabric regenerated from wood cellulose that is known for being super soft and flexible, providing cooling support. Underneath this are layers of silk, wool, and HiLoft FR fibers. Then comes Aireloom’s Pillowflex™ layer, which is unique quilting foam that Aireloom claims is more resilient than other similar materials — used as an alternative to traditional quilting foams. This layer gives an extra feeling of plush and cushion. Then comes a layer of Plush Graphite foam for the plush mattresses in this collection; the firm beds will have a layer of Convoluted foam. All of these layers are held together by a stretchy and cool layer of cotton tricot backing.

Comfort Layer

Between the three mattresses in the Preferred Luxetop™ Designs, the difference in comfort layer is simply how thick each layer is, which will lead to different levels of thickness and support. The Luxetop™ M¹ Micro Coils – Firm will have the thinnest comfort layer and the Luxetop™ M² Micro Coils – Plush will be the thickest layer. The comfort layer itself is comprised of six layers; the top is a layer of  CelsionPLUS™, which is a latex foam made it help your body maintain a consistent body temperature throughout the night. Underneath is an all-natural Talalay Latex, and below that is Aireluxe trademarked foam. Next comes eight pounds of cotton. Then we get to the coils. Depending on the mattress, the comfort layer will either have M2 or M1 microcoils, both with a 19 gauge. These microcoils are made from thin and flexible steel coils that offer additional pressure relief and resilience. These microcoils are placed above the “main” coil system. Last comes visco elastic memory foam for contouring qualities and deep pressure relief.

Support System

The support system for these mattresses includes a high-density encased perimeter support to help with edge support and to ensure you don’t feel like you’re falling off the bed. Then comes the Support-flex™ coils system, which are Individually wrapped coils that allow each coil to react independently of each other, helping to improve motion control. This all stays in place with 49 hand-tied outertufts. The full perimeter coil count is 1,052 coils for a King, and 842 for a Queen.

Box Spring

The box spring is on a V-Shaped Semi-Flex Grid foundation with metal corner guards. The box spring is available in 9 inches of five inches, depending on if you want a high or low bed profile. While you can use your own box spring, Aireloom highly recommends using theirs in order to ensure longevity. However, if you want to use your own, Aireloom says to make sure it’s in good condition, or else it may compromise the feel of your entire bed setup.

Preferred Streamline™ Designs

These mattresses will be very similar to the Luxetop™ Design collection. The biggest difference is the comfort layer, which is a little less complex, making these mattresses more affordable.

Surface Materials

Like we mentioned above, the surface level for these three mattresses — the Streamline™ Plush, Luxury Firm, and Extra Firm — is the same as the Preferred Luxetop™ mattresses.  The top is a layer of Tencel® fabric followed by layers of silk, wool, and HiLoft FR fibers. Next is the Pillowflex™ layer followed by either Plush Graphite foam or a layer of Convoluted foam. All of these layers are held together by a stretchy and cool layer of cotton tricot backing.

Comfort Layer

The comfort layer for these three mattresses will be comprised of a top layer of CelsionPLUS™, that latex foam that helps regulate body temperature and keep sleepers cool. Underneath is Aireluxe™ foam and an eight pound layer of cotton. The microcoils for this comfort layer vary slightly from the Luxetop™ mattresses; these are 17 gauge versus 19 gauge for the Luxetop™ Designs.  A lower gauge will make the mattress feel more firm.

Support System

The support system for these mattresses start with the high-density encased perimeter support. Next is the support-flex coil system, which is the same gauge count as the Luxetop beds: 15 or 13 3/4 gauge individually wrapped coils. The full perimeter coil count is the same, too, coming is at 1,052 coils for a King and 842 for a Queen. The difference here is there are 36 hand-tied outer-tufts, compared to 49 in the Luxetop Design models.

Box Spring

The box spring is also the same; it’s on V-Shaped Semi-Flex Grid foundation with metal corner guards., and comes in a 9” or 5” profile.

Preferred Channel Streamline™ Designs

Surface Materials

The quilt for the Channel Streamline™ Design mattresses is very similar to the other two categories above. The only difference is there is no Pillowflex layer, so these beds won’t feel as plush and soft.

Comfort Layer

The comfort layer is also less complex, making these beds good options for people who need more firm support when they sleep. The top is 3.5 pounds of Airegelle™, an advanced gel, followed by a high-density, Aireluxe foam and a layer of memory foam.

Support System

Once again, the support system is near-identical for this category. What makes these mattresses different is there are 15 hand outer tufts, versus 36 and 49 in the other two models. The coil count is the same!

Box Spring

The box spring is on a V-Shaped Semi-Flex Grid foundation with metal corner guards and is available in a 9” or 5” profile.

Aireloom comfort layer options

Aireloom Preferred Mattress Collection Feel

The three different “categories” in this collection will feel pretty different. The first one we went through — the Luxetop™ Designs — will feel the most “luxurious” since it has the most complex comfort layer and has the most hand-tied outertufts. These mattresses also put the most emphasis on using both microcoils and different layers of foam and cotton, providing a true “hybrid” feel.

In general, hybrid beds are designed to offer the best features of springs and foam while minimizing their negative qualities. They’re less bouncy than innerspring mattresses but still designed to contour to the body like foam mattresses. They also do a good job at providing a cool sleeping surface, something memory foam doesn’t have the best reputation for. Read our best hybrid mattress page to learn more about hybrids as well as find some of our top picks in this style.

