Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Review

On the prowl for a soft, bouncy mattress that also happens to sleep cool? Then the Brooklyn Aurora, with its combination of memory foam, pocketed coils, and active Phase Change Material, may just be the bed for you!

Intrigued? Then read on below as I give you the 411 on all these design elements and help you figure out whether or not the Brooklyn Aurora could be the mattress of your dreams.

But enough chat, let’s get on with the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress review! Can’t stick around for the whole thing? That’s cool, just skip-to-my-lou down to the review summary.

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Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress
A stand out feature of this bed is its ability to sleep extra cool at night, which could be a plus for sweaty sleepers! Get 20% off your purchase with code SLEEPOPOLIS20.

Brand Snapshot

Family-owned Brooklyn Bedding opened its doors in 1995, but really got things going around 2008 when it began selling its first bed-in-a-box. Since then, the brand has grown into one of the most popular on the market, selling everything from mattresses to pillows, sheets, foundations, and more!

We won’t be getting into all these items in this review, but we will take a moment later on to compare the Aurora to the Brooklyn Signature and Brooklyn Spartan mattresses. We’ll also size it up against some of its fiercest competition in the space: the Purple and Leesa Hybrid.

But before we do any of that, we’ve gotta see what’s going on underneath the covers!

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress review
The Brooklyn Aurora in the Sleepopolis bedroom

What is the Brooklyn Aurora Made of?

The Brooklyn Aurora has a fairly complex construction, featuring an array of different foams, thermoregulating elements, and pocketed coils to provide the sleeper with deep pressure relief and cozy cooling. But does the mattress pull this off? Let’s dive into these layers to find out!

Cover – The Aurora cover is made of a blend of polyester, rayon, and Phase Change Material (PCM). While the first two materials are fairly common, the PCM is an interesting addition as it makes the cover quite literally cool to the touch. This helps with temperature regulation throughout the structure and provides the sleeper with a cozy blast of refreshing chill as soon as they lie down.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress logo
Getting a feel for the cover of the Brooklyn Aurora, which uses phase change material to stay cool

Comfort – Next up, you’ll encounter a 1.5” section of CopperFlex foam with Titan Chill. This material has a slow response to pressure for a bit of sinkage and body contouring, and provides even more cooling thanks to its copper infusion. More and more brands are starting to incorporate copper into their bed designs as it’s been shown to dissipate body heat and absorb pesky allergens, a win-win if I ever did see one!

Pressure Relief – Directly below the comfort layer, you’ll find a section of the brand’s proprietary TitanFlex foam. This material is used across many of the different mattresses in the Brooklyn Bedding line and helps draw the pressure relief of the top layer deeper into the structure, a feel that could be especially beneficial for side sleepers. Plus, it’s a latex-like alternative, so features that material’s naturally cooling properties.

Contour – Before you hit the pocketed coil system below, you’ll hit a thin layer of memory foam. I wasn’t really able to feel this section much, but its inclusion should help with isolating motion transfer throughout the structure.

Support – After working through the soft foam layers, you’ll land on the 8” pocketed coil support system. This is an incredibly tall section of pocketed coils, which you’d think would make for a super firm structure, but actually helps to balance out the intense sinkage of the top layers. The height, then, is more about supporting these foams and complementing their pressure-relieving properties with a little lift.

Base – Rounding out the design is an inch of high-density poly foam, present mostly to give the coils something upon which to bounce.

Thoughts: This mattress design is kind of all over the place, but I’m digging it! Though we’ll get into feel later on, I imagine this bed is going to hit a real sweet spot between sinkage and bounce, which could be great for side and combo sleepers.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress construction
Showing the materials used in the layers of the Brooklyn Aurora

How does the Brooklyn Aurora Feel?

Now that we’ve got a solid understanding of the Aurora’s construction, let’s dig into how it feels, starting with firmness.

Like any feel factor, firmness is highly subjective, depending on one’s body size, shape, and weight. That’s why I invited a few of my coworkers to test out this bed with me, so we could get a better sense of the Aurora’s true firmness range. To do this, we each stretched out on the bed and gave it a personal firmness rating, which we then averaged together to land on the number below!

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress firmness
The medium version of the Brooklyn Aurora comes in at about a 6/10 firmness

We were all pretty much in agreement about the firmness of the Aurora, and wound up with an average 6/10 firmness rating. Compared to the industry standard of 6.5 for medium firmness, it seems this bed is a touch on the softer side.

