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Nest Bedding Reviews

Say hello to Nest Bedding! Nest Bedding isn’t new to the mattress industry. Owned and operated by industry veteran, Joe Alexander, Nest Bedding has been selling healthier and thoughtfully crated mattresses since 2011.

Nest isn’t your typical online mattress company. In fact, they got their start selling offline in their retail story in San Francisco, California. Over the last several years they’ve expanded to elsewhere in California and New York. Today you can check out my Nest Bedding reviews to learn more.

While Nest may not yet be the household name that Casper and Tuft and Needle are, they are easily one of the most well crafted and designed mattresses available today.

Nest Bedding store from in San Fransisco, California
Nest Bedding store from in San Fransisco, California

Additionally, Nest Bedding doesn’t just sell one mattress. In fact, they have several different options each designed with different sleepers and needs in mind. Continue reading below and check out the Nest Bedding mattress that’s best for you.

Nest Bedding Mattress Commonalities

Nest Bedding has 6 different mattresses each with a distinct and varied design, helping to ensure there’s a good choice for all sleepers. We’ll talk about the differences in the next section, but here we’re going to discuss the similarities you’ll see with all Nest Bedding mattresses.

FAQ:  Choosing a mattress, a how to guide

  • Built in Phoenix, Arizona – all Nest Bedding mattresses are built in Nest’s own factory in Phoenix, Arizona. The factory is over 150,000 feet and is capable of producing several thousand mattresses a day.
  • Warranty – Nest offers two warranty tiers. Their least expensive mattress, the Love & Sleep, comes with a 10 year warranty. For their higher end beds the warranty is good for 20 years. Both warranties will cover any indentation that’s 1″ or greater.
  • Trial Period – all Nest Bedding mattresses include a 100 night trial period. If you decide the Nest mattress isn’t a good fit for you within the first 100 days you can get a 100% money back refund.
  • Shipping – all Nest mattresses include free shipping and ship anywhere within the continental US. If you want to order in Alaska, Hawaii, or overseas you still can, at an extra charge.
  • Smell – Nest really goes above and beyond when it comes to off-gassing and smell. All Nest Bedding mattresses have minimal off-gassing, what little there is is full dissipated within the first 24 hours of use.

Nest Bedding Mattress Comparisons

The following table is a comprehensive comparison of the major functional areas of each Nest Bedding mattress.

 Alexander HybridAlexander SignatureLove & SleepActiveXHybrid LatexBKB (Big Kid's Bed)
TypeCoils + Memory FoamMemory FoamEnergexMemory Foam + EnergexCoils + LatexEnergex
Layers2" padded cover + 2" copper infused gel memory foam + 2" transition foam + 7" pocketed coils4" gel memory foam + 1" memory foam + 2" transition foam + 4" base foam3" Energex + 1" transition foam + 5" support foam2" memory foam + 2" Energex foam + 2" transition poly foam + 5" support foam2" wool + 3" Dunlop latex + 7" pocketed coils2" Energex + 5" support foam
Coverquilted, 80% rayon, 20% polyesterquilted, cotton polyester blendphase change material (cooling), polyesterphase change material (cooling)organic cotton, wool liningquilted, cotton polyester blend
FirmnessMediumSoft, Medium, or FirmMedium or FirmSlightly FirmMedium or FirmMedium
Price (Queen)$1,599$1,699$799$999$1,699$349 (Twin)
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Nest Bedding Mattress Coupons

No matter what you decide there are some pretty good coupons and discounts on all of Nest Bedding’s mattresses. You can click here to head over to our Nest Bedding Coupons page to check out all of the available discounts.

Nest Bedding Mattresses

Alexander Hybrid

Up to 10% Off
Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid Mattress
Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid Mattress
Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid Mattress

The combination of plush foam and a pressure-relieving coil system makes this mattress particularly great for side sleepers! Save with code NESTLOVE

Nest Alexander hybrid mattress
Nest Alexander hybrid mattress

Alexander Signature Select

Nest Bedding Alexander - available in soft, medium, and firm
Nest Bedding Alexander – available in soft, medium, and firm

Love & Sleep

Nest Bedding Love & Sleep Mattress, King size
Nest Bedding Love & Sleep Mattress, King size


ActiveX mattress, King size
ActiveX mattress, King size

Hybrid Latex

King size Nest latex hybrid mattress
King size Nest latex hybrid mattress

BKB (Big Kid Bed)

Big Kid Bed, Twin XL size
Big Kid Bed, Twin XL size


How many mattresses does Nest offer?

Nest offers a variety of mattresses each with a distinct design. Sleepers have six models to choose from ensuring each can find an option that works as needed.

Does Nest offer a sleep trial for their mattresses?

Yes, all Nest Bedding mattresses include a 100 night trial period. This includes a 100% money-back guarantee with 100 days of purchase.

What types of mattresses does Nest offer?

Nest has several options for sleepers. This includes hybrid models with coils and memory foam,  all-foam memory foam models, and even a model made especially for kids.