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5 Common Sleep Number Bed Problems and Complaints

Sleep Number is known for their adjustable mattresses that help you find the exact level of firmness you need for a restful night’s sleep. Their mattresses are actually air beds that hook up to a hose and pump, so you can inflate or deflate the bed to your exact comfort level.

Sleep Number gets its name because each user gets their own “Sleep Number” —a number between 1-100 that indicates how soft or hard you like your bed. The hope is once you find your perfect sleep number, you know exactly how your mattress should feel to enjoy deep sleep.

While Sleep Number is definitely innovative, the technical aspects of it, along with the fact it is indeed an air mattress (though intended for permanent use), means it comes with a set of common complaints.

Here are the five most common complaints and problems we found  to consider when researching if Sleep Number is right for you:

1. Trench Effect. The most prominent complain throughout all Sleep Numbers reviews was talk about the “trench effect,” which is when the bed sags in the middle and one or both people on the bed slide into it. Because most Sleep Number beds come with two air chambers (so each person can adjust their side to their liking), if one side is significantly more firm or soft than the other, the bed is uneven and is susceptible to a sag in the middle.

Here is what one reviewer said: “I have had it less than a year and towards the middle of the bed I get a dip. I keep rolling into the middle because the outside of my side is higher than the middle side. I’ve ran it to 100 and let it sit, but as soon as I set it back down to comfortable BOOM back in the middle.”

2. Comfort. People have also complained about Sleep Number beds being uncomfortable. Some talk about the bed deflating too often and others say it simply feels like a glorified air mattress. Also, depending on the model you receive, some Sleep Number’s don’t come with a cushioned mattress pad, making the bed feel extra firm.

One Sleep Number user explained: “Basically your sleeping on a high priced air mattress. Feels like camping.”

3. Breakdowns and Malfunctions. Because there’s a decent amount of set up and technology that comes with a Sleep Number—including a hose, pump, and remote to work the adjustable air chamber—the bed is naturally susceptible to breakdowns, especially air deflation. People also spoke about the mattress cover itself falling apart after a few years. While the site has a good support section with videos and content to help troubleshoot issues, many unhappy campers only spoke about how things would break down every few years:

“After a few years, the bed required $600+ in parts (new side and center foam, the mattress cover itself (stitching on the seams separated) and an air pump (the controller died, but you have to buy an “assembly” that includes the pump and controllers)”

Sleep Number Firmness Control Sleep Number

4. Customer Service. Since Sleep Number is known for malfunctions, many reviewers also mentioned the lack of good customer service for when things did go awry. The first point, that came up a lot, was issues with their “100-night sleep trial.” Apparently, if you want to return your bed before the 100 nights is up, this guarantee only includes the mattress itself, not the bed frame or additional accessories. (The website’s fine print verifies this.)

Here is a user comment on this issue: “Upon attempting to return it, we were advised that “Bed” only refers to the mattress and not to the other components including the Adjustable Bases. Sleep Number told me they do not make the bases and therefore cannot stand behind them.”

Generally, customer service did not get rave reviews when people needed parts replaced or help with malfunctions: “The bed sleeps fine, but I am SO DISAPPOINTED in product support by Sleep Number!! I contacted my local store to see about a small replacement part, but they don’t carry parts. So, I contacted the main Customer Service dept. and was blown away! All I needed was a small white female connector for a hose, and I was told that I had to purchase a new pump and hose system for $200 (under partial warranty)! Absolutely ridiculous!

5. Price. Sleep Number prices are comparable to other foam or spring mattresses, with their Queen coming in around $800 (depending on your model). This may seem pretty pricey, given it’s an air bed. While it’s important to remember the adjustability and technological aspects of the bed probably hike up the price, it’s still at least 15% more expensive than the average permanent-use airbed.

Overall, it’s important to remember there are two sides to every story, and for every poor review, there was typically a great review of a Sleep Number product. Make sure to do thorough research before any big bedding purchase, and maybe find someone you know who owns a Sleep Number to get a personal opinion before getting your own.

Sleep Number Complaints

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89 thoughts on “5 Common Sleep Number Bed Problems and Complaints”

  1. As others have said, it’s a overpriced air mattress. We have had ours about 5 years, and paid $5k for it (on ‘sale’) and I’ve never liked it. I have back problems, and every night in it is really bad. I end up sleeping in guest room most nights now. Every day it loses air, and you have to lower, then reset your sleep number for it to go back to normal. The sides are cheap foam and the whole thing is enclosed in a sheer sheet like cover (with holes that were manually punched in it for attachment to base) so it slides all over the place and spills over the side of the base. Definitely got duped on this one. Likely going to buy one of the MIaB’s and cut my losses.

  2. I think we all should get together and sue the company. I had the bed for less than 30 days and am not happy with it. same thing happened to me as to being told that I could return the” bed” lf less than 100 days. No one in the store told me that the frame is mine forever once I receive the bed. my mom who is a professor understood the same thing when we were questioning if we will be able to return the “bed” they said yes you just have to pay $200 for the bed to get picked up.

  3. I wish I would have read the reviews for this bed before I purchased it. Normally I review everything. This bed is NO GOOD. My husband can’t even sleep in the bed because his back hurts so bad. It hurts my back as well but we spent close to $5,000 for this bed so I keep sleeping in it. Probably not the greatest idea. Chamber did not work so of course we had to exchange it. So like many of you have said its just an expensive air mattress. Its so sad that SN won’t improve the quality. I hate absolutely everything about this sleep number bed except that I spent a lot of time lifting the bed so I could nurse my daughter. Thats the only thing I like about this bed.

  4. I hate my sleep number bed- not enough cushioning and I am so uncomfortable. I’ve been sleeping on top of pillows. Has anyone tried the sleep number varicose mattress topper? I hate to spend another $300-400 for it when they don’t allow you to return it if it doesn’t work. Their policy is they will let you exchange for something else, but there is nothing else. Bad policy. I’ve bought less expensive foam pads but they don’t last.