I personally gave the mattress a 6 as I found its predominant vibe to be one of gentle support. What I mean is that though there are a lot of “firm” factors at play here (bouncy foam, sturdy pocketed coils), they actually work to accentuate the “soft” aspects of this mattress, namely its sinkage and deep pressure relief. The structure as a whole works to follow the natural contours of the body, bringing some very nice comfort to the shoulders and hips — strict side sleepers, take note!

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Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress
A stand out feature of this bed is its ability to sleep extra cool at night, which could be a plus for sweaty sleepers! Get 20% off your purchase with code SLEEPOPOLIS20.

How Well Does the Brooklyn Aurora Relieve Pressure?

Another important component of feel is pressure relief, or how well a mattress is able to alleviate tension at sensitive spots across the body, such as the shoulders, hips, and lower back.

To help you visualize the Aurora’s capacity for relieving pressure, I decided to take a snooze atop a pressure map. As I rolled around from my back to my side to my stomach, it tracked my movements, creating a colored “map” of my body reacting to the structure in real time. Blue indicates areas of low pressure, and red indicates areas of high pressure.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress pressure map
I was impressed with the pressure map results for the Brooklyn Aurora

Back – Lying on my back, I felt some pretty nice pressure relief! I could feel the top layers of foam filling in the space at my lumbar region so, as you can see in the pressure map, I didn’t notice any real points of tension. Though I was definitely sinking into the mattress a little bit, I still found it fairly easy to move around.

Side – Once I turned onto my side, I was struck by how much pressure relief I experienced at my shoulders and hips. Though pocketed coil systems typically lend themselves to firm support, this particular one is overlaid by 4.5” inches of foam, so allows for some deeply satisfying sinkage. That said, I think the Aurora could be a good fit for those who sleep primarily in the lateral position.

Side sleeping on the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress
I found the Aurora’s soft feel was nice for side sleepers

Stomach – Unfortunately, this comfort didn’t exactly transfer over to my stomach. Though you can’t necessarily see it on the pressure map above, I did feel some tension at my lower back as my hips sank out of line with my shoulders. Strict stomach sleepers tend to prefer firm structures that encourage a more neutral spine alignment, so may want to check out other beds in the Brooklyn Bedding collection.

So what is the best mattress for Stomach Sleepers? Check out my full guide to find out!

Back sleeping on the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress
Laying around on the Brooklyn Aurora

Brooklyn Aurora vs

So, we basically know how the Brooklyn Aurora feels, but how does it compare to other mattresses on the market? To answer that question, let’s compare it to some of its biggest competition in the space: the Purple and Sapira mattresses.


  • The Purple is a bed-in-a-box mattress that utilizes layers of foam and hyper-elastic polymer to achieve a pressure-relieving medium firm feel.
  • No coils here, but the Purple is super bouncy, perhaps even more buoyant than the Aurora.
  • Though many folks might enjoy Purple’s vibe, I think it’s perhaps best-suited for combo sleepers.
  • Pricewise, it’s less expensive than the Aurora, starting at $584 compared to the Aurora’s $999.
  • Wanna learn more? Check out my full Purple mattress review.

Leesa Hybrid

  • The Leesa Hybrid is actually quite similar to the Aurora in that it’s got a pocketed coil system overlaid by thick layers of foam.
  • However, it’s got more of a medium firm feel and is slightly bouncier than the Aurora.
  • In general, I tend to recommend the Leesa Hybrid for couples, thanks to its fantastic motion transfer.
  • It’s also a little less expensive than the Aurora, with a starting price point of $845.
  • Get all the details at my full Leesa Hybrid mattress review.

The Brooklyn Aurora doesn’t just face competition from the outside world — it also has to hold its own against Brooklyn Bedding’s other mattresses. Below, we’ll take a look at two of these, the Signature Hybrid and Spartan.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid

Like the Aurora, the Signature is a bed-in-a-box hybrid that utilizes foam and pocketed coils.
However, it’s got a much firmer feel, endearing itself best to combo or back sleepers.
Even though this bed is pretty bouncy, I thought it had solid motion transfer, which tells me it could be a good pick for couples.
When compared to the Aurora, it’s much less expensive, starting at $599.
Get the full scoop at my Brooklyn Signature Hybrid review.

