Vivian Eisenstadt, MAPT, CPT, MASP

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VivianVivian Eisenstadt, MAPT, CPT, MASP is known by most in Los Angeles as “The Brooklyn Healer” and “therapist to the stars”. She appears on local and national television as a postural specialist and alternative meets mainstream physical therapist/healer. Her clients range from the elite celebrities and athletes both amateur and professional to the computer sit-too-long epidemic patients.

As Chief Orthopedic Specialist and owner of Vivie Therapy, Vivian has been a dedicated health practitioner for over 19 years.  A native of Brooklyn, New York, she received a bachelor’s in athletic training from Brooklyn College followed by a bachelor’s in health science and a master’s in physical therapy from Touro College. She has manifested herself from an American College of Sports Medicine health fitness instructor/personal trainer into the role of physical/sports therapist, and mind-body wellness practitioner.

She received further degrees as an Orthopedic Specialist, Pilates Practitioner as well as furthering with a master’s in spiritual psychology – a unique addition that helps her truly approach the patient from a mind-body wellness perspective. Her own successful battles with Epstein Barr Virus known to many as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and more recently Lyme disease have helped her understand chronic pain and through her own recovery, she has been able to incorporate her experience with her patients.

Vivian’s experiences range from fitness testing and creating fitness programs for thousands of clients at Tony Robbins Mastery Seminars to working for and with Cedars-Sinai Outpatient & Spine Centers. She opened her own healing center “Prevent The Pain Therapy/ Vivie Therapy” in 2003 and has successfully treated thousands of patients in the Los Angles Metro Area.

As a practitioner, Vivian is forever exploring and educating herself on the latest methods available to advance her treatment skills, always with a hands-on and personal approach.