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Haven Rejuvenate Mattress Review

The Haven Rejuvenate, also known as the Haven Foam, is a mattress that represents two different sleeping experiences. In both its firm and soft versions, the mattress claims to use premium and proprietary materials to help with spinal alignment. Talalay latex, bamboo and Celliant are just a few of the ingredients in the mix here. Interested? I sure was when I heard.

This review will test both versions of the Haven for their similarities and differences. Having a mattress that is either firm or soft doesn’t mean much if the materials aren’t up to par! I’ll get past all of the salesmanship and take a close look at how these mattresses perform under pressure (quite literally, for one test).

I start the detailed version of my Haven Rejuvenate mattress review immediately below with a short review of the company behind the Haven. Should you be short on time, skip ahead to my review summary and bookmark this page for later. Ready? Let’s go!

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Who is the Haven Mattress Company?

The company behind the Haven mattress is also named Haven. This is a Canadian company with a full inventory of bedding products — sheets, frames, and mattresses. It focuses on sustainable design and has a give-back program based on its sales. The company provides free shipping for mattress purchases to all ten Canadian provinces and provisionally to the country’s territories.

So how does the Haven feel? Does the company have a product that it can stand behind? I will start the review with a description of the layers in the mattress and move on to its important features afterwards.

Haven Rejuvenate Mattress Review
The Haven Rejuvenate in the Sleepopolis bedroom

What Makes this Haven Feel Like Home?

The Haven Rejuvenate is an all-foam mattress built with layers of latex, memory foam, and poly foam. It also employs an all-natural cover of bamboo and Celiant to promote That takes a good mix of ingredients, which includes something that the company calls “Bio-visco slow sink foam.” The company holds CertiPUR certification, which speaks to the low level of chemicals in the materials. I take apart the Haven’s layers one by one to see if this Haven feels like home.

Cover – At first touch, the bamboo and Celliant blend gives the Haven a breathable layer that helps the mattress sleep cool. Some research has also shown that Celliant could be useful for recovery in many ways, improving blood flow and helping to regulate body temperature.

Comfort – Right after the cooling cover, the Haven lays 1” layer of latex foam to help dissipate heat. Haven also aerates this layer and adds a copper infusion to help with a cool sleep. This layer provides a good amount of durable support that shapes the bed’s firmness ranking (more on that below).

Haven Rejuvenate logo
Taking a look at the Have Rejuvenate

Contour – After the comfort layer, gel memory foam allows the sleeper to sink deeper into the mattress without feeling overheated. (This is the bio-visco slow sink foam referred to earlier.) Memory foam is known for its contouring feeling and pressure relief, and the gel infusion keeps it from getting too hot.

Transition – This layer creates the difference between the soft and firm versions of the Haven. Both versions contain 3” layers of open cell bio foam. The firm version has a consistent feel, while the soft version has a bit more give in the middle of the mattress. The softer center provides pressure relief in the shoulder area, which is a sensitive point for many side sleepers.

Base – 5” of HD poly foam give both versions of the Haven support and shape. This layer keeps sleepers on both versions from sinking too far into the mattress as well.

Thoughts: The firmer Haven Foam will probably be a better choice for strict back and stomach sleepers. In these positions, the firm support of the hips, lumbar, and shoulders give good spinal alignment. Strict side sleepers may prefer a softer mattress because the shoulders and hips need pressure relief in that position for the back to remain aligned. The hips and shoulders would dig into the firmer Haven and cause misalignment, so the softer version is probably better in this scenario.

Haven Rejuvenate construction
Showing the layers of the Haven Rejuvenate

What Does the Haven Foam Mattress Feel Like?

The company intended for two completely different experiences based on the firmness preference of each sleeper. Although individual body shape, size, and type will play a difference in how a bed feels, the feel of each is markedly different from the other. To test for different body types, I use different people. You are looking at the average score from all my testers.

Haven Rejuvenate Firmness
Firmness ratings for the different Haven Rejuvenate mattresses

I test for firmness first with a scale that ranges from 1 to 10. 10 is the firmest rating I can give a bed; 1 is the softest. 6.5 is the midpoint here in terms of an industry standard. The firm Haven got a composite score of 7.5/10. The soft version came in at a 5.5/10.

The firmer Haven gave me better spinal support on my back and stomach, where alignment between the hips and pelvis is vital. The softer Haven gave me the pressure relief I needed in my hips and shoulders when lying on my side. Because of the marked difference in the feel of each bed, positional sleepers should have it easy when choosing between these two options. Strict back and stomach sleepers who need support in the hips for body alignment may find it in the firm Haven, while side sleepers who need pressure relief in the shoulders may feel more comfortable with the softer Haven. I will talk about this more in the Pressure Relief test below.

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Haven LUX Mattress
Haven LUX Mattress

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More Tests for the Haven Foam!

After firmness, I tested the Haven Foam for Pressure Relief, Bounce, and Motion Transfer. Each of these tests simulates how a sleeper might feel in common sleeping situations. These tests also break down how the bed feels in different positions — back, side, and stomach.