  5. I ordered a set of optional legs for the bed frame. I received them on the 10th of June, 2019, and they don’t fit with this frame setup. With shipping and Tax, they were $140.00, yikes! On June 14, 2019, I called to obtain a return authorization, GUESS WHAT, nope, you can’t return these that DON’T Fit! What a Company! We paid $2000 for our expensive air mattress and thought these would help strengthen the frame, since the bed Sags so badly in the middle! Nope, these would not fit, so now we are stuck with them, They along with this bed are headed for the trash heap! $2,000 for 7+ years for a miserable night’s sleep! Buyer Beware!

  6. Things I discovered about the Sleep Number store in Downtown Summerlin Las Vegas.
    1. You should be aware that if you try one of their beds and decide to return it during the in-home trial period, you will be responsible for $199 delivery, and another $199 pick-up, for a total of $398. NO MATTER WHAT THE SALES PERSON SAYS. The reason this needs to be clarified now is that the salespeople have been trained to use confusing language to make you feel like it will only be $199 total. The sentence they have been trained to say is “We will remove $199 from the purchase price and refund you the difference.” Well, the majority of us think the purchase price is the grand total you pay when you walk out of the store (which is Price for the bed plus the $199 delivery fee.) But they are referring to the purchase price of the bed, not including the delivery fee of $199. Not only do they refund the difference, but then an additional $199 is added for the pick up of the bed you are returning.
    2. We asked our sales person several times to tell us the costs involved in trying the bed, and I would have been fine with $398, but this information was withheld, masked behind confusing conversation. I believe they intentionally mislead customers on this issue. Our sales person has been with the company for 6 years.
    3. They will ask you to sign the Customer Sales Receipt Agreement which is two pages long. This agreement explains that “you are responsible for return shipping/delivery fees for products returned or exchanged.” Nowhere on the agreement is there any quotation of those fees, therefore you are signing to be responsible for whatever fees they feel like charging. They will give you a copy of the agreement, but not the one you actually signed.
    4. The return is not handled by the store. You have to call Sleep Number Customer Service. If you have a discrepancy between what the sales person said and what Customer Service says, you are on your own as the sales team at the store will not talk to Customer Service on your behalf. No wonder they can say whatever they want when they are selling, there is no accountability. Also, my experience with the Customer Service team is they are quick to become defensive and curt, which makes me believe they deal with these issues a lot. After speaking to two separate supervisors, I was able to get them to take $100 off the return begrudgingly. So the total I ultimately paid was $300 to try the bed.
    5. I purchased the i10, which is the bed with the most padding in the store. The bed is cheaply made and I couldn’t justify keeping it. It really is an air mattress with foam on top. It weighed a total of 70lbs. You know there is a problem when the delivery person can carry your whole bed on one shoulder. They can make all the fancy remotes, apps and variable inflation programs they want, but in the end, this is just an air mattress. If you have to keep it at a setting of 40 or lower, it will look like a saggy 50 year-old mattress when you get out of it, requiring you to inflate it every day so it looks acceptable. If you have an adjustable base and you have the head elevated, your butt will bottom out and hit the hard layer below the mattress. And finally, the edge of the bed is flimsy because its just foam which makes it difficult to sit on to put on your shoes.
    6. My advice is its not even worth going into the store. Look around at other locations. We found a bed at Macys and have been happy so far with their policies. Always be aware when you have to sign a long sales agreement with generalities and no distinct quotation about costs.

  7. I’m so totally disgusted by the lack of quality in this bed!!! In 2012, I paid over $7OOO.00 dollars for a king size sleep number bed with all the bells and whistles. AND THAT WAS ON SALE!!!
    My issues with this bed would fill a library so I will just stick to my major problems:
    COST as its relationship to the
    I have many of the same problems with the bed as have listed above:
    Mattresses shifting off base.
    The mattress is attached to the base
    by being screwed through a very thin
    piece of fabric formerly known as Brushed Tricot. This fabric was used
    In the production of light weight sleepwear for women and children!!
    Also, this fabric is a very stretchy knit that tears very easily under the stress of being used for attaching a mattress to a base!!
    Try using a pair of your tricot panties
    to attach your SN mattress on something that needs to be strong enough to hold any mattress in place on any base.
    Calling “custom service ” (“OXIE MARRONE ” if there ever was one!!!)
    I got the same “pay $600. 00 +”
    to fix it!!
    Other irritants include:
    The canyon in the center of my bed.
    The one side will not inflate.
    I have only used the vibration features a couple of times. They no longer work either.
    As I said I could go on and on and on but I think you get the drift.
    This is a company without a shread of integrity in backing their hoax of a product.
    It’s amazing to me how this company is staying in business.
    Usually, scammers and thieves
    of this magnitude are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  8. We bought this SN in hopes of helping my wife’s lower back pain. I have tried settings anywhere from 35-100 and can’t seem to find a comfortable setting. Most of all it seems like I’m sleeping at an angle, higher in the middle. I don’t lay level. If I had it to do all over again I would just buy a good quality pillow top mattress. I advise to stay away from sleep number. Just an overpriced air mattress.

  9. The single biggest waste of money I ever committed to. Not only the “trench effect,” but the ridiculous time and money required to get the moving team to come help you. A 2 year old 7K bed……..and I’m going to end up throwing the bloody thing away and get a “real” bed. A joke………..

  10. Another problem with the Sleep Number bed is that when you buy a new mattress from another company, they don’t want to deal with removing the SN bed. They refused, so we had the mattress company give us a refund. So now we’re stuck with the sorry SN bed still. I hate this bed. Ours is about four years old and was much more expensive than any other mattress we ever purchased. It’s also the sorriest mattress we ever purchased. No support even at the highest number and just overall very uncomfortable.

