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Love & Sleep Mattress Review

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Interested in a new mattress, but worried about spending too much money? That’s why we’re here. Say hello to the new Love & Sleep mattress from Nest Bedding. Previously know as the Love Bed, Nest Bedding decided it was time for a dramatic revamp. They redesigned the mattress, gave it a new name, and lowered the price. Sound to good to be true? We’ll be the judge of that!

Continue reading below to find out what Sleepopolis has to say about the Love & Sleep mattress.

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The Nest Bedding Love & Sleep medium mattress is an all foam mattress built with 3 separate layers. This mattress is also offered in a firmer model, which contains 2 layers of foam. The medium Love & Sleep has a height of 10″, while the firm is 11″ thick. For the purpose of this review, we’ll be focusing on the medium Love & Sleep.

  • Top layer (comfort & cooling) – 3″ of Energex foam. Energex foam is a bit of a cross between memory foam and latex foam. It has qualities that allow it to offer both great bounce / response alongside contour / hug. This provides a happy medium for the sleepers who don’t want to be excessively hugged by memory foam, or overly bounced by coils / latex. As a whole, this top layer works to provide the comfort and cooling for the sleeper. The layer has a density of 2.8 PCF (pounds per cubic foot).
  • Middle layer (transitional support) – 1″ of poly foam. This middle layer of poly foam acts both as a transition from the top layer of comfort foam into the more dense, base layer of foam. Additionally, this layer provides support for the sleeper. As a convoluted foam layer, this poly foam works to provide extra airflow in and out of the mattress, as well. This layer has a density of 1.8 PCF.
  • Bottom layer (support & foundation) – 5″ of support foam. The bottom layer acts primarily to provide support for sleepers, while also acting as the foundational base for the mattress as a whole. This layer has a density of 1.8 PCF.
Love & Sleep mattress layers (top to bottom) - 3" Energex foam, 1" poly foam, 5" base foam

Love & Sleep mattress layers (top to bottom) – 3″ Energex foam, 1″ poly foam, 5″ base foam


The cover of the Love & Sleep mattress is constructed with a phase change fabric. Phase change fabric is designed to absorb and store body heat, allowing you to stay cool when you need it or regain warmth when needed. In other words, this material acts as a body temperature regulator. This cover is also thinner, by design, which helps to facilitate better air flow in and out of the mattress.

Aesthetically, the cover is quite nice. Fairly basic, but embodies a wavy pattern blending a grey and white color scheme, adding more of a modern look to the mattress. The cover is also tightly wrapped around the mattress and does a fine job of returning to its original shape after being tugged or pulled on.

Close up shot of the Love & Sleep mattress cover

Close up shot of the Love & Sleep mattress cover

Firmness, Feel, & Support

The Nest Bedding Love & Sleep medium mattress strikes a good balance between medium and firm. On a scale of 1-10, where 10 is the most firm, the Love & Sleep comes in at a 6. There is also a firm version of this mattress, which lands around an 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

Nest Bedding Love & Sleep mattress firmness - 6 out of 10 (medium), 8 out of 10 (firm)

Nest Bedding Love & Sleep mattress firmness – 6 out of 10 (medium), 8 out of 10 (firm)

Despite being available in two different firmness levels, the medium Love and Sleep mattress has been designed to meet the needs a very large percentage of sleepers. The medium firmness and balanced nature of the foams create a feel that’s appropriate for most. The Energex foam is an interesting material. It has qualities of both memory foam and latex.

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This gives the mattress great hug, contour, and pressure relief without having to sacrifice much in the way of bounce and response. In a normal lying position on the mattress I experienced around 2″ of sinkage, but never felt overly enveloped or stuck in the mattress. The transitional poly foam and responsive properties of the Energex layer work together to help maintain a balanced feel.

With respect to overall support, the Love and Sleep does a pretty good job, especially considering the $600 price point. During my testing I slept on my back, side, and stomach and felt equally support in all positions.

