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Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid Mattress Review

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Are you a fan of pocketed coil mattresses, but just can’t find the right one for you? Look no further. The Nest Bedding Alexander hybrid mattress has arrived! Nest decided to create a hybrid mattress that falls into the “universal comfort” category, while also delivering an ultra luxury quality, design, style, and performance.


Will the Alexander Hybrid live up to these lofty expectations? Keep reading below to find out!

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The Nest Bedding Alexander hybrid totals 13″ in height and is structured from 4 separate layers, including the cover, 2 foam layers, and a pocketed coil layer.

  • Top layer (padded cover) – 2″ quilted cover designed to improve airflow for the foams as well as relieve pressure points between your body and the mattress.
  • Second layer (cooling & comfort) – 2″ layer of copper infused gel memory foam. Copper is a heat conductor and therefore pulls heat away from the body while keeping the sleeping surface cool. The gel also plays a role in pulling the heat away.
  • Third layer (support) – 2″ of SmartFlow foam. This is a transitional support poly foam. Another layer designed to improve cooling while offering great support as well.
  • Bottom layer (foundation) – 7″ of pocketed coils. This layer is designed to function as the foundation for the mattress as well as deep compression support. The pocketed coil design helps push back against the foams on top, providing deep compression support, excellent bounce, and a balanced feel.

Total coil count is 1,872 (in the Queen size). The copper infused gel foam is 3.5 PCF (pounds per cubic foot) and the smart flow foam is 1.8 PCF. The foam in the cover has a density of 1.5 PCF.

Nest Alexander hybrid mattress layers (top top bottom) - 2" soft quilted foam, 2" copper infused gel foam, 2" smart flow foam, 7" pocketed coils

Nest Alexander hybrid mattress layers (top top bottom) – 2″ soft quilted foam, 2″ copper infused gel foam, 2″ smart flow foam, 7″ pocketed coils


The cover of Nest’s Alexander hybrid mattress is made up from a blend of rayon (80%) and polyester (20%). In addition, there is a polyurethane foam pad added to the cover for additional comfort and pressure relieving properties. The mix of these products also provides great cooling and high breathability.

Aesthetically, the cover is sharp. There is a great mix of blue and white colors along the perimeter of the mattress in addition to the modern floral, leafy pattern woven into the top layer. The Alexander hybrid’s cover has a good mix of traditional and modern elements that both men and women will like equally.

Close up shot of the Nest Alexander hybrid cover

Close up shot of the Nest Alexander hybrid cover

Firmness, Feel, & Support

The Alexander hybrid mattress comes in two different firmnesses. The medium comes in at a 5.5-6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the most firm. It is also available in luxury firm, which sits at a 7.5 on the firmness scale.

Alexander Hybrid mattress firmness - 5.5 out of 10 (medium) and 7.5 out of 10 (luxury firm)

Alexander Hybrid mattress firmness – 5.5 out of 10 (medium) and 7.5 out of 10 (luxury firm)

With a balanced amount of hug and sinkage, this mattress does a great job of supporting your body. The pocketed coil hybrid design helped to relieve pressure points across my body. Additionally, I felt that my spine was properly aligned throughout my sleep test. Not to mention, the airflow of the Alexander hybrid is above average. I never once felt warm while sleeping on this mattress. The pocketed coil design works amazingly well with the copper infused gel memory foam to deliver truly exceptional cooling.

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The Alexander hybrid’s bounce was impressive as well. Once again, pocketed coil mattresses tend to have great bounce and the Alexander Hybrid delivers. Initially, I did not think the bounce would be as good with 2 layers of foam on top of a pocketed coil base. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The bounce was great and made amorous activities that much more enjoyable. With that said, the bounce does create a little more motion transfer than you would get with a 100% foam mattress. However, I did not find it to be excessive and it did not cause my wife or I to disturb each other during the night.

Close up shot of the Nest Alexander hybrid logo

Close up shot of the Nest Alexander hybrid logo

Edge support is a major plus on the Alexander hybrid. Along the perimeter of the mattress are several edge support coils. This system is on par with some of the best edge support systems in the world. There is virtually no difference when placing my weight directly on the edge and when I’m sitting slightly further back on the mattress. If you are a sleeper who tends to end up on the edge, you can rest easy knowing the Alexander hybrid is not going to toss you off at some point during your sleep. Additionally, this system is beneficial for those who enjoy using the edge for daily routines as well as amorous bedroom activities.