  11. I have had my sleep number bed for almost ten years. I bought it for my back issues and hoped it would help. It
    Has made things so much worse. I can only stay in the bed for a few hours at a time then get up for relief. I was watching movies in my sons room and he has a standard mattress. I fell asleep in there and had the best nights sleep I’ve gotten in sometime. We have the old adjustable king which means it has a crack between two mattresses which runs the entire length of the bed. This crack
    Makes it almost
    Impossible to snuggle with
    Your spouse throughout
    The night. Not sure I can live with the increasing pain of my back and the isolation of virtually sleeping alone another day. Possibly the worst purchase I ever made.

  12. I got this POS as a gift. So i have to use it. I was paralyzed for 3.5 yrs from a car accident. I can’t take anymore I haven’t slept in months. I can barely walk I can’t sit down at all with out being in terrible pain, I get up every 45-60 min. Before this I could do 8-9 hrs at work, and ride my motorcycle 50-150 miles no problem. Now I can’t even throw my leg over the bike. Never had this problem with my Serta mattress. Please if you have any back problems don’t even think about buying one of them.

  13. We spent almost 6,000 dollars on a sleep number bed. We were not informed until time of payment that a remote is not included in the price of the bed. The company wants an extra 40 dollars for a remote.

  14. I have had my sleep number since 2011. Some of the time it was ok, but for over a year it has hurt my back. My initial setting was 35 so I can’t go down like they recommend. When my cat lays on it, it sinks! I had most of the problems listed. Sinking in the middle (rolling in) (trenching) and one side higher looks so stupid!!! The edges break down, the foam insert is destroyed at the edges. The foundation was a joke, I threw it away. Luckily I have not had trouble with the motor or remote.

    Regarding my back…I set it to 40. Not good. I called the company. Clueless. The rep said, maybe sleep number is not the right bed for you. Thanks, after I spent a small fortune. I set it to 50. I can sleep tossing and turning for 4 hours, then in TORTURE for the rest of the night. I get out of the bed and my back is fine. I don’t have back trouble. I paid about $2,200 in 2011. Bad investment. I am ready to ditch it and get a better bed!!! Sleep is important! I would not recommend it to anyone. Sadly, going to bed is a scary and sad event… until I can get rid of this piece of crap.

  15. I hate this giant waste of money. My husband bought it hoping it would help his back. My hips hurt every morning. My neck is killing me. No matter the number I adjust to, this thing hurts me. It’s not snuggly so we spent another $125 for a mattress topper from a different company. Still feels like a camping air bed. Pressure points everywhere. I truly hate this bed with a passion and I’m stuck with it for decades to come.

  16. Disappointed is an understatement! Horrible customer service. I’m supposed to pay about $750 to repair my bed after 5 years of minimal usage since I sleep at my girlfriends often. We both have the trench effect not only in the middle but, on the sides as well. You can clearly see the difference and feel it when you lay your head where our feet usually go. I thought a simple rotation would help. Within 24hrs the bed is back to the sunken effect. We don’t sit and watch tv on it and I weigh about 140lbs my girl a lot less. She also only sleeps over a few nights a week so shouldn’t have these issues. The other problem that is ridiculously annoying is how the bed slides of the frame! I had to purchase a product from gorilla glue to help it from moving off the frame every single day. It has helped but, it still moves daily. I’m just going to buy a $600-$700 mattress during Memorial Day weekend to stop this glorified air mattress! Sadly the customer service was even worse than expected, I’ve only had the bed 5 yrs which is incredible ive lasted this long with my back and neck injuries, Which I bought the mattress specifically for. I think sleep number should reimburse use for something, I bought the bed for the 25yr useless warranty as well which doesn’t even cover you 100% if at all. Think at minimum they can pay for replacement parts or carry them locally, hypothetically I’m just going to take a chainsaw to the sleep number as a review for new customers and post it on YouTube. I think that review will be go viral! Wish I could say their products worked I’ve spent hundreds on stupid accessories like the pillows, reading pillows and don’t forget those really inexpensive mattress covers!! Also they want me to replace the coverlet for the base for another $70 to help stop the sliding. Had no idea this company was so horrible! I wish I could go back a few years. I think the first night on it was my only good night of sleep and that was only because I just got back from a 5 day stay at the hospital!
    -save your $ and go buy a $500-$600 mattress and buy a new one every 5 years if you want a sleep number!! Same thing except I’m sure the other mattress will last longer.

  17. Have had the Limited Edition Innovation Series for 3 years . Tonight it went flat. The remote state it is maximum inflated. I reset the pump. All to no avail. I called customer service, they were closed. Then I went to the website. As I was describing the problem I was hung up on 5 separate times. This company charges exorbitant prices and provides poor tech support. Obviously, they do not value their customers.

  18. Got our twin xl sleep number beds in April 2019. I wish I had seen these comments because I’d have never bought this “bed”. My shoulders hurt A LOT and my lower back. This bed is awful!!!! I have called twice for them to come get this bed and they just don’t want to do it. First they send out a thicker mattress pad, then I’m told I need a lower number because of the thicker pad. I’m so sick of this!!! Calling tomorrow but judging on all these reviews, I will bet I’m stuck with this crap. My son ever moves out and this junk is going in our guest room, bet guests won’t stay long after being on this “bed”. Lol. Good luck if you read this and buy one of these Sleep Number beds anyway.

  19. I bought my sleep number over a month ago. I wish I had seen these reviews first. I tried to return bed after two weeks was told I had to wait 30 days. On day 31 I called to have bed picked up and was told they would send me free padding to try for the mattress. I declined and was issued a return number but it is going to cost me $411 because they will not refund $199 delivery and are charging me an additional $212 to have bed picked up. Lesson learned.

  20. I am so horrified that I spent over $3000 on this bed and the trench effect set in after only a year. By the way, it’s just me in the bed and I weigh 120 pounds. I’ve had the mattress about 2.5 years now and I’m in so much pain. I sleep fine in my guest bed with a $350 Costco mattress. I don’t even want to deal with customer service. I think I’ll just have it hauled off.

