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There’s no shortage of really awesome sleep trackers, fancy alarms, smart lights, white noise machines, and other devices on the market today. Over the coming months, we’ll be testing some of the most popular, best, and innovative sleep gadgets coming to a bedroom near you.

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Snooz White Noise MachineThis white noise machine provides constant soothing noise throughout the night to block out any disruptions to your sleep. See our full review.$79.99– Uses a real fan for its sound rather than a loop
– Sleek and neutral look
– Great for when you’re on the go
– Some customers note that it’s not as loud as a fan and wish it was more amplified
– Only includes one sound rather than a wide range of options to choose from
Dekala Smart Gradual Sunrise Alarm ClockNot only does this sunrise alarm clock help you more naturally wake up each morning — it also uses light technology and breathing exercises to help ease you to sleep at night.$139.99– Comes with eight sounds to help with sleep, and seven to wake up to
– Includes a bluetooth speaker that matches audio to its light patterns
– Shoppers can send messages to loved ones who also have this alarm clock
– With tons of special features, it’s priced higher than other options on the market
– Some customers wish that the alarm lit up more gradually when it’s time to wake up
Hatch Rest 2nd Gen Sound MachineThis sound machine is specially designed for children of all ages, so it can help ease your little one to sleep and gently wake them up, whether they’re still in the crib days or graduating to a big-kid bed.$59.99– Also acts as a night light
– Helps build a healthy sleep routine for your child
– Includes over 18 sounds, but there’s a Hatch+ subscription that allows access to the full audio library
– There are many customers who feel that the sound is too quiet, and find themselves turning it all the way up at night
– Many shoppers report bluetooth connection issues
Sleep Number Dual Temp LayerRegardless of whether you feel super cold or super hot at night, this layer fits neatly under your sheets and is designed to help you pinpoint the temperature that’s most comfortable for you.$999.99–$1,199.99 depending on size– Includes a remote control to help you regulate how hot or cold you want your sleeping surface to be
– Comes in three different sizes (half queen, half king, half Cali king)
– The layer covers half of the mattress, so you and your partner can control settings on your own side
– Maintenance is a tad tricky, as it requires spot cleaning and cannot be machine washed
– This is a high-tech luxury product that’s not exactly the choice for budget shoppers
Ocusleep Sleep GlassesDeveloped by eye doctors, these slumber spectacles were created to block light and promote an environment that encourages sleep hormones, leading to an easier time falling asleep.$95.00– You can add your prescription to the lenses
– There’s a 14-night sleep trial, so if you’re not happy, Ocusleep will provide you with a full refund
– There are three different models in varying sizes
– It’s a little limiting that each model has a different lens shape and is intended for a certain head size
– There were some shoppers that found the glasses help with blue light headaches, but not with their sleep problems
BREO Eye MassagerFor anyone with dry and/or tired eyes, the BREO iSee4 is a high-tech relaxation mask that provides heated comfort and massaging as you wind down before bed.$99.99– This product comes with a storage pouch and a foldability feature that’s perfect for travel
– Helps relieve strain from activities that require lots of eye exercise, such as remote work and reading
– The eye massager lasts a full six to eight uses before requiring a four-hour recharge
– You do have to monitor your usage (only 10 minutes at a time), so it’s not something you can wear overnight
– There are some populations that this product is not recommended for, including pregnant women, those with heart or blood disease, and those with skin issues
Bearaby Weighted Stuffed AnimalIntended for shoppers of all ages, these Bearabuddies are weighted stuffed animals meant to help you relax and to ease you into a peaceful slumber.$99.00– There are three adorable stuffed animals to choose from: Elli Elephant, Remi Rabbit, and Benji Bear
– There’s a 30-night sleep trial, so you can try out this stuffed animal before fully committing to your purchase
– These products are machine-washable and use non-toxic materials
– Though high-quality, these aren’t the most affordable weighted plushies on the market

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