The mattress is spec’d to support up to 300 pounds per side, couples of up to 600 pounds. Heavier sleepers, but especially those over 250 pounds, will experience more of a “support wall” with the Love and Sleep. With a 3″ Energex layer and 1″ transition foam, it has pretty good resistance and support up to a point, but heavier sleepers will naturally put more pressure, further engaging the base foam layers.

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Cooling was a bit better than expected. The Love and Sleep has a surprising number of cooling features that help work together to keep the sleeping surface comfortable. The phase change material within the cover, thin cover design, Energex foam, and convoluted poly transition foam all help. At no time during my sleep test did I ever feel uncomfortably warm or felt like the mattress was creating hot spots.

Nest Bedding Love & Sleep Mattress, King size

Nest Bedding Love & Sleep Mattress, King size

Bounce and motion transfer are sort of middle of the road. Again, the Energex creates a compromise between the feels of memory and latex foam. The Love and Sleep has average motion transfer and above average bounce.

Compared to an all memory foam mattress, the Love and Sleep will have more motion transfer and more bounce. Compared to a latex, coil, or hybrid mattress, the Love and Sleep will have less motion transfer and less bounce.

Edge support was also pretty good for both sitting and sleeping positions (see more below).

Sinkage Tests

All mattress reviews on Sleepopolis go through a short series of sinkage tests. These tests are designed to provide you with insight on how the mattress will perform under various conditions, pressures, and positions.

  • Lying on back – while lying on my back with all of my weight spread evenly across the mattress, I saw 2″ of sinkage.
  • Lying on side – while lying on my side, I saw 3″ of sinkage.
  • Sitting on the edge (conservative) – while sitting on the edge with my butt slightly back on the mattress, I saw 3″ of sinkage.
  • Sitting on the edge (aggressive) – in a more aggressive sitting position with all of my weight directly on the edge, I saw 4″ of sinkage.
  • Standing in the middle – with all of my weight standing at one point on the mattress, I saw 5.5″ of sinkage.

Keep in mind, sinkage results may vary based on body weight and body type. As a reference point, I weigh 140 pounds.

Angled view of the Love & Sleep mattress

Angled view of the Love & Sleep mattress


Twin XL$429
California King$749
Split King$858
Split California King$858

Other Details

  • Shipping – free shipping within the US, most orders will arrive in less than 7 days, compressed in a box
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Trial Period – 100 nights
  • Discounts – none available
  • Made in the USA

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Special note – all international Nest Bedding orders are final. Nest Bedding does not offer a trial period or refunds for international orders.

Who should buy the Love & Sleep Mattress?

The Love and Sleep is a mattress aimed at one goal, being an amazing value for the money. In that objective, I believe Nest Bedding has come away with another winner. The Love and Sleep mattress is packed with an absurd material quality for the money. It has a phase change cover, 4″ of comfort / transition foams, reasonable foam densities, a convoluted core foam for better air flow, and a primary comfort foam that’s able to adapt to the needs of many sleepers.

Is it the absolute best mattress on the market? Certainly not (Nest’s Hybrid or Alexander Signature both outperform the Love & Sleep), but I think that’s okay. This mattress is simply trying to be the very best mattress you can have for $600, and in that respect, I think it’s an amazingly good choice. For sleepers on a tighter budget I’m hard pressed to come up with a better mattress recommendation.

I would recommend the Love & Sleep mattress to sleepers who:

  • Want a medium or firm feel – the Love & Sleep medium firm mattress sits at a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, where 10 is the most firm. This mattress is also available in a firm version, which comes in at an 8 out of 10.
  • Want slightly faster response times – with a top layer of Energex foam, the Love & Sleep is able to respond quicker than a majority of memory foam mattresses. Energex is similar to latex in terms of response time, but offers less bounce than latex.
  • Want great pressure relief – once again, the top layer of Energex foam does a great job of providing pressure relief. The ability to absorb bounce and motion without pushing back adds an enjoyable level of initial softness and pressure relief overall.
  • Want an impressive value – at $599 for a Queen, this mattress is an amazingly good deal. The performance and quality per dollar is among the very best I’ve tested to date. It’s arguably the best <$600 mattress on the market.

If you’re looking for more information on the Love & Sleep mattress, check it out over at

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