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Sleep Experts

The Sleepopolis Expert Network is an accomplished group of professionals dedicated to the sleep health of our readers. They help ensure the content we publish is accurate, comprehensive, and based on the latest sleep science. We draw on the knowledge and experience of highly-skilled experts from a variety of backgrounds, including board-certified physicians, dietitians, occupational therapists, and psychologists who specialize in sleep wellness. Each member of our network was chosen for their informed perspective on sleep and their understanding of its importance in our lives.

Our publication process for sleep education content includes close review by two authorities in fields related to the subject of each article. They help ensure our content reflects the most recent peer-reviewed studies and upholds the highest standards of accuracy and integrity. Many of our experts have themselves contributed to medical journals, published books, or made media appearances to discuss sleep-related issues. We cite the experts who evaluate our content by name, and provide links to their profiles, which include biographies, education and professional experience, photos, and social media links.

We at Sleepopolis strive to produce the best and most rigorous content available. Thank you for letting us be a partner in your sleep health!

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