SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine Review

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If you love to fall asleep to the sound of a whirring fan, this SNOOZ white noise machine review is for you. Built with a real fan inside, SNOOZ is a portable sound machine designed to play soothing white noise that’ll lull sleepers into dreamland. Not to mention, users can customize the volume, tone, and duration of the white noise to meet their individual needs.

So follow along as I show you what SNOOZ is made of, how it works, and whether or not it helped me sleep through the night.

Snooz White Noise Machine
Snooz White Noise Machine
Snooz White Noise Machine

The Snooz is a great way to have white noise in your bedroom to help you fall asleep without turning on the TV!

Brand Snapshot

Founded in 2015, SNOOZ is a Nevada-based startup named for its flagship product — the SNOOZ white noise sound machine. And while that’s currently the only bedtime accessory this company sells, SNOOZ has already gained quite a bit of popularity among the social media masses.

On a personal note, I can tell you that I regularly fall asleep to a white noise app on my phone, and it (usually) helps me slumber through the night. So, I’m extra excited to see how SNOOZ works, and how it compares to the white noise I listen to now. Let’s get started!

How Does The SNOOZ Work?

Before we get into my personal experience snoozing with the SNOOZ, let’s talk about how to set it up, how exactly it works, and what comes with every purchase.

When I first unpackaged the SNOOZ, I was surprised by how small and light it is. It weighs about one pound and has a sleek, circular shape that easily fit on my nightstand. Aside from the SNOOZ itself, every purchase comes with a complimentary sleep mask, which is a nice perk!

SNOOZ Sleep Mask
Every SNOOZ comes with a sleep mask!

As far as assembly goes, believe me when I say that setting up your SNOOZ could not be simpler. You plug it in, press the power button, and that’s it. Once you’ve done that, I suggest downloading the SNOOZ app to your smart device to get the most out of this machine. You don’t have to use the app, but there are a few features you can’t access without it (much more on this in a moment!).

Speaking of which, let’s take a look at what the SNOOZ can do, shall we?

White Noise

The primary function of SNOOZ is to provide soothing white noise that’ll block outside sounds to help you sleep through the night. But unlike a white noise app or pre-recorded playlist, SNOOZ has a real fan built into it. The fan is engineered to produce a whirring noise, which sleepers can adjust to meet their personal preferences (more on this in a moment!).

SNOOZ Review
A close look at the SNOOZ white noise sound machine.

But keep in mind that this device does not produce airflow at all. Essentially, you can think of SNOOZ as a small white noise machine that provides the relaxing sounds of a fan without blowing any air around the room. Personally, I find the whir of a fan to be uniquely calming, so I knew right away that this device was a good fit for me.

Not to mention, SNOOZ won’t stop whirring unless you turn it off. For me, this is a big draw because I’m a very light sleeper who needs consistent background noise through the night to sleep.

Snooz White Noise Machine
Snooz White Noise Machine
Snooz White Noise Machine

The Snooz is a great way to have white noise in your bedroom to help you fall asleep without turning on the TV!

Volume & Tone Control

Like I mentioned up top, you can adjust both the volume and the tone of the white noise SNOOZ produces. To create a deeper fan tone, grip the outer shell of the SNOOZ and turn it to the left. When it’s at its deepest, it sounds similar to the whirring you might hear in an airplane cabin. Conversely, turning the outer shell to the right will create a lighter tone that sounds more like an oscillating fan.

SNOOZ Adjust Tone
Adjust the tone by rotating the outer shell of SNOOZ.

The volume can be adjusted on the app or the device itself, but tone can only be adjusted manually (so I suggest setting the tone before curling up in bed!). And I have to say — the SNOOZ gets very loud. At top volume, it reaches 87 decibels which, for context, is as loud as a lawn mower.

Frankly, I’m not sure if I’d ever use it at peak volume, but I appreciate that it’s loud enough to block out all the other nighttime noises. In my experience testing SNOOZ, I found that a mid-range level of volume and tone provided the most balanced and relaxing white noise.

SNOOZ App Features

Now that we know more about how SNOOZ works, let’s talk about the special features exclusive to the app.

Firstly, the Snooz app is compatible with iOS and Android smart devices, and the process of downloading it should only take a few minutes. Once you’ve added the app to your device, you can go in and play around with these handy features:

  • Set Your Own Schedule – On the app, press the little image of a clock to access the automatic scheduling function. Here, you can set the exact times you’d like your SNOOZ to turn on and off every day. For example, if you settle into bed every night at around 10 PM, set your SNOOZ to activate around that time. Of course, you can always turn it on and off manually, but this feature adds a little extra convenience!
  • Nursery Calibration – In my opinion, this is the most interesting app feature, and it’s made specifically for those looking to use SNOOZ in a nursery. Here’s how it works: Place SNOOZ in your baby’s room, hold your phone beside the crib (or wherever they’ll be sleeping), and turn on the white noise. As you adjust the volume, the app will display a series of flashing bars that indicate which sound levels are safe for your baby’s ears.
SNOOZ Nursery Calibration
Use the SNOOZ nursery calibration to determine which volume and tone is safe for babies!

Obviously, the nursery calibration is only useful to those with kids, while the scheduling function can be beneficial for everybody. And even though I don’t have need for the nursery calibration now, I am a former nanny and can see why it would put a caretaker’s mind at ease.

Regardless of who’s using SNOOZ, keep in mind that white noise machines of any kind should be kept at least 6 feet from your sleeping head in order to maintain a safe distance (this goes for grownups too!).

Now that we know how SNOOZ works, allow me to fill you in on my personal experience testing it.

Snooz White Noise Machine
Snooz White Noise Machine
Snooz White Noise Machine

The Snooz is a great way to have white noise in your bedroom to help you fall asleep without turning on the TV!