  21. Has anyone tried to get legal help and file a mass suit against sleep number to get refunded? I have increasing pain in my back and knees. Have owned the split king for about three years and had to get it repaired once. The service for this company is horrid. We paid $8000 for this bed, and it has aggravated my post-polio condition. How do I know its the foundation? Because when I sleep in a nonsleep number bed, I don’t have as much pain and after a few days less pain. This is why I decided to google ”back and knee pain from a sleep number bed” and got this site. Sleep number usually blocks all complains about them, so I am surprised they havent blocked this one. We need to file a group claim against sleep number and get our money refunded!

    • Wow! My back is far worse since ditching my tempur-pedic bed and buying a sleep number, we also paid $8000 for a California king split mattress. I am so disgusted. I am at the point I just want to get rid of it.

  22. Have had a Sleep Number Queen bed for sixteen years. I will replace it this year for a slight Trench Effect. Best bed I ever owned will be replaced with another Sleep Number bed.

  23. Wow, I’m glad I got online and looked, there’s a bunch of these things used for dirt cheap, now I know why. I bought an older King mattress and base that was in storage, the bladders were pretty full to the touch they felt firm, I tried each sides remote and both are pumping air, I got the 2 bases which are in perfect condition, however left the frame he was selling because I have one already.
    The pillow top has a couple stains which I plan to clean, also going to see how much a replacement is.
    After looking at the prices I told my wife there’s no way I’m spending that kind of money without trying one out, glad I didn’t try the 100 day thing, good grief!!!
    I’ll report back on the results of my trial of the user one later.

  24. Horrible 2.5 years split king I12 gap or should I say canyon in middle of bed and gaping over the sides.. company will not help at all! We bought best thing they had at the time. You think that you pay for what you get ,with this company it’s not true. They’ve been our 2/3 times to “fix problem” only to do it again! I’ll never own sleep number again .. I hate I’ve referred so many plp to this company!

  25. This company is a nightmare the bed is a disaster and a complete waste of money. Lies from the sales people at the store. Their tactic is to say you have nothing to lose completely refundable Up to 100 nights. Their bed is a disaster and a complete overpriced waste of money. Upon calling the store and customer service their misrepresentation of the bed now say you only can return the mattress and you’re stuck with the over $4000 base. It doesn’t matter the setting I wake up every morning in horrific pain…Neck pain back pain that I didn’t have before purchasing the mattress I find myself sleeping in a recliner while a $9000 bed complete utter waste of money. How is it possible for such a terrible company to get away with all of this when there are obvious so many customers that experienced the same problem?Stay away from these people they are scammers!!!!!!!

    • We had the same problem….Peter slept in his recliner for the last 5 years and thought the sleep number bed was the solution. His Sleep Number bed wasn’t comfortable. Ice and I hurt where our bodies touched the mattress and he couldn’t sleep on it . It didn’t work from day one and had to contact the company 9 or more times for this and that… The remotes didn’t work. . They sent a new system. It didn’t work. They sent 1 extra foam pad not 2 like you would think for a split California King, it wasnt comfortable. Then it wasn’t reseting…found out it was the pump that need replacing .
      .We finally said enough .. Took the loss. they picked the mattress up but we now have a base and don’t know what to do next. After spending $9000. on this bed we are perplexed as to what to do next. had to keep the base, they won’t credit us for it and it’s $4,000.00.
      What is a good mattress? Peter either sleeps in his grandmothers Temperpedic Mattress or in his recliner and goes back and forth.
      There should be a class action suit against this company and we would be happy to join in one.

  26. OMG he can’t even help how bad this bed truly is not only a glorified air mattress but a poor nightly sleep day in and night out, you hate that it’s yours! and you actually have to sleep in it because it’s all you have because it was so much money. I don’t know
    what to do it hurts so much to sleep in, I truly believe that my hip trouble is from the air mattress and now my husband has had to have four five and six fused in his back because of severe pain something we had nothing of three years before buying this bed we’re healthy, energetic, and exercise and we walk daily. We believe this is the source of our pain if we can get a lawyer we would to help fight all the concerns we have and others if anyone does please inform us we would love to be a part of a joint class-action lawsuit. It’s no fun when you really want to cry when it’s time to go to sleep because you know the pain you’re going to be in when you wake up in the morning this has severely damaged People’s Health in ways you cannot come back from surgery sometimes is the only option but then you have to come home and sleep in the same bed. What lies you’re told what deceit not right something should be done to this company. People should not have to suffer their lives like this. There should be something we can do if we all been together I would would you.

  27. We bought a sleep number queen bed because both of us were waking up with hip and back pain with our old mattress. After a few months the right side (my side) started losing air. We called customer service and plugged off the mattress to see if it was the air bag or the pump. We discovered it was the pump and were told, since it was under warranty, that they would ship us a new pump. I couldn’t believe that they didn’t carry replacements at our local store. So we had to unhook the pump and quickly put in the plugs so we could try to sleep on it. Now the second pump not only at time loses air but gains air when the left side is blown up. Guess I will have to call customer service and go through the entire set up again. I wish I would have bought another mattress. Buyer beware!!

  28. Yes couldn’t agree more had mine for less than a year total junk I could sleep better on a pool float that’s about what it is in the store they have so many layers on the bed when you try it then you get it and you have a 1200 dollars box of crap now I have pain in my back, knee and more I’ve wasted money on things but this is the worst all the mattresses I looked and time I spent what a joke if I could go back and do it again I would’ve never went in the store

  29. Tim Brown left message about the call with customer service disconnected and not getting a call back. Sorry you have to understand these are incoming call centers and within 1.5 seconds of a call ending the next call comes in.

