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Best Sleep Number Setting for Side Sleepers

If it’s hard to know exactly what type of support, firmness, and comfort you need as a side sleeper, learning more about Sleep Number beds could be a smart option.

Sleep Remedies – Tart Cherry Juice

Today I’ll be taking a look at a sleep remedy that many claim is as or more effective than sleeping pills: tart cherry juice. Curious to know if drinking a glass of tart cherry juice before bed might be the key to ending your nights of restless slumber? Keep on...

Unboxing the Tranquillium Mattress

Soon I’ll be taking a look at the Tranquilium mattress, one of several models from retailer BedInABox. While all the brand’s beds are built with memory foam, Tranquilium differs from the pack in that it features a Tencel cover and is billed as the line’s “firm” model....

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