Zotto Sleep – Breaking Ground on Kickstarter

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I’m never ceased to be amazed by the ever changing online mattress world. New online mattress companies have been launched in such a variety of unique ways. Casper was founded with huge venture capital funding from a small group of celebrities, including Ashton Kutcher. Leesa was started by a pair of co-founders, who combined had over 60 years of experience in the mattress and marketing world. Tuft & Needle was launched by a two recent college grads with no experience in the mattress industry…but knew they could build something great, and did!

Today, Zotto Sleep, breaks ground in what is the very first online mattress company to launch from crowd sourced funding on Kickstarter. KickStarter has helped a number of cool and innovative businesses get off the ground, including Pebble Time, an e-paper smart watch with a 7 day battery life, Occulus VR, a head mounted virtual reality platform, and Coolest Cooler, the high-tech party cooler.

zotto sleep mattress
Zotto Sleep mattress

Zotto Sleep is aiming to create an ultra premium memory foam mattress at a ultra low price. The Zotto uses 4 layers to deliver support, comfort, and cooling. The top layer is a gel infused comfort layer designed to keep the sleeper within an optimal sleeping temperature range (87-90 degrees). The 2nd layer is a layer of open cell memory foam, which provides great support and pressure relief. The 3rd layer is a transitional foam called Energex. I’ve already tested several mattresses that use Energex foam, all in all it’s pretty impressive stuff. Energex combines many of the benefits of latex and memory foam into a single polyfoam and works exceptionally work as a transitional support layer between the base foam and comfort foams. Lastly, the base layer is a standard high density support foam, which acts as the foundation.

zotto sleep mattress layers
Zotto mattress layers (top to bottom): gel infused comfort foam, memory support foam, Energex transition foam, and high-density support foam base

The Zotto mattress comes with all of the standard online mattress goodies, including a 100 night trial and free shipping.

Today is the first day of the Kickstarter, which will run through October 2, 2015. Early birds who decide to give the Zotto a try will save a good chunk of change vs. the regular price when they officially launch. There are 100 early bird mattresses available, which can get you a queen size Zotto for $699 (26% off the launch price). Or, if you happen to miss the first 100 spots, you can still save a few bucks with their early adopter level, which is $759 for a queen (20% off the launch price).

Delivery of the Zotto mattress is estimated for October, 2015. You can find the Zotto Kickstarter page here.

For those of you looking for a review of the Zotto, not to worry. I will be receiving an early version of the Zotto mattress, which should arrive within the next few weeks. Timing will be tight, but with any luck I am hoping to finish my review before the Zotto Kickstarter ends.

If you have any questions or specific areas you’d like me to check out on the Zotto please drop me a comment below.



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14 thoughts on “Zotto Sleep – Breaking Ground on Kickstarter”

  1. Hi Sleepopolis,

    When my Tempurpedic mattress is cold, I feel the cold seeping into my body. When I’m cold I can’t sleep. I need to put a heating pad under my coldest body parts (usually arms, feet, or backside) until they warm up. I prefer a warm or neutral mattress. Should I be avoiding mattresses with “cooling” features? Also, does the new memory foam material (and they may differ) not respond to temps the way they used to? Eg: mattress gets hard when room is cold and soft when room is warmer.

    • Hi Lyara,

      That is correct. Zotto and most other new mattress companies are using a more advanced memory for that is not as (or in many cases at all) heat responsive. i.e, it’s not rock solid in the winter and super hot in the summer. It maintains a balanced temperature.

      In general, I would say that you shouldn’t be too worried about avoiding mattresses with “cooling” features. I might recommend staying away from the absolute most cool mattresses, but for most foam mattresses I think you’ll be fine. I usually get 5-10 emails a day from readers with feedback on the mattress they ended up buying and thus far I haven’t had a single reader be unhappy or return because the mattress was too cold.

  2. Update for everyone that’s been waiting on this review. Zotto has had a few delays so they are going to wait until their KickStarter is over before they send me the mattress.

    However, they have agreed to honor the KickStarter early bird pricing for my readers for a short-term period after my review goes live.

    I’ll have more details when the review is ready.

    • Any further news on the Zotto – we’re still not settled in on a mattress and wondering if this would be worth waiting on. What are your initial thoughts on the make-up of the mattress and do you know when you will be receiving one for a full review? Thx Sleepopolis

    • Hi Linda, my Zotto shipped today. So I should have it within the next 3-5 days with an initial thoughts blog post following immediately. The full review will be several days after that. The design looks interesting, I would say at this point I’m intrigued. But only sleeping on it will really tell me what I need to know.

    • How do I get the kickstarter deal when your review is posted? I currently can’t seem to find a way to buy the kickstarted deal

    • There will be a special promo code for a short period of time (likely 3-5 days). When my review goes live so will the special promo code. Should be posting the review late next week or early the following. Conducting my test this week.

    • Ugh… I’m also waiting. I was just about to order the Leesa and saw this article about Zotto. Waking up at night hot is a definite problem with me so I’m quite anxious to hear Sleepopolis’s review. Saving some money is always a plus since the Kickstarter is over. My back can’t wait to toss my sagging mattress.

    • Early review…the Zotto is quite a bit different the Leesa. It’s a good bit softer with a significant amount more sinkage and hug. You will really need to like very pronounced hug to feel comfortable and supported. I’m hoping to have my full Zotto review up towards the end of this next week.

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