  30. I am in agreement with the complaints listed here. We have had an issue with the one side leaking rather badly. They have been out 4 times each time on the same issue and each time I have had to argue and get transferred to a case worker to wave the $199 charge to fix the issue they have been unable to fix. So when they tell you that the service charge cannot be waved ask to speak to their supervisor keep doing that until you reach someone who will wave the charge. The now have replaced the pump but the problem persists. This time they said I have to talk to the frame manufacturer Leggett and Platt. As the hose goes through the frame and is covered by them. When I spoke with Leggett and Platt, they advised they do not cover that and back to Sleep Number again. Now they are shipping me hoses and will have the techs come out again. Oh and they emphasize for the last time for free even if it is to correct the same issue….
    And yes the 100 day is bogus, covers just the mattress. You are stuck with the frame which being a split frame can’t be used on a traditional mattress. As far as comfort, I really miss my old bed..

  31. I’m doing restoration work on an old house and visit it for a couple of months at a time. I didn’t want to buy a permanent mattress yet, so I bought an air mattress with the built-in electric pump for $40 (air mattresses that are filled with a vacuum cleaner are even cheaper). I cover it with plush padding before putting on the sheets and blankets. It has served me well for two years now. I leave it plugged in so if, in the middle of the night, the mattress seems a little soft, I can just hit the button and inflate it a little more.

  32. I have owned my sleep number for 10.5 years. It’s the original with “wired” remotes that simply go up and down. No fancy technology to show numbers or anything.
    This is my magic bed. I struggle to sleep in hotels or on other mattresses. I have not had any issues at all with this bed! It’s the best way to sleep.
    I came looking for the estimated life of a bed and found all these people and complaints and was shocked.
    Maybe the moral is don’t go fancy. I bought it from a man who couldn’t return it because of the mattress/frame issues but had decided he wanted something else for his guest room, basically a brand new bed – for a steal. Best bed ever!
    Maybe I just need to buy a new mattress cover and keep this baby. ❤️ I don’t notice big air leaks or any of the other complaints. I will say there is a little space in the center of our two sides are unequal, but who doesn’t like to sleep close to their husband?
    Thanks for the reviews. I love my bed and will keep it.

    • I’m with you Felicia. We’ve had ours for 10+ years as well and have had no issues until now. Even that is understandable because of the length of time we’ve had it. I came across this article while looking into the seam coming undone in one spot. I’m just starting to look for our options to fix this problem. We really like our sleep number and would buy again in the future.

  33. The commercials for the bed were great for promoting what appeared to be a quality product, as well as an answer to not having a hospital bed for my husband who is a cancer patient with severe bone pain especially in his back. However, I must agree with the other consumers regarding the poor performance of the bed. I’ We decided to return the bed for the following reasons: the massage feature didn’t massage. Instead, it only vibrates and it’s loud for others in the house. Next, the mattress didn’t maintain the selected level for comfort, so my husband usually sleeps in a reclining chair which he finds more comfortable than a $ 7,000.00 bed!
    After contacting the company, I was told the adjustable base cannot be returned, but we can work with you to get the right mattress and/or setting. Needless to say, that didn’t happen and we are unable to return the bed. Since that time, the remote has stopped working, the mattress won’t adjust settings at all, the pump needs to be replaced, and the massage feature won’t turn off which means I must disconnect the bed. Finally, for a technician the fee is $ 199.00 and subject to an additional cost depending on the problem. Regarding customer service with the Sleep Number representatives, all have been nice but didn’t deliver on the product. The warranty is totally misleading. Of course, the representatives advise the problem is with your base which is not a our product! WHAT!!! Therefore, you must work with representatives at Legette and Platt who provide the base to resolve the issues. Needless to say, this hasn’t happened. We have only had the bed a year! This is one of the worst purchases I have ever made. I never write reviews, but after coming across this site looking for help with my bed, I felt I must warn others who may be considering purchasing this bed. In fact, I had two friends interested in buying the bed and advised against it. YES, I AM AN UNHAPPY CONSUMER! If a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT becomes available, please contact me. Dimethia Hasan

  34. I purchased this bed Jan 2019. Today is end Jan 2019. I’ve been able to sleep on it the first 3-4 days then the air would not hold in the left side. I’ve made multiple chats and hours on the phone only to learn that my area ” is not in their supported locations.” I wasn’t told this when it was delivered. Imagine that? Also, after reading other comments I seem that I may be stuck with a $400 return fee as well as the frame. As I’ve not even been able to use the bed I’m wondering if anyone has had experience with a Small Claims suit for the entire amount of the purchase? If anyone has would you please respond?

  35. I have a sleep number King size full split bed with dual temp, This is my second Sleep Number bed and I have recommended 3 other people and they all bought a Sleep Number Bed. We buy all our sheets, mattress protection, and several sets of pillows from Sleep Number which is very high in price. We do not have problems with the comfort of the bed and sleep very well on our bed. The main reason we decided to get the full split bed was for the adjustment (watch tv). The problems I keep having is the remotes loose connection with the pump. Call customer service and wait on hold for ever and if you get cut off they will not call you back even though the have your file up with all your contact info, you have to call back in and wait and wait and wait for a different support staff to answer and you have to start all over with issues, etc. The last 2 months I have had to call in 4-6 times with this issue, first time they said they need to send me two separate remote for the dual temp and remove the dual temp setting off the original wireless remotes that came with the bed due to new company policy. Now we have 4 remotes for the bed which is crazy when the original remotes use to work perfect with the bed and dual temp. So now we have 4 remotes on the nightstands to work the bed :(. The 2nd – 6th time I have called in to support all they want to do is reset the remotes which does work for about 1-1.5 weeks before the same issue happens they loose connection. The support staff is unfriendly and act like they really do not care if you get the bed working. I had to order a new pump tonight to see if my pump is the issue rather than the remotes, was surprised that a 3 year old 12k bed did not have a better warranty. I had to pay for the new pump (was pro rated they said) and now have to wait 5-6 days for it to come in so I can get my bed to function again. I wish I could recommend Sleep Number and give a good review but our bed has become a burden and too much time involved with support trying to get the bed working properly. I am sorry but it is time to start looking for a new bed.

  36. I agree with all the complaints I wake up every morning in pain and living on a fixed income I just have to live with what I so foolishly bought. At my age I should have known better I’m over 80.