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Nest Alexander hybrid mattress

Nest Alexander hybrid mattress

Finally, the overall comfort of this mattress is quite nice. There’s a balanced level of support, pressure relief, cooling, bounce, and body hug. The hybrid design creates a best of both worlds feel between pocketed coils and all foam mattresses.

In May 2016 Nest launched a revamped version of the Alexander Hybrid. What’s pictured and discussed here is the new version, however, I also have tested the original Alexander Hybrid. While the construction and material specs of the mattress changed slightly, the overall performance is still very similar between the two designs.

The original Alexander Hybrid mattress was a little bit softer, close to a 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The increase in firmness was designed to bring it to a level that more people generally find comfortable, especially since it’s only available in one firmness level. The biggest change in terms of improvement was simply cooling. I never found the original Hybrid to be uncomfortable, but some (especially sleepers that are heavier) would. Nest decided to use a lower density transitional support foam and a new more breathable fire sock to help address these heat issues.

Additionally, the layer of comfort foam in the padded cover also changed the feel a bit, creating a more pronounced contoured hug around sleepers. Lastly, Nest also updated the pocketed coil system to a 5 zone coil base from Leggett & Platt. The zonal support helps to create more support where your need it and less where you don’t, improving spinal alignment.

Sinkage Tests

All mattress reviews on Sleepopolis go through the following series of sinkage and hug tests. These tests can help you understand how a mattress will feel and contour around your body.

  • Lying on back – while lying in a normal position on my back, I saw 1-1.75″ of sinkage.
  • Lying on side – when I rolled over onto my side, I saw 1-1.75″ of sinkage.
  • Sitting on edge (conservative)  – in a normal sitting position with my butt slightly away from the direct edge, I saw 3.5-4″ of sinkage.
  • Sitting on edge (aggressive) – while sitting directly on the edge of the mattress I saw 3.5-4″ of sinkage.
  • Standing in the middle – with all of my weight placed at one point on the mattress I saw 5″ of sinkage.

Keep in mind, sinkage will vary based upon body weight. As a reference point, I weigh 140 pounds.

Angled view of the Nest Alexander hybrid mattress

Angled view of the Nest Alexander hybrid mattress


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Twin XL$899
California King$1,499

Other Details

  • Shipping – free shipping within the US, most orders will arrive in less than 7 days, compressed in a box
  • Warranty – Lifetime
  • Lifetime Comfort Guarantee – very unique guarantee, check the Nest Bedding site for details.
  • Trial Period – 101 nights
  • Discounts – $200 off, use code “SLEEPOP200
  • Made in the USA

Special note – all international Nest Bedding orders are final. Nest Bedding does not offer a trial period or refunds for international orders.

Who Should Buy the Nest Alexander Hybrid Mattress?

I would recommend the Nest Alexander hybrid mattress to sleepers who:

  • Want a medium firmness feel – the Alexander hybrid comes in at a 5.5-6 out of 10 on the firmness scale (10 being the most firm).  Designed to fit the needs of a wide array of sleepers.
  • Want a pocketed coil / hybrid mattress – this mattress is constructed from a quilted cover, 2 layers of foams, and a layer of pocketed coils. Pocketed coil mattresses are known for their top notch cooling properties, support, bounce, and durability. Additionally, the top comfort layers do a great job of adding pressure relief and softness for a great feel.
  • Want a very cool mattress – the combination of a 2″ layer of copper infused gel foam, 2″ of smart flow foam, and 7″ of pocketed coils come together to create one of the most cool mattresses I have ever tested. The copper is designed to pull heat away from the body and maintain a cool sleeping surface.
  • Want great support all the way through – from a comfortable level of support, to stable spine alignment, to excellent edge support, the Alexander hybrid is a very well rounded mattress. For those sleepers who need a very balanced level of support, this mattress is a good option. There is no deep sinkage or hug, which avoids that “stuck” feeling a lot of foam mattress tend to have.

Looking for more information on the Alexander hybrid? Visit Don’t forget to use promo code “SLEEPOP200” and save $200 if you decide to pull the trigger on the Alexander hybrid.

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