Brooklyn Bedding Spartan

  • Another bed-in-a-box hybrid, but built for those with a more “active” lifestyle.
  • Aside from its medium firmness and excellent mobility, the Spartan is great for athletes because of its performance-enhanced cover, which promotes active recovery.
  • Not a sportsperson? No problem! I think it could also be a nice fit for side/combo sleepers.
  • The Spartan starts at $1,400, so is the most expensive Brooklyn Bedding model out of the three here.
  • Read my full Brooklyn Bedding Spartan mattress review.
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Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress
A stand out feature of this bed is its ability to sleep extra cool at night, which could be a plus for sweaty sleepers! Get 20% off your purchase with code SLEEPOPOLIS20.

Motion Transfer

Alright, back to the Aurora! In this next test, we’ll figure out the bed’s motion transfer, or the amount of movement that’s likely going to be detectable from one side of the mattress to the other. Definitely an important factor for all sleepers to consider, but perhaps especially so for anyone who shares a bed with a partner or a furry best friend.

To illustrate this motion transfer, I dropped a 10 lb. steel ball from heights of 4 inches, 8 inches and 12 inches and measured the disturbance it caused: the bigger the lines, the bigger the disturbance.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress motion transfer
The Brooklyn Aurora’s ability to isolate motion transfer makes it a great choice for couples

These are pretty great motion transfer results, which tells me you shouldn’t be too disturbed by motion in the night. Though the bed is bouncy, the thick top layers of foam do a lot to dampen movement across the structure. Verdict? The Brooklyn Aurora could be a real winner for couples!

Is the Brooklyn Aurora Right for Me?

Well folks, we’re at the end! We’ve dissected the Aurora’s construction, chatted about its feel, and even sized it up to other mattresses on the market. BUT the question remains: Is the Aurora right for you? I can’t say for sure (sorry!), but I can leave you with some final thoughts to help you make your decision.

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Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress
A stand out feature of this bed is its ability to sleep extra cool at night, which could be a plus for sweaty sleepers! Get 20% off your purchase with code SLEEPOPOLIS20.

Brooklyn Aurora Recommendations

  • One of my favorite things about the Aurora is how cool it sleeps! From the Phase Change Material in the cover to the airy coils in the core, this bad boy is designed to stop sweaty nights in their tracks.
  • I also like this bed for side sleepers, as the top layers of foam do a lot to cushion and support the shoulders and hips.
  • And finally, I’d recommend the bed for couples, thanks in large part to how well it did on my motion transfer test.

Brooklyn Aurora Complaints

  • Though you’re likely to experience some nice pressure relief from the Aurora, if you’re looking for more of a contouring feel, you’re not going to get that here.
  • Additionally, this may not be the best option for heavier folks, as they might push through the top layers of foam too quickly and find they’re interacting solely with the firm pocketed coils.
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress hand press
Pressing into the Brooklyn Aurora

Purchasing Information

  • Trial – 120 Nights
  • Warranty – 10 Year
  • Shipping – Free and compressed

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How Much Does the Brooklyn Aurora Cost?

Remember to use the code SLEEPOPOLIS20 to save 20% on your Purchase

Twin39” x 75” x 13.5”58 lbs$999
Twin XL39” x 80” x 13.5”60 lbs$1,199
Full54” x 75” x 13.5”85 lbs$1,499
Queen60” x 80” x 13.5"110 lbs$1,699
King76” x 80” x 13.5”135 lbs$1,999
California King72” x 84” x 13.5”120 lbs$1,999


How many layers does the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress have?

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress is made up of five layers. Beyond the cover, consumers will find a 1.5″ section of CopperFlex foam with Titan Chill. Directly below the comfort layer, you’ll find a section of the brand’s proprietary TitanFlex foam. Next up is a thin layer of memory foam, followed by 8″ of pocketed coils and lastly an inch of high-density poly foam.

Why is copper added into the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress?

Incorporate copper into the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress has been shown to dissipate body heat and absorb pesky allergens. This can help keep the mattress much cooler as well as help those that suffer from allergies.

Does the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress come with a sleep trial?

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial. This gives the consumer an optimal time to try out the mattress.

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  • Refunds
  • Trial
  • Warranty


The Brooklyn Aurora is a hybrid bed-in-a-box mattress with a focus on sleeping cool. The Aurora features numerous construction elements for temperature regulation, including an innovative cover made of rayon, polyester, and phase change material which feels cool to the touch and helps to dissipate body heat. The Aurora has a soft feel that’s great for pressure relief, and the pocketed coils provide a good amount of bounce.

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