Pressure Relief

I test for pressure over time by spreading a color-coded pressure map on top of the Haven’s cover. The colors show how much pressure my body is exerting against the mattress. The map records how my body responds to the Haven in real time, so I get very accurate results.

The color codes: blue means no/low pressure, green and yellow means medium pressure, and red means high pressure.

I test for pressure relief on both mattresses.

Haven Rejuvenate pressure map
Pressure map results for the Haven Rejuvenate

Back – My body weight was evenly distributed across the Haven when lying on my back, so I expected to see all blue on both versions. That’s exactly what I got, which seems to show that both versions of the Haven would be good for strict back sleepers.

Side – On the soft Haven, I got only a bit of green when lying on my side. On the firmer Haven, the pressure map spiked into the green and even a bit of yellow. Yellow pressure points mean that over time, tension can build up in those areas. Strict side sleepers will probably feel much more comfortable on the softer version of the Haven.

Stomach – The pressure map showed all blue when lying on my stomach, but this is to be expected. I am really looking for the mattress to keep the alignment in my hips and lower back, which the firm version does much better than the soft version. My hips sunk into the mattress on the soft version, which bent my back uncomfortably.

Side sleeping on the Haven Rejuvenate
The softer Haven Rejuvenate is better for side sleepers


My Bounce test involves dropping a 10 lbs. ball straight down onto the Haven Foam. I watch for the spring in the mattress and the height of the ball’s rebound. The ball simulates how a sleeper might feel when getting into the Haven or changing positions.

I found that the Haven Foam is not a bouncy mattress at all. Changing positions may be difficult for combo sleepers under these conditions. This was interesting to find in both versions of the bed.

Motion Transfer

I take the same 10 lb. ball for my Motion Transfer test and drop it from heights of 4”, 8”, and 12”. A seismometer across the bed measures the motion created by the ball’s movement. Motion transfer is a great test for couples to pay attention to, as the seismometer represents what one partner might feel when the other (the ball) shifts around at night.

Haven Rejuvenate Motion Transfer
Motion transfer results for the Haven Rejuvenate

The Haven Foam transferred quite a bit of motion across the mattress, which is disappointing for a mattress with a less-than-average Bounce test. That’s bad news for couples, especially couples with a restless sleeper in the mix. High rates of motion transfer means that you’re both getting up every time someone goes to the Little Foam Room.

Should the Haven be in Your Home?

I want to cut through all of the sales talk to get to the real meat of the Haven in this section (the Cliff’s Notes version of everything above). If you’re on the fence, I hope this short summary will help you make a decision about if the Rejuvenate is right for you.

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Haven LUX Mattress
Haven LUX Mattress
Haven LUX Mattress

The Haven LUX is a hybrid that comes in both soft and firm support levels, so sleepers will be able to find the comfort they need for their sleep position. Use code SLEEPOPOLIS to save $50 on your purchase.

Haven Foam Mattress Recommendations

  • Strict stomach sleepers will likely appreciate the Haven’s firm version, which gives plenty of support for the hips and lower part of the spine.
  • The soft version the Haven is great for strict side sleepers. The give on this side means great pressure relief in the shoulders and hips.
  • A breathable cover means that both Havens feel great on first contact, which is great for everyone after a hard day’s work.

Haven Foam Mattress Complaints

  • Couples may need a mattress with a bit more edge support and motion isolation. Less room on the bed and more motion across the bed translates into an uncomfortable night if someone is a restless sleeper!
  • In both versions, the Haven lacks bounce. Combo sleepers may feel stuck in the mattress when switching positions. Heavier sleepers may feel a bit sunken, especially on the softer version of the mattress.
Back sleeping on the Haven Rejuvenate
Relaxing on the Haven Rejuvenate

Basic Information

  • Trial – 100 Nights
  • Warranty – 10 Years
  • Shipping – Free and Compressed
  • Pricing – $699—$1,399 CAD

How Much Does the Haven Foam Cost?

Save $50
Haven LUX Mattress
Haven LUX Mattress
Haven LUX Mattress

The Haven LUX is a hybrid that comes in both soft and firm support levels, so sleepers will be able to find the comfort they need for their sleep position. Use code SLEEPOPOLIS to save $50 on your purchase.

Twin38" x 74.5" x 10"$850
Twin XL38" x 79.5" x 10"$950
Full53" x 74.5" x 10"$1,200
Queen60" x 79.5" x 10"$1,300
King76" x 79.5" x 10"$1,550
California King72" x 83.5" x 10"$1,550
Relaxing on the Haven Rejuvenate
Testing the Haven Rejuvenate


What is the Haven Rejuvenate mattress made of?

The Haven Rejuvenate mattress is made of four layers under a cover made of a bamboo and Celliant blend. The first later is a 1” layer of latex foam, followed up by a gel memory foam layer. After that the third layer consists of 3” layers of open cell bio foam and a 5” of HD poly foam.

What sizes does the Haven Rejuvenate come in?

The Haven Rejuvenate is offers in size ranging from twin to California King. Costs on the mattress range from $700 to $1400 CAD.

Does the Haven Rejuvenate come with a sleep trial?

Yes, the Haven Rejuvenate does offer sleepers 100-nights to try out the mattress. It also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Haven Rejuvenate Mattress
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