  37. Worst purchase ever made in our lives! Spent over thousands trying to make this work/comfortable. Initial purchase of over 6,000.00 then thousands more for a bed frame and additional padding and toppers through the years. At the time of purchase we were in the middle of home construction, they held the bed for us for short period of time so we had to have it delivered without carpet down.. The day they brought it out we slept on it that night and my husband who is healthy and never complains awoke with bad back pain. It took me a little less than a week to realize how bad it hurt my back. Customer service was a nightmare, return was out because we were several days over return date and they refused the adjustable section. Fast forward several months extreme trenching, sagging, adjustability on husbands side worked for short period of time but then went out, air leaks, etc. After some time we knew we had to live with our costly mistake and called customer service to get another pad, again nightmare with customer service each and every time we attempted to get this to be somewhat comfortable. They were outwardly hostile that we dared to complain that we needed to replace the sagging topper section. Fast forward over 12 years we have spent thousands on high end toppers, padding of latex, padding of gel, etc. pillows for neck pain. We now both suffer severe sciatica, along with back, neck and hip pain. I only found this site as I was looking to find some way to cover the ugly bottom mattress that shows, you cannot make this bed look nice. They did not have anything in the store at the time we purchased this bed to cover up and make it look right. Thought we just got a bad one. After just reading this and other sites with customers saying that they also have mold problems, thinking it would be best to just throw it out. It’s been nothing but a body torture chamber for me and my husband. Tired of throwing money into it only to still be in pain.

    • I to have a sleep number very unhappy, weve had it going on 5 years – weve gone through 5 msttress csnnot find a comfortable one – may i ask what bed is better.

  38. I just got off the 1 of 4 phone calls with customer service tonight to try to work out the prearranged “deal” I had with them. I was only going to owe the return pick up fee of reduced $100.00. I now owe sleep number $319 dollars. I am extremely upset. I was misled. I financed their home delivery fee and was never told if and when I would want to return my bed I would need to pay that $199 along with the return delivery fee. The bed is a joke it didn’t last 2 weeks in our house. (King, i8) the delivery men told my husband that it was not worth it. When they came and picked it back up they laughed and said “I told you so” as they threw it in the back of the truck. Also, they had 3 other pickups that day! My back was so sore most of the time I would wake up crying. I am not amused by this company, their over priced air mattresses, and deceptive customer service tactics.

    • Hello:
      We are in the same boat. We received the bed about Dec 30, we have actually slept in it 5 nights. We’ve been trying to get a technician here because the right side will not old air. Here it is end Jan. still no bed to sleep on. After hours to chats and phone calls we have been told that we will have to pay a shipping fee to return the worthless thing. Also, stuck with the frame. Could you share your attorney’s suggestion? I’ looking into Better Business Bureau (locally and small claims.)

  39. We bought the I8 California king with the Flexfit 2 base and split top back in December for $9,000 including two sets of sheets, two pillows and mattress pad and hated it. The split took up too much room and we rolled into the middle. It was a glorified hospital bed. We exchanged it for the regular king I7 and got a refund of $110. We still hate it and both my husband and I have aches and pains we never had before. It we had been told the truth about the 100 day trial, we would never have bought it. We can’t get over how cheaply it is made. We have an appt with our lawyer next week to discuss our options.

  40. We’ve had our mattress for about 3 years. Have to replace air every night about 6-7 times when I’m awakened by deflated mattress. Over priced glorified air mattress. Will not purchase again.

  41. I too, have had all the listed problems. I wake in severe pain! Then I have to try to crawl over the wooden waterbed frame after sinking well below the top of the 2×8 waterbed frame. ‘‘This is all due to cheap materials and a total lack of quality concerns. Consider yourselves warned.

  42. A Minnesota Company with Zero Ethics.

    We bought a Sleep Number bed and paid thousands of dollars for it. In addition, we bought an upgrade to have the Dual temp($1,500). Along with this we paid a few more hundred dollars to have the universal remote so we would not have multiple remotes at the bed side.

    This universal remote worked great for 4 plus years until recently when the CEO (Shelly Ibach) decided to make a technology change with no regard to how it impacted your existing customer base and the amount of money they spent to have that feature. Essentially they deployed new technology knowing it would make all the universal remotes in the market place not function.

    There solution is not to return the hundreds of dollars one spent on the universal remote or even replace it with a new universal remote but rather give you a second remote. The old universal remote will control the sleep number and the 2nd remote controls the Dual Temp. Well this defeats the purpose of having a universal remote (one remote) plus what about all the cash I paid for the product that Ms. Ibach decided to disable?

  43. Trenching? Yup
    Glorified Air Mattress? Yup
    Breakdown or Malfunction? Not to this point
    Customer Service? Have not needed
    Price? Ouch


  44. This is the WORST mattress I have ever used. The trench is AWFUL and it is equal to the “so called” Customer Service. These people need to have a “Class Action” lawsuit against them based on all of the complaints! And they still sell them without any reservation! Shameful!

  45. We have our Sleep Number bed for 8 years and have a 20 year warranty, the air compressor went out my side, we went to our local store they gave us the headquarters number. We call them prorated our price and end up buying the compressor at a really cheap price. We love our bed!!! The Customer service is great! This bed is the best investment we ever made.

  46. So disappointed in this purchase. Apparently, we did not know what to expect with this mattress and have made the worst purchase in our 48 year marriage. After trying to get used to the mattress we experienced no adjustment in nightly sleep as we tossed and turned. The nightlight worked intermittently, and the biggest surprise is that the base is not returnable! We slept on the mattress for less than a month, were traveling away from home for a month, and decided we were no better off than a traditional mattress when we returned. We were surprised to learn that the heavy, bulky frame was ours to keep. We are moving and can’t afford to move it across the country so will have to pay to have it removed. We feel totally violated.

  47. Slow leaks in both chambers after 9 years. By phone customer service said would send info to get replacement partially covered by warranty. Info never came. Found leaks myself by inserting colored cosmetic powder at air intake. Will be fixing leaks with gorilla glue/patches.