The Luxetop™ Designs and Streamline™ Designs mattresses both have a layer of Pillowflex™ to provide an extra cushioned and pillow-top feel. The Channel Streamline™ Designs mattress might be more simple than the other two, but still has layers of memory foam, silk, wool, and Talalay cotton. If you want something complex that still has the qualities of a sturdy and soft hybrid mattress, this might be a great option for you.

All three categories within this collection are designed to provide good edge support and minimize motion control.

Lastly, you can tell how soft or firm these mattresses will be based on its name. Here’s a breakdown of them all:

Aireloom Preferred firmness levels

Aireloom Preferred Mattress Collection Vs. Others

All of these mattresses are hybrids, providing qualities that both hybrid and foam mattress are known for: pressure relief, high-response spring, and cooling qualities.

The hybrid mattress closest in feel — and price tag — to this Aireloom Preferred collection is likely the Beautyrest Black mattress, which has pocketed coil technology, luxury comfort foam, and memory foam. If you’re interested in the Luxetop Designs category, these mattresses will feel the most similar to Beautyrest.

If you want the feel of innersprings and memory foam, then check out Tomorrow Sleep, which is a hybrid bed with a memory foam comfort layer. If you want an Aireloom memory foam option similar to Tomorrow Sleep, then stick with the Luxetop™ or Channel Streamline™ Design mattresses. The Streamline™ Design mattresses are the only ones without a layer of memory foam.

Lastly, if you want a solid hybrid bed without a high price tag (this Aireloom collection is in the $2,000-$3,000 range) consider the DreamCloud which has both foam and wrapped coil components, or The WinkBed, which has a double coil construction.

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Additional Need-to-Know’s

  • All Aireloom beds are designed with what Aireloom calls its Aireloom Lift™ technology, which is an air chamber between the springs and mattress top that increases the areas of low pressure when you’re laying on the mattress to give off the feeling of being cradled.
  • Each mattress is covered by a 15-year warranty. If something breaks or tears, a person will come to inspect the mattress in your home. Defective workmanship is one of the leading causes of warranty fulfillment for these beds.
  • All of these mattresses are handcrafted in the United States. East Coast retailers are supplied from the manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania and West coast retailers are supplied from the manufacturing facility in California.

Common Praise & Complaints

There are no reviews available online for this specific Aireloom collection. This isn’t good or bad, it just is a fact. Make sure to do as much research as you can, talk to the employees at a retail store, and see if you know of anyone who owns an Aireloom themselves.

Sizing and Pricing Information

Mattresses in the Aireloom Preferred Collection are more affordable than other collections. The Queen set is priced to retail at $2,700. Specifics for each size are not available online, so we suggest going to the nearest retailer to find out more information.

As far as sizes go, Aireloom mattress sizes are industry standard, so will fit an existing bed base if you want to use what you already have.

Is the Aireloom Preferred Mattress Right for You?

Now it’s time to break down the main reasons why someone would want to try a mattress from the Aireloom Preferred Collection.

You want luxury without a super-high price tag. Aireloom mattresses are top of the line. They use high-quality materials and are handmade, so you’ll be paying for it. That said, the mattresses in this Preferred line are more affordable than the other collection, with mattress in the $2-3K range versus others that are upwards of $7,000.

You want good motion control. If you’re a light sleeper, sleep with a partner, or simply enjoy stillness when sleeping — who doesn’t? — the mattresses in this collection seem to do a good job of preventing motion throughout the night. The sturdy outer-tufts help keeps you in place and prevents feeling movement on your side of the bed if someone is tossing and turning on the other side.

You want comfort level options. These mattresses in this collection all have different levels of comfort and support. If you have your heart set on an Aireloom, want something more affordable, but also want options when it comes to how firm or soft your bed feel, this collection will provide the most options since there are eight mattresses to choose from!

Now, here’s an individual recommendation for each Preferred category:

Preferred Luxetop™ Designs: These mattresses are best for back or stomach sleepers who love soft beds and want a bed that places an emphasis on microcoils, known for upping the ante when it comes to durability, conformability, and coolness.

Preferred Streamline™ Designs: Aireloom mattresses are the only ones that do not have a layer of memory foam. If memory foam isn’t your jam, we recommend looking into one of these three mattresses. Luckily, they come in plush, luxury firm, and extra-firm options!

Preferred Channel Streamline™ Designs: The design and construction of these mattresses might be the most simple, but this also means it’s the most affordable. It includes a layer of memory foam, and you can choose between firm or plush.

Aireloom Preferred Mattress Collection Summary

The Aireloom Preferred Collection offers versatility, a bit more affordability, and still complexity and care. These mattresses all include silk, wool, natural cotton, and high-quality foams. A few also include memory foam, and they all have hand tied outer tufts for durability and support. If you’re looking for a luxury mattress with top-tier materials, options when it comes to firmness level, and something that might better fit your price-range, the Preferred Collection might indeed be calling your name!


Are the mattresses in the Aireloom Preferred mattress collection affordable?

Mattresses in the Aireloom Preferred Collection are more affordable than the other Aireloom collections available. The Queen set is priced to retail at $2,700.

What feature do all of the Aireloom Preferred mattresses have?

While each of the eight mattresses is unique, the Preferred mattresses all feature Aireloom’s Tencel® New Age fabric. Underneath the Tencel® is Celsion Latex to help regulate heat and provide pressure relief.

Do the Aireloom Preferred mattresses come with a warranty?

Yes, all eight of the Aireloom Preferred mattress models come with a 15-year warranty. If something breaks or tears, a person will come to inspect the mattress in home to determine the best route.

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