Stephanie A. Wright, RN, BSN

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Stephanie A. Wright

Stephanie Wright is a registered nurse and dedicated writer. She writes articles about various health and wellness topics, including mental health, women’s health, and parenting.

As a nurse, Stephanie has seen firsthand the impact of high-quality healthcare and is passionate about educating others.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Communication Studies from the University of Louisville. She keeps up with the latest health research as an active healthcare professional.

Alanna Nunez

I'm the head of content at Sleepopolis, where I oversee the editorial and brand strategy and lead the team that creates best-in-class sleep news, health, and product content experiences and resources. Previously, I've worked at,, What to Expect, and Healthline. As someone who's experienced insomnia since age 14, sleep is important to me (I'm not ashamed to say I'm obsessed with it) and there's nothing I love more than helping others get a good night's sleep.