  48. I bought sleep number for my wife who has health issues. It’s been nightmare. Every day she cries of pain sleeping on the mattress. I too noticed I’ve been getting back pains. After spending over $6000 one would think the bed would be the best in the market getting the best night sleep. I made a big $6000+ mistake. The hype outweigh the reality of the quality of sleep. Live and learn

  49. Sleep Number bed is a big rip-off. A total waste of money. I have to sleep on the sofa because I can not stand the “trench effect” of rolling to the middle of the bed. Now the stupid thing deflates so my wife is forced to sleep on a mattress that feels like sinking into a pile of leaves. Do not buy this mattress.

  50. Another very disappointed customer. The bed is very uncomfortable. I wake up with back and hip pain. It does not matter how often I try to adjust it the sag in the middle does not go away.

    Do not make the same mistake I did and take your business to another place.


  51. My biggest complaint (after the trenching and waking up barely able to get out of bed), is the ridiculous cost of sheets!!!!! $200 for a set of King sheets? We also have to replace our mattress cover – another $234? What a ripoff. I tell everyone who asks – don’t waste your money.

  52. I’m so disgusted with my E8($7,000 plus) nightmare. Worst investment ever. My loss and my fault. I should have read the reviews. I find myself sleeping on the sofa or in a recliner because I can hardly move in the morning after sleeping in the bed. This bed does not feel like the bed that I tested in the store. I have my side set on 100. My number in the store was around 40. Even on 100, the bed is not firm at all. I could have just set as match and burned my money. What a waste. Sleep number beds are a rip off. I can’t believe people can sell these beds or work for this company with integrity.

  53. I have been contacting Customer Service for over three years. Can no longer sleep in bed because the right side of bed sinks and you feel like you are rolling down a hill. When I wake up my back and neck hurts so bad. Has been the worst bed I have ever slept in. Don’t understand when I call about bed they are of no help to get it fixed. Don’t ever buy a Sleep Number bed they and Customer Service are really bad.

  54. I have had 2 sleep number beds I had the first one 20 years replaced the foam ,pump and controls now my Granddaughter is using it and it still does not sag in the middle We now have an I-10 half split King and love it. My husband is heavy and have no sagging. We highly recommend sleep number.

  55. I wish I had found this before I purchased! The pump broke on day 2 and customer service is horrendous! Took week to get to us because they forgot to push “submit”

  56. Good to know that I’m not the only one experiencing the “trench effect” we’ve had the bed for a few years and I’m hating it so much now. Can’t get comfortable on any setting. Every time my husband gets out of bed I have to set both sides to different numbers because I roll into the trench that feels like I’m sleeping on a plank of wood. Like others said, it’s just an overpriced air mattress.

  57. I wish I would have found this site sooner. Another dissatisfied customer of the sleep number bed! Very poor customer service. We have a ” squeaky” bed, very annoying.

  58. “Free” 100 day trial period excludes $199 delivery and $199 return fee, so if you decide to return your mattress you’re going to lose $400 plus tax.

    I discovered this after having this bed recommended to me by several people, but for me it induced lower back pain, regardless of the setting I used. On scheduling for return customer service kindly lets you know that you’re going to receive a refund minus $400. Oh, and you can’t choose to pickup or return the mattress on your own. Their stores do not have warehouses, so you have to pay the delivery and return fee. Insult to literal injury. If you do decide to try this mattress make sure you’re fairly certain or willing to pay $400+ to try.

  59. In my opinion this product is over priced for the materials that are used to manufacture this bed.I have experienced mattress issues from get-go.c/s always sends me parts with no hassle,but I feel as though this is the R&D location. Satisfaction depends on this fix, purchase another? DEPENDS

  60. Worst investment of my life, super disappointed. Both my husband and can barely sleep on the thing and wake up not feeling rested and having back and neck pain. Do not make the mistake we did, don’t buy this glorified air mattress.

  61. I have had nothing but problems with SleepNumber bed. My husband I bought the California King and so have 2 basically twin beds pushed together, which cost over $5000.00. My side has not worked from the start and like the reviews state above I sleep in a trench nightly because the air in the “Air Mattress” does not stay. I have to adjust the air to the bed nightly and after 1 hour it is completely trenched again with the sleep number down to 00.
    We called customer support, but was told that it was going to cost $199.00 just to come out and take a look at the problem – and that is before fixing anything. Additionally, the bed is under warranty, but apparently that is not covered. I am about to buy just a plain twin bed and take the AIR MATTRESS off the frame – since the Frame is not guaranteed by Sleep Number.
    DO NOT BUY THIS AIR MATTRESS – that is exactly what it is. You are buying an OVER PRICE Air Mattress and will NOT get any customer support without paying for it.
    I am really disappointed in this product. Too bad I didn’t read the reviews prior to spending a all that money – I should have gone to Jerome’s; at least they stand behind their product 100%.

  62. This $3800.00 + mattress is a joke because it is JUNK!!! The bs in their commercials should be considered a CRIMINAL OFFENSE. Lies and an inferior mattress. Wish I had never heard of Sleep Number and that I could take this excuse for a mattress and “put it where the sun doesn’t shine (like a sleep number executive’s ass)!!!!
    Gayle Mann

  63. I have no problem falling asleep (very quickly) when I lay down, and I typically sleep deeply. However, when I wake I feel like I’ve been beaten during the night. I’ve tried a wide range of firmness options, but that doesn’t seem to affect discomfort I awake with.

  64. I so wish I had read these reviews before spending $6000 on a queen Sleep Number bed. So disappointed! I kept saying “It feels like an air mattress.” They kept saying “Find your number.” I’ve had the bed two weeks and feel as though I’ve been had! I bought it because a friend loves hers. I so wanted to like it. But I am waking up in the morning with back and hip pain. Don’t make my mistake!

