Brooklyn Bedding Epic Giveaway

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Today we have an epic giveaway from Brooklyn Bedding!

We’re giving away the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid mattress to one lucky winner (you choose the size), but as a special treat, we’ll have some runners up prizes as well! Second place will get a set of Brooklyn Bedding sheets, and third place will get a set of Brooklyn Bedding pillows!

The odds are ever in your favor at Sleepopolis. Scroll down to enter!

Brooklyn Bedding Giveaway

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid got an upgrade this year, with Brooklyn Bedding making their primary mattress a hybrid (previously it was all foam).

Brooklyn Signature Constuction
Showing the layers of the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid

This year has been a big one for Brooklyn Bedding, also launching their new Bowery and Aurora Luxe mattresses! The Aurora Luxe especially is one of my favorites. It’s also a hybrid mattress, but has a few extra construction components that give it an incredibly luxurious feel.

Brooklyn Aurora Corner View
Corner view of the Brooklyn Aurora Luxe mattress

Make sure to check out the Brooklyn Bedding pillows and sheets as well! And check out our Brooklyn Bedding coupon page for the latest deals. Good luck!

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75 thoughts on “Brooklyn Bedding Epic Giveaway”

  1. I recently became an amputee this past Christmas and my fiance had two bouts of Artial fibrilation since his mother died . It would be such a blessing to have a comfortable bed to get some good night sleep since sleep heals and restores your bofy.

  2. I think the Purple Mattress is amazing and I would love to sleep on it every night! I think I’m a new Purple kind of person. I’d love to try them both out, to be honest!

  3. I bought the old version of the Brooklyn mattress in September of 2016 (at the recommendation of the guy who used to have the sleepopolis website) and they came out with the “new” mattress only about six months later. Right in time for it to be too late for me to exchange. I never liked the mattress so I really could kick myself for not returning it when I had the opportunity. I kept thinking I would get used to it and never did. The old mattress came in three versions – soft, medium and firm. I chose the medium and it is NOT and medium, it feels like sleeping on a rock. I contacted the company a few times trying to get a solution. Yes, I was hoping they would send me a topper because many reviewers who thought the mattress was too hard a free topper sent to them, and especially considering I bought a king-sized mattress and was not happy, I thought surely they’ll sent a topper rather than have me return it. Well, I guess they wanted me to return it. I was referred to Amazon where I could purchase a regular foam topper (from their “other” company called Dreamfoam) for an additional $100 or more. The whole point of the old mattress was that the first layer was latex. Dreamfoam’s king-sized LATEX topper is $400! It’s like all their claims were pretty much blown away when they tell you to cover the latex, the main focus of the mattress, with a 2 inch layer of polyurethane foam that per reviews has a strong chemical odor that never goes away, so no thanks. Yes, I would like their new mattress because I feel I am owed restitution! Hahaha. :) Their stellar costumer service didn’t really apply to me any of the 3 or 4 times I dealt with them after they made their sale. And I STILL hate this mattress.

  4. Brooklyn my home town. Would love to try one of your mattresses as there’s nothing more important than a good night sleep.

  5. Please pick me. I have been entering every mattress giveaway I can. I have been a good girl, but the lack of sleep I get from tossing and turning in pain is driving me crazy. I have been on the same mattress for a very long, long time (25 yrs). I’ve been in pain now for at least 10 years (Since being shot). I could use some support and relief. I thank you so very kindly for the opportunity to change my life. Have a great week!

  6. I am a senior and would love to win a new mattress for my old bones to rest on. My mattress like me is old so it is beyond the 8 and replace saying.

  7. I am in need of a mattress. The current mattress started breaking down after 3 years, a wa$teful shame. And now we’re on 5 years it’s deplorable to find a spot to lay.

  8. I would absolutely love to win this! I need a new mattress desperately. I have two young children that need me and my back hurting so bad, I can’t have that. My daughter especially bc she is internally disabled. She has a rare liver disease every day is one day at a time. So both my children absolutely need be to be here. I’m all they have. Please please please help me!!!!

  9. That mattress looks so comfy I am looking for a new mattress just moved in a New House so this would be wonderful to win Good Luck Everyone

  10. I would like to win any of the three prizes, but I especially would LOVE to win the Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress. I have been sleeping on the same mattress for decades, I could use a new mattress. I would love to get a good night’s sleep!

  11. A whole new Idea in sleep design ,Id love to be one of the first to own one of these great state of the art mattresses so I can brag that I had one before everyone else. ed Reardon

    • Could diffently use a new mattress, it would help out tremendously, I would need a queen size. Thank you for the opportunity.

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