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5 Little Monkeys Bed Review

For this review, I’m doing something a little different. Instead of assessing a traditional bed-in-a-box, I’m going to be taking a look at the 5 Little Monkeys mattress, a bed designed specifically for children transitioning out of the crib and into their first “big kid” mattress.

While this bed is unlike other ones I’ve seen, I’m still going to put it to the test to figure out how it feels and sleeps to see if it might just be the perfect mattress for your little one!

Continue reading below for my full 5 Little Monkeys mattress review. Don’t have time to read it all? Click here to skip to the bottom and check out my review summary.

Save $25!
5 Little Monkeys Mattress
5 Little Monkeys Mattress
5 Little Monkeys Mattress
Ultra-soft foam makes the 5 Little Monkeys mattress the perfect big-kid-bed! Save $25 on your order with code SLEEPOPOLIS!


This mattress is built with three layers of foam, stacking up to a total 8” of comfort. The combination of materials is intended to create a gentle, balanced feel well-suited for a child’s small frame, while also being supportive enough to accommodate growing pains as they get older.

Now let’s dive into each of these different layers.

Cover – The cover is made of organic cotton, resulting in a soft and cozy feel. It’s also removable, stain-resistant and machine washable, which means that if your little one has an accident in the middle of the night, you’ll be able to clean it up with ease.

5 Little Monkeys mattress review
Close up of the cover of the 5 Little Monkeys

Comfort Layer – Built with 4 lb. gel memory foam, the comfort layer is super dense and has a slow response to pressure, which allows the sleeper to sink in for some satisfying relief. While memory foam has a bit of a reputation for overheating, the gel infusion here helps to keep things nice and cool.

Transition Layer – To ensure that your child doesn’t sink too far into the mattress, 5 Little Monkeys placed a layer of responsive foam right below the memory foam. Though this section has a quicker response to pressure than the one above, it’s still incredibly soft as the support layer was designed with small children in mind. Regardless, the material will help gradually transition the sleeper into the firmer base below.

Foundation Layer – Composed of high-density poly foam, the base of the bed provides the structure with its shape and durability, an important feature considering how active kids can be. This bed was designed to last through adolescence, so is built to withstand a lot!

5 Little Monkeys mattress construction
Showing the layers of the 5 Little Monkeys


Normally, I’d flesh out this section by examining all the various components of the bed’s feel, including pressure relief, motion transfer and sinkage. However, since this bed has such a demographic-specific design (in that it’s only intended for kids from the ages of 5 to about 13), I don’t think those tests would be useful.

5 Little Monkeys mattress bundle
The 5 Little Monkeys bundle on the mattress

Instead, I’ll point out a few of the characteristics that could make it a solid “first bed” for kids ready to leave the crib and transition into something more grown-up.

  • Soft Feel – As I mentioned up top, the bed has a very pleasant soft feel to it. As I pressed my hand into the structure, I found that I was immediately interacting with the dense gel memory foam in the comfort layer. The material cozily hugged my hand, providing me with some nice cushiony relief. You can check out our best memory foam mattress list to learn more about the benefits of the material.
  • Size – The bed also only comes in a Twin or Full Size, so it won’t be too intimidating for a little tyke’s first big kid bed, but will still provide plenty of room to grow.
  • Subtle Transition Layer – While “adult” mattresses typically feature a firm transition layer to help ease the sleeper into the bed’s foundation, the middle section here is light and buoyant. This is for a very simple reason: kids weigh less than adults, so they don’t need the same support that their older counterparts do.
5 Little Monkeys mattress tag
Close up of the cover tag on the 5 Little Monkeys mattress
Save $25!
5 Little Monkeys Mattress
5 Little Monkeys Mattress
5 Little Monkeys Mattress
Ultra-soft foam makes the 5 Little Monkeys mattress the perfect big-kid-bed! Save $25 on your order with code SLEEPOPOLIS!


Technically, 5 Little Monkeys sells its mattress as part of an overall Sleep System intended to improve every aspect of a little sleeper’s slumber. So, whenever someone buys one of the beds for their kid, they’ll also receive the following items:

  • Mattress Protector – Waterproof, allergy-proof and washable, the mattress protector is meant to safeguard against untimely nighttime restroom accidents. They’re sure to happen, but this will hopefully make clean-up a whole lot easier.
  • Pillow – The Sleep System is rounded out by a small pillow specifically engineered for kids. It features an organic cotton cover and is the perfect size for kids 5 and up.
  • Storage Tote – To keep all of these disparate parts together, the brand also supplies each system with a handy bag for storage.
  • Stuffed Monkey – And finally, your little one will also receive a cute stuffed monkey!

I should note that we set our 5 Little Monkeys mattress on the brand’s platform foundation, which isn’t included in the Sleep System (it costs an additional $169). Assembly was super easy and only took a few minutes.

5 Little Monkeys mattress bundle close up
The 5 Little Monkeys bundle


  • Sleep Trial: 100 days.
  • Warranty: 15 years.
  • Shipping: Free, arrives compressed in a box.

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If you’re convinced the 5 Little Monkeys is the right mattress for you, the size and pricing information for the mattress are below. Please note that these prices reflect standard pricing, but you can save $25 on your purchase with the coupon code SLEEPOPOLIS!

Twin39" x 75" x 8"$599
Full54" x 75" x 8"$999
Queen60" x 80" x 8"$1,099


Save $25!
5 Little Monkeys Mattress
5 Little Monkeys Mattress
5 Little Monkeys Mattress
Ultra-soft foam makes the 5 Little Monkeys mattress the perfect big-kid-bed! Save $25 on your order with code SLEEPOPOLIS!

Finding the perfect first “big kid” bed for your child can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. As you begin your search, stay on the lookout for ultra-soft foams as they’ll be able to better support your child’s light frame. You’ll also want to ensure that the bed is durable enough to hold up through marathon jumping sessions and pillow fights. And finally, you’ll want it to sleep cool, so find a bed designed with temperature regulation in mind.

In my opinion, the 5 Little Monkeys mattress checks all these boxes with its gentle comfort and transition layers, solid foundation and cooling gel-infused memory foam.

Head over to 5 Little Monkeys to get the entire sleep system!

5 Little Monkeys mattress in bedroom
The 5 Little Monkeys Bed


What is the 5 Little Monkeys mattress made of?

This 5 Little Monkeys mattress is built with three layers of foam, stacking up to a total 8”. The first layer is built with 4 lb. gel memory foam, followed by a second layer of responsive foam, and lastly a layer of high-density poly foam.

What does the 5 Little Monkeys mattress bundle come with?

Not only is the consumer getting the mattress itself, but it also comes with a waterproof, allergy-proof and washable mattress protector, a small pillow made specifically for kids, a storage tote, and a stuffed monkey.

How much does the 5 Little Monkeys mattress cost?

The 5 Little Monkeys mattress comes in 3 sizes (twin, full and queen).  The pricing ranges from $499 to $899 depending on size.

5 Little Monkeys Bed
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