    • I know exactly what you’re saying. Spent 5700.00 on my bed only one week ago and haven’t had a good night sleep yet. I’ve tried all the different settings. I was under the understanding that I could try the bed out for a hundred days and if I wasn’t satisfied with it I could return it. Now I find out that I can only return the bed not the frame. No I have a 3000 dollar frame and mattress saver and no bed .please read everything they have you sign because you can’t trust a word that they tell you. It’s very sad that a company would have a sales staff that would intentionally mislead their customers like that . All I can say is buyer beware.

  65. Had a disgusting experience with the customer service reps at SleepNumber. After 2 years, the bed became nonfunctional due to a hole that developed around the air chamber which would make the bed deflate within 2 hours. The customer service reps said it would cost $400 to ship a new air chamber for a bed that they acknowledged was defective. I took the $400 and bought a new mattress.

  66. I purchased a Sleep Number Bed in 2017 and what drove me to it was all the rave reviews. Well I’m sorry I did that. What a piece of junk. As many of you say, it’s just an air mattress and like many of you I’m falling into the middle of the bed. Unable to get comfortable, stomach, back or side sleeping. The worst part is my back in the morning when I wake up, it’s killing me and I’ll be replacing it shortly. Sleep Number’s website has to be controlling who says what on their site and if so, there should be something done about it

  67. Bought my bed in February 2018 and am already experiencing the “trenching” effect. (I did not know there was even a name for it) After being on the phone with customer service, and playing “bed Tech” at the same time, they are begrudgingly sending out a service guy . Initially, they were going to charge me $99 to send someone out.
    The warranty is, shall we say, not anywhere near as good as the guy in the store said it would be.
    As of the last month, my wife sleeps on the couch and I sleep in a chair

  68. People will need to understand that these are air mattresses.. They’re limited in that aspect of design.. I’ve taken the bed apart piece by piece to see how well it’s been constructed, from pumps, hoses, mattress material, etc.. And I can definitely tell you, it’s cheaply made.. No doubt in my mind quality of the construction created many arising and current issues.. I couldn’t imagine how they’re R&D even came up with a warranty.. But guess what? It’s a LIMITED WARRANTY that leaves the burden on the consumer.. Smart for the company & it’s investors but horrible for its unknowing consumers.
    I could easily build a better bed by switching out a few major components that are reliable & of much lower costs than warranty repairs. And for the price points, I’ll stick to well-made conventional beds with added components.
    Some will enjoy it but with costs & others will hate it along with the same costs.
    Hope this helps someone.

  69. Look under the bed you are buying for the plastic snap together plastic base this is very cheep molded plastic and the top mattress slides around on the plastic plus the amount of foam sucks, then the sagging on each side, for the price is very pour in me view. I did not like it at all

  70. I HAVE A PUT TOGETHER AIR BED,,,I CAN BE DRAGGING A55 at night,,,,,,,but by morning i;m ready to go,,,again,,,,LOVE MY BED,,,,BUT WISH IT WOULD KEEP A 50 EVERY DAY,,,,,,WITH OUT ME PUMPING IT UP,,,

  71. Wow! I too bought a junk bed. Mine is in the baffling. They say that they can’t bend but I’m here to tell you they can. I’ve had it happen twice but Sleep Number has finally stood and replaced them twice even though they clearly didn’t want to they did. Thank you Sleep Number.

  72. After year 2, the bed deflates after about 2-3 hours. So…. I call for service because we have a warranty until, wait for it… 2040. Ha! It seems the extended warranty is useless, as you have to pay $199, upfront for the tech to come, with NO parts, then $199 to come back and fix it. When we purchased the bed/warranty, we were told that we were totally covered. Silly me, as this was our 2nd Sleep number bed, as we were also told that all the previous problems we were having, including warranty coverage, were fixed with the new C2 model. I’m a senior citizen, with severe back problems who can’t afford to piss away $3000 every other year. NRVER been more disappointed with any product in my life!!!

  73. Warranty isn’t what they say it is. When you have problems it isn’t 100% covered. I was told after only 4 years I needed a new pillow top and they pro-rated the cost for the years I had the bed and said it would be over $200! That did not make me happy when I spent a lot of money on this bed and had over 5 people I know buy from them.
    Terrible customer service.
    In addition I bought another bed from them around the same time. It was a queen and the bed sags in the middle between the chambers. Seriously? They wouldn’t fix this either, surprise, surprise. Never recommending this bed to anyone again.

  74. We were told there was a 25 year warranty on the bed. When we tried to use the warranty to replace the pump we were told that it was not part of the warranty. We didn’t get much assistance or empathy from the customer service either. We feel we were lied to at the time of the sale. I will never buy another item from Sleep Number and I will tell all my friends to not purchase a bed from that company.

  75. Warning !!! The Adjustable Base Can’t Be Reurned. it costs $3,100. Don’t Trust Them.

    When I bought the BED I was told I can sleep on the BED for 100 days and if I don’t like the BED I can return the BED. When I filled out the form I was told sign here and initial here here and here. I was told this was the paperwork for the loan. So after about a month of miserable sleep I tried to return the BED but was to,d the BASE isn’t returnable. Yes, I signed the paperwork so I’m out $3,100 plus tax. UNBELIEVABLE!!!
    I feel like i was lied to and am so angry. Trust me, I’m not the only person who feels that way. Don’t trust the people at the store. They will lie to get a sale. I got the split King mattress and asked about the gap and the lady looked me right in the eye and told me that when the mattress is flat I won’t even notice the split. Now that’s an out and out lie. So I returned the mattress and bought a great mattress from 𝘾𝙤𝙨𝙩𝙘𝙤, (by the way, 𝘾𝙤𝙨𝙩𝙘𝙤 doesn’t lie and you can return a mattress with ease).

  76. very poor representation of product.did not get what I was led to understand I would get.
    attempt to have bed removed and returned met with resistance at all tries. stuck sleeping in a chair for a week a more because of refusal to pick up and return product. attempt made to up price and still wait longer for what I understood I would be getting and did not.
    stay away from this company. extremely poor service !!!!!!

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