My Experience With SNOOZ

For me, there’s nothing more soothing than the soft whir of a fan. It’s a sure-fire way to put me to sleep and, in the summertime, I keep one going all night in order to reap the benefits of white noise and a cool breeze. But when the cold weather creeps in, I put my fan away and look for a way to replicate that sound without the extra airflow… And that’s my favorite thing about the SNOOZ.

SNOOZ Bedtime
Sleeping soundly beside the SNOOZ.

Because it’s got an actual fan built into it, SNOOZ provides the calming sounds I look for without blowing air around the room. And not only does this feature keep me from getting chilly, but it also prevents the SNOOZ from collecting dust, pet dander, and other airborne particles that might get sucked into a regular fan.

Aside from the white noise itself, I’ve enjoyed experimenting with the fun features the app has to offer (like being able to adjust the volume without leaving the comfort of my bed). I probably got the most use out of the scheduling function, as it allowed me to sync SNOOZ to my own sleep schedule. I set it to activate at 10 PM and turn off at 7:00 AM Monday-Friday, and I encourage you to set your SNOOZ schedule for the times that best suit your personal routine.

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I’ll admit that I didn’t use the nursery calibration very much, but I do think it’d come in handy for parents and caregivers. Remember — if you’re planning to use SNOOZ in a baby’s bedroom, hit the nursery calibration button to determine which volume and tone is safe for their little ears. That said, I still suggest consulting with your child’s pediatrician before making any changes to their bedtime routine (just to be on the safe side!).

SNOOZ is small, portable, and lightweight.

Ultimately, the SNOOZ is my kind of white noise machine. It’s small, sleek, and lulls me right to sleep. And, frankly, it’s a great alternative to the white noise playlists I’ve been listening to, as those drain my phone’s battery and/or stop playing mid-slumber. Furthermore, it’s loud enough to mask the sound of my partner’s snoring (which is a huge bonus!). I’ll definitely be using my SNOOZ from now on.

The Verdict: The SNOOZ sound machine soothed me to sleep with its sonorous whirring, and allowed me to customize it to my liking with its adjustable settings. Two thumbs way up!

Snooz White Noise Machine
Snooz White Noise Machine
Snooz White Noise Machine

The Snooz is a great way to have white noise in your bedroom to help you fall asleep without turning on the TV!

Should I Buy SNOOZ?

Sleepers who love to doze off to the sound of a whirring fan are likely to be most compatible with SNOOZ. But before you make your purchase, let’s recap the highlights so you can better determine if it’s the right fit:

  • Simple Setup – I’m pleased to report that it took me less than 5 minutes to set up the SNOOZ. Simply plug it in, turn it on, and that’s it! Additionally, the device itself is small, lightweight, and can easily fit on a nightstand or be packed away in a suitcase.
  • Adjustable Sound – Take some time to adjust the tone and volume of your SNOOZ until you find the white noise that’s perfectly suited to you. And keep in mind that it can get very loud (up to 87 decibels, to be exact)! If you’re looking for a way to block out noisy neighbors or a snoring partner, this device might be a great way to go.
  • App Features – The SNOOZ app is super easy to use, and allows you to regulate the volume of your device without having to move more than a finger. Not to mention, it lets you set a weekly schedule and nursery calibration, which are each beneficial in their own ways. Personally, I got more use out of the scheduling function, but those with babies might find the nursery calibration especially useful.
  • Easy to Keep Clean – The SNOOZ is engineered to produce sound, not move air like a regular fan. This means that no dust or pet dander is filtered through this device, and you never have to clean it. Of course, you may notice that its surface gets a little dusty from time to time, but you never have to open this device or clean any filters.
SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine
Adjusting the volume of SNOOZ before bedtime!

SNOOZ Complaints

While SNOOZ gets high marks from me, it’s not going to be ideal for everyone, and there are a few things to consider before you buy:

  • White Noise Only – If you’re looking for a device that plays sounds of the rainforest or ocean waves, the SNOOZ probably isn’t for you. While you can adjust the tone and volume, this sound machine is designed to only produce white noise.
  • Adjusting Tone – This might be a little nitpicky, but you cannot adjust the tone of SNOOZ via the app. So if you’re lying in bed and decide you’d like the tone of the white noise to be higher or lower, you have to get up and rotate the fabric shell on the device itself.
  • Price – In my opinion, $80 is a good price for an innovative sound machine like SNOOZ, but it’s not going to fit in everyone’s budget. That said, take comfort in the fact that you have 100 nights to return it for a full refund!

Anything Else I Should Know?

Free shipping
100-Day Return Policy
1-Year Warranty
Colors – white, gray
Weight – 1.1 lbs

Well, we’ve reached the end of my SNOOZ review and you’re ready to decide if it’s the white noise machine of your dreams. And while you carefully consider every last detail, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


What is SNOOZ?

SNOOZ is a white noise sound machine built with a real fan inside of it. Sleepers can adjust the volume and tone of this device, as well as access several customizable features via the SNOOZ App.

How loud can SNOOZ get?

SNOOZ can reach up to 87 dBA, which is on par with a running lawn mower. Of course, sleepers can easily adjust the volume and tone to match their personal preferences.

Does SNOOZ need to be opened and cleaned?

Nope! SNOOZ is engineered to make sound, not move air around the room. This means that no dust, pet dander, or other unseen particles are being filtered through the device. While you may need to brush some dust of its surface from time to time, there is no need to open and clean SNOOZ.

Sarah is the former senior writer and bedding expert at Sleepopolis. She received her degree in Creative Writing from Brooklyn College and spends her free time doing stand-up, making pasta, and